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Hey everyone I've been shooting since 1995 and love it. I now do it semiprofessionally and that's great fun. Check out my galleries for some of my work.


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roxics: WTF Samsung! No 1080p screen and no 4K video? Why bother?

I do. 4K video produces better 1080p. The S5 has 4K onboard and it's pretty darn good for a camera phone. So it baffles the mind that Samsung would put 4K video on their regular S5 and leave it off their dedicated camera phone.

It's not about making a film. It's about recording your memories at the highest resolution available and "with you." Which could be 4K if you have an S5, but apparently not this camera phone.

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joel avery: Is it splash proof like the new S5?

I seriously doubt it, but it should be. They need to make an S5 with this zoom. That I would buy. I would switch from my iphone to that.

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WTF Samsung! No 1080p screen and no 4K video? Why bother?

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yabokkie: it doesn't look like a usable camera to me.
(very unprofessional design = doesn't look like Sony or Canon cameras)

What are you talking about? This is a great design for a field production camera. Very similar to any other digital motion picture camera design. Have you never seen an ARRI Alexa or RED Epic or Panavision Genesis or even older 35mm motion picture cameras? This is a similar design concept.

Looks to me like BMD finally got a decent camera design.

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jackspra: You got to respect this company the way they charge ahead with very interesting new products.I will wait to see more info in the coming months but this is a fascinating product. We'll done again black magic.

Agreed, I think they are definitely pushing some boundaries. I think the displays on this unit are fantastic. But a lot of people are complaining about the lack of firmware updates for the cameras they have already released. So that is cooling the mood on this camera a bit.

Some people are just outright angry BMD would release new cameras before fixing the old ones.

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Monochrom: Remember when no one could believe the price for the RED ONE to be true?
Five years later and you get about the same specs for a quarter of that money.
A shame that the lens you'll need will still cost you at least 10K...

Most of the time people rent cine lenses. So I can see renting a nice set of Zeiss or Cooke primes for a production to use with this camera.

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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: Don't get me wrong i like the retro look of this cam.. If my D800 has this retro look, i will be in camera heaven! But... The only selling point of this camera is the nice retro look.. If it had video and built in flash with CLS capability.. I would want it, this camera as much i really like how it looks.. This can't do anything my D800 can't do...if and when the Df2.. In the future will have video and built in flash and preserving the retro look.. I will be first in line ... Although maybe if this cam's MSRP is $1500 i will be the first in line to buy just because.. :-) (my credit card will be crying but... ). :-)

Agreed. This is such a beautiful camera, but without video I will never buy it.

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igor_s: "good luck finding 18mm f1.8 anywhere else." Doesn't this mean that such a lens is useless?

Most pros who buy primes are using full frame cameras. Most of the people shooting APS-C are hobbyists and usually use zooms. There are higher end primes in this 18mm territory, but they cost a fortune. People are looking for something that is the APS-C equivalent of an old school 28mm or 24mm prime for a few hundred dollars. But they just aren't available.

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Donnie G: Well, while I like the idea of an ILC purpose built for the indie crowd, I still have questions. Like, how useful will that LCD screen be in daylight, and if you cover the screen with an accessary hooded viewfinder, how do you access the camera controls? What's the storage capacity of the built in SSD? Is the camera actually rugged enough to endure sustained real world abuse, or do we need to buy a dozen or so, just in case? I'm not hating, I'm just asking.

The camera comes with a LCD hood. The one you see in the picture. Also as already stated it does not come with an SSD. You buy those yourself. They are easily interchangable. So the storage capacity is whatever you put in the camera.

I don't know how the build quality will be But it is machined from a solid block of aluminum.

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Francis Carver: Great new digi-box, BUT for these few minor issues:

1. Crop factor is anywhere from 2.5x to 3.0x, depending whom you ask. it is major, however. Blackmagic Design had mysteriously "forgot" to mention anything about it in their detailed press release or in the posted specs.

2. You would need native Super 16mm film optics or maybe 1-inch C-mount lenses on it. Then you would need some PL and C-mount adapters to make them fit. Full-frame 135 and even DX sensor lenses would be a serious mis-match.

3. Small chance of being able to record fisheye, UWA, and WA perspective image sequences with this Blackmagic camera, due to the above mentioned lens mis-match issue. Crops, barrrels, etc. They should have announced some dedicated lenses for it as well.

4. You cannot change the battery in this thing. The battery inside the camera is sealed. After you shoot for 75-90 minutes with it, you need to plug camera into the AC adapter for 2 hours, according to the BMD specs. Not too good, is it?

Francis Carver
If you really want to know more look here:

This camera has been thoroughly talked about and deemed revolutionary for the most part. I really don't know why you seem to be talking so much crap about it. This camera is in fact a game changer and I can't want to get my hands on one.

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nrojc: Don´t get me wrong.. I have nothing against cinematography.. but.. is this not Digital PHOTOGRAPHY Review? I understand that they mention the 1D-C, since it is a hybrid.. but this? Hmm.. you are geting off-topic with the whole concept of this page.. :)

I never understood how someone could be into photography but not cinematography as well. If you love making images it seems to me that these two would naturally collide.

What this camera represents is a greater convergence between stills and video, because it shoots raw 12bit images in the Adobe CinemaDNG format. Which means you can pull individual stills out of a folder and work with them in photoshop if you want.

So consider it a still camera that can shoot 24 images per second. Great for wildlife and sports photographers who need smaller resolution files but high fps. :)

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Shelly Glaser: What's wrong with RED?

Nothing is wrong with RED. But to get into a basic Scarlet kit you can shoot with, you're looking at 5 times the price.

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DREWnetwork: There seem to be quite a few amateur still photographers making some nasty and uninformed comments in this section.

So -- speaking to the amateur still photographers...

H.264 is like taking your photos in JPEG. Essentially your video/photo is what you see.

RAW is like taking your photos in RAW -- you can do all sorts of things in post ("Photoshop") that you can't possibly do with a JPEG.

In the video world -- the cheapest camera that shoots RAW is $14,000, and all the others are over $30,000.

This new camera shoots RAW video and costs US$3000.

MEANING -- this is a very big deal, it's revolutionary, and it will have effects across the entire digital cinema marketplace.

16mm film has been a standard in movie and television production for well over fifty years. Every "classic" TV show or documentary you've seen was filmed in 16mm -- like "Cheers" or "Life On Earth" for example. The 16mm sized sensor on this camera is irrelevant to your Canon T2i or Nikon whatever.

Francis Carver The crop factor on this sensor is 2.3x. So a 24mm EF lens will be 55.2mm in 135 equiv. That's not really a huge difference. It makes wide angles a little restrictive. But there is a nice Tokina 11-16mm lens that would work well.

Considering that m4/3 sensors at a 2X crop, 2.3x is not that far off.

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On Blackmagic Designs announces Blackmagic Cinema Camera article (354 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: WARNING:

The BMD guys outright lies about the sensor size at 2:00 into the clip, claiming it is a M4/3 size sensor. It is nothing like M4/3. What will they come up with next, I wonder? If it a M4/3 sensor, why can't we use M4/3 lenses on it then?

That's because BlackMagic doesn't make the sensor. They had to find an already available sensor that fit their spec.

As for it not being m4/3 you are correct, it is sized between super16mm and m4/3. Which makes the size kind of strange. But consider that this is their first camera, it's priced to market at <$3000. The guys on the NAB floor are not engineers. They've been given talking points and not entirely accurate. But the specs page on their website is accurate.

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