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On Connect post Samsung gets serious with the Galaxy S4: Camera review (44 comments in total)


I hate to say it, because I liked it, but the fact remains its just too fragile. The plastic body is just not up to par. I broke the LCD in my pocket purely from tension from my jeans and my leg. No contact with anything else. A hard case may help but you shouldn't need it.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1853 comments in total)

Wow, they're having problems selling a $600 software suite... Who'd of thought that?

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So it sounds like they finally found a way to do 'native' HDR blending/variable pixel exposure on the sensor. I've often wondered what types of challenges there was to that, hopefully someone will explain.

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On Connect post BlackBerry betting on Z10 and Q10 to launch new OS (27 comments in total)

I think they are great products... but unfortunately they alienated their customers. Its gonna be a long tough haul for them at this point.

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On article Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview (149 comments in total)

I like the idea of the lens but, due to the recent devaluation of the 24-105, re-sale isn't really an option. So unless I break or lose my 24-105 I can't see myself buying this one. I like it though - the size, near 1:1 magnification, and IS are great features.

I am happy with my current 24-105. But... too bad they missed on the price point though, (kinda tough considering buying this one at an elevated price and selling the other at a greatly devalued price) at the right price it would almost be tempting.

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HenryTt: My wife purchased a 5D3 over the D800. They are obviously both top notch cameras. However, she felt the 5D3 was a more functional camera for use outside the studio (and not landscape). However, the D600 has given her pause and made us feel like we made a mistake in going with Canon. Here's why:
First, the D600 is a lot of camera for the money. I think the sensor is slightly better, and otherwise, the camera is 95% as good as the 5D3 for a lot less money.
Second, Nikon seems to have upped its game. One reason why my wife chose Canon was that they have a history of being at the leading edge while Nikon always played it safe. (Example, that 12MP is enough cr@p)
Third, Canon seems to be really bad at playing catchup. This firmware is an example of a half-ass attempt at rectifying some of their errors.

These firmware changes are a welcome update. But Canon needs to: A) lower the price to $3000. B) Put out the firmware sooner. C) I'd like to see better auto ISO handling.

I agree with... Canon being a little slow to react to market shifts, Nikon upp'ing their game, and the D600 being 95% of the camera (if not more) the 5D3 is for a lot less money.

The main factor and inclusive of all three you mentioned is price point. It seems Canon is a little stuck on the original 5D pricing and they feel its still an accurate price point today. At that time, it fit, mostly because there was no other choices (except an $8,000 1DSII). That is far from the case now. It appears they have recognized this by introducing the 6D, but are possibly stuck to play out the financial game plan that was laid down previously for the 5D3. Just my 2 cents.

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Stephan Schulz of Leica (195 comments in total)

I too took a little offense to the D800 question, but then realized his pain when he is asked this question left and right. The truth is, MF does have an intangible value that isn't validated through pixel-peeping. And I fully agree with his assessment that the "characteristics" are different. Never shooting either camera, I can still see differences in the characteristics of either's format. But the fact remains, many are switching to the 'bridge' cameras now that resolution and quality of image on par or at least close. The "characteristics" seem to be slowly being outweighed by other aspects.

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