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If an UFO appears behind the Roman Coliseum.... I hope the camera is UFO prepared.

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Loosing time and resources with another 25ish lens instead of concentrate in the huge hole of the system in good long lenses!!

I hope Panasonic does not kill the 100-400 as they did with the 150 2.8.

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I completely agree, anyone using commercially should pay to the copyright holder.

But only if, at the same time, the copyright holder removes it immediately when someone does not like it. Since we are not free to avoid seeing a huge ugly construction right in front of our noses, the copyright holder should remove it from our views.

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To be perfect, this should be "IPhone 6 only".

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On Product of the Fall in the Macro - Something Damaged or Broken challenge (12 comments in total)

This little guy had character!

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2085 comments in total)
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Sumicron69: Ahhhhh looks like a nice camera but I will not be giving up my EM5 for this. It is still one of the finest cameras I have ever used.

I don't know you, but in the IQ DPR tests, I cannot tell the difference in noise and sharpness between the EM1 and EM5, or the GX7..... It's just me??

Something is telling me that, as always, DxO marks will show all these m43/43 cameras of the same generation have quite on par sensors.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2085 comments in total)

I'd suggest to do the tests with a faster lens (75mm @ F1.8 or 50-200 @200 & F3.5), and/or at longer focal lengths, specially the second one.
Because just about EVERYTHING in the frames is essentially in focus (actually, I think the trunk behind the horse in #17 has better focus than the horse itself), so the test has no much useful information.
I would suggest also to disable NR, since it ruins sharpness judgement (the hair of the girl is an ugly mess).

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straylightrun: Big surprise. Next is Micro Four Thirds and eventually APS-C before FF becomes the standard in a few years.

I think that in "decades" you will probably have much better sensors that will make us laugh about our neat current FF sensors. FF would be too big then for almost any purpose. IMO, future is small and, of course, mirrorless.

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Maxfield_photo: Remember all those folks last year who said the sky was falling on the DLSR market, and it's name was mirrorless?

Nikon didn't make a mirrorless camera, but a compact camera with interchangeable lenses. Terrible idea.

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On 3 smartphone apps for capturing time lapse video post (20 comments in total)

It is actually a shame that not every single DSLR offers this as a default feature, not even modern flagships with video, and you have to shoot with a phone! For example, the Oly E5 doesn't have timelapse. Still, it is not very hard to make timelapses with it: http://luis.impa.br/photo/1204_varios/nuvens-cristo_timelapse_EV-2.0_JN-120407-E_21672-22915a.avi
But shooting several of these movies will ruin your shutter.

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On Announcing connect.dpreview.com article (250 comments in total)

The word "IPhone" appears 21 times in the first page of connect, while Samsung 6 times, and Nokia (that according to DPR has the best camera in any phone) only 3. Ipad appears 9 times....

Is this new site serious, or just and ad?

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Raist3d: Hmm where is the price?

$1300 @B&H.

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TheEye: 1/160 flash sync? How gauche.

Ridiculous 1/160s!!!
Impossible to shoot with the 100-300mm @ 300mm and 1/160s with reasonable keeper rate.
Why still at 1/160s??????

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So nothing decent over 150mm up to 2015????


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This is not what I need. Please, PLEASE, I need urgently a new 45-147mm!!
Come on... what about a 300mm F4 with really good IQ??

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I am unable to focus in the black square located at (75%,75%) of the frame from the top left. It either focuses at the square in (50%,80%), or at the square located at (80%,70%).
I think this picture just has 3 or 4 planes of focus. It's like 3 or 4 pictures stacked. So you cannot actually choose precisely where to focus...??

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On Lower Antelope Canyon #12 in the ~ beautiful ~ challenge (3 comments in total)

leifbaker wrote:
> Thank you.
> I also wonder about the low scores some shots get.
> I can only guess it's other entrants trying to bring good shots lower.

Absolutely. I participated only in a few challenges until I realized this, and then quit.

Again, beautiful shot.

Thanks for sharing,

My gallery: http://w3.impa.br/~luis/photos
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Nikn CeePee4500; Cann SDee500

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On Lower Antelope Canyon #12 in the ~ beautiful ~ challenge (3 comments in total)

What a fantastic picture, and beautiful subject!! A pleasure to see. Congratulations!

Now, how can this picture get 4=0.5 and 2=1.0 votes?????
It sounds like the human dirty spirit is showing its face again.
Why we /must/ destroy everything we touch?? :( :(

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On Sue in the Shadows challenge (1 comment in total)

Very creative and nice picture!!! It deserved a better place, IMO. Thanks!

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