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  • Nice try. The EVF is not a protection, but an electronic viewfinder system. Alex
  • I'm very well aware of that; however, the first has an easy fix: don't look directly at the sun. You'd have to put up with the latter, though. In this context, the idea of an EVF protecting your ...
  • I suspect that's correct :-) Pentax was able to make 20,000 units/month for the K-S1, and even that might have been done while not fully interrupting other models. K-S2 was made at 15,000 ...
  • The planned production was of a mere 7,000 units per month, way below Pentax' maximum capacity. However, it wouldn't be the first case when Pentax would dramatically underestimate the demand. In ...
  • I guess we can conclude the K-1 is not available elsewhere because Ricoh sent all the cameras in the UK ;-) Quite annoying, this 'playing favorites' game. Shame on you, Ricoh Imaging Europe. Alex
  • Eye protection... that's a good one, given that I found EVFs - nothing else but miniature TVs - way more tiring for my eyes than a proper OVF. Alex
  • Perhaps it's pointless for Pentax and all the other brands to actually launch products - just give us hints about some greatest and latest camera which is just around the corner. ;-) Neah. I'd ...
  • The K-5 was launched simultaneously with the Nikon D7000, and they both were using the latest and greatest Sony sensor. The idea that Sony would not give Pentax "best of their sensors" is a ...
  • The K-50 is indeed discontinued, according to the Ricoh Imaging's website. Even though one can still find it in stores.

  • I'd say, it's the other way around ;-) The K-1's mechanics can support at least 6.5fps (because it can reach this speed in crop mode). If they used the 24MP sensor from D750, that would guarantee ...
  • More FF lenses are scheduled for "2017 or later" - 4 primes and a fisheye zoom. No word about a 70-200-ish f/4, but there's the 100-300 f/4 patent, perhaps they'll make such a lens... "2018 or later"?
  • The lens is already set at the correct focus distance. The camera only has to confirm that focus is already achieved. Alex
  • Rest in peace.

  • And the Pentax is the fastest, with AF confirmation. Actually AF confirmation appears to incur no penalty on the Pentax. If you compare not with Canikon's flagships, but with cameras still more ...
  • Replied in K-1 vs D500?
    Sure, I make sure to never miss the 'initially', because it's a very important detail. The K-1's 7,000 units/month is also an initial production volume. However, that number is set according to ...
  • Replied in K-1 vs D500?
    With a monthly DSLR production volume somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000 units, it's perfectly conceivable that the D810 was initially made at a rate of 30,000 units per month. Anyway, 30,000 is ...
  • The lens is already set to the correct focusing distance. And the lag values are IMO very good. Alex
  • Rather with the dust reduction, I think. Alex
  • I'm not saying the IR tests are accurate or relevant, but since we're commenting on their results: Pentax K-1: Full Autofocus Single Area AF (Center AF point): 0.090 second Manual focus: 0.087 second ...
  • "The Pentax K-1's full autofocus shutter lag when shooting the same target multiple times was very fast for a pro-level DSLR." Alex
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