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  • Hello, We're often hearing that DPReview is using "metrics" to determine what's the interest in some brand or another - and this is used to prioritize reviews. However, the newly announced K-S1 ...
  • Replied in K-S1: my take
    Because the K-01 was designed in collaboration with Marc Newson, and the K-S1 with Ziba Tokyo? Anyway, the K-S1 is looking fine (much better than some other brands shapeless blobs) - and I'll judge ...
  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article

    Don't you find it strange that we're discussing (bashing, for most here) the K-S1 yet it doesn't show in the "most popular cameras" list?

    DPReview, is the counter working?

  • Let's see how long until the review ;) Alex
  • Replied in Pentax K- S1
    OK The entry level cameras were not weather sealed (K-r - announced for the same price as the K-S1, K-x etc). Colored entry level cameras. Better build than the competition but not exactly ...
  • Replied in Pentax K- S1
    How could you possibly know this, without sales data which aren't available to anyone because the product is not yet on the market? And what would happen if Pentax would give up updating their ...
  • Ricoh Imaging U.S. once again was in a hurry and officially announced the K-S1 (before Ricoh Imaging Japan) The purpose of this thread was short lived - only about 9 hours. Well, that's life! ...
  • Replied in Ex post facto
    Do you realize I did it some 10 hours before the official announcement, and the whole point of this thread was simply to enumerate the leaked specs? Or it's personal, like with asahi man? Alex
  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article

    "The K-S1's closest competitors are the Canon SL1 (EOS 100D) and Nikon D3300, both of which have lower MSRPs (not to mention street prices) and are equally capable."
    "Equally capable"? Even the...

  • Replied in Pentax K- S1
    Thanks, they announced it while I was looking away :) Now, let's speculate about the next model... :-) Alex
  • Thank you, the link I gave was taken down. Yes, it definitely is a legit product :) Alex
  • Created discussions K-S1 - keeping it real
    All right, since some people were annoyed by my intervention on some baseless speculations I'll leave those threads alone and open this one, for people liking to discuss real information. What do we ...
  • Wow, and Jim said I was taking it too seriously! Calm down please, I'm not forcing you to do anything. Alex
  • By not ignoring leaked information, perhaps? By being able to make the difference between rumors and leaks? Alex
  • I am taking it seriously - misinformation, imagining faults (the infamous "gap") and building up unreasonable expectations about a soon to be launched camera should be challenged, IMHO. You'll ...
  • Double standards, I see... :p There's no evidence whatsoever pointing out towards a modular product, for this K-S1. All you have is a different body panel design, and a "gap" which isn't actually a ...
  • The simplest explanation is probably the right one ;) No, it's not purely speculative. We know the camera's dimensions, we also have an idea about how it looks - for example it's narrower by a full ...
  • Jealous of our works-with-every-lens-you-can-mount SR? :) FTR, the Pentax 645 line is using in-lens stabilization; your wish is already granted ;) Alex
  • Hello, Tan, Lots of DPReview's DSLR reviews have images with the exposed (without lens) mount. To not instantly recognize this only means one doesn't read the reviews ;) I'll add this image, found ...
  • The K-S1 has different body panels than other Pentax DSLRs, for example there's no single top panel. But there's a simple and logical explanation: different design requirements (size, price, ...
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