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Joseph Black: This is a matter of return on investment. Everyone wonders why Canon uses older CMOS chip architecture and DSLR bodies and on and on, but the answer is easy: money. Canon's camera division is making a killing, and until the market forces a change it has no reason to stop laughing all the way to the bank. CSC/ILC sales have been flat for the last few years and DSLR sales have spent most of the time selling at volumes far, far above emerging camera market segments. As DSLR sales started dipping a bit did you notice all of the activity at Canon? G1 X I and II, G7 X, M with a new mount, G3 X upcoming, new Rebel line (smaller, almost ILC like), among other changes. The G1 X line came at the CSC/ILC market from below and the new Rebel line approached from above. The G1 X was too big to sell as much as the RX100, so they immediately started on the G7 X (yeah, Canon develops new cameras which takes time, others adapt and end up with goofy gimmicks and half-baked ideas).

If Canon wants to be a major player in the mirrorless world, they need to introduce the M3 to the North American market. Until then, in my mind at least, they are not a serious player in that market. There are many here who want to purchase the M3 but will not do to not having local support.

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One of the reasons I moved to Apple computers was because of Aperture. Now, Apple pulls the plug on it and serves up something less than acceptable for image management. As for LR, I do not care for it. Luckily, there are other options with no thanks to Apple. So, put me in the category of not being very happy about this too.

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I for one hate that Apple is leaving Aperture.
I will reserve total judgment until I see what capabilities their new Photo X is all about, but I doubt it is going to be as robust and useful as Aperture. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet. I can see professionals leaving the Mac in droves, that is, the ones that already have not left. What a shame.

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komondor: what else to add to the k3? a titling screen!

Better yet, a true articulating screen such as the one on the Panasonic GH3.

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dennishancock: Thanks DpReview. Most helpful.

Corel's AfterShot Pro is capable of layers.
I have used this program as well as Aperture and ACDSee Pro 3 for Mac. ASP and Aperture are pretty complete programs for post processing;Pro 3 lacks many of the features of the other two, but is quick and nimble for fast processing. I like all three. Check out all three and see which ones fit your particular work flow!

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