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ConanFujiX: Not it. You're supposed to stand on the top of the mountain high above the clouds and shoot down at the top of the clouds.
You - higher.
Clouds - lower.

I'm going to get a seizure if this continues.

It seemed obvious enough to me...

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On somethings missing - mirror challenge (1 comment in total)

Apostrophe crime!

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On Stairs challenge (9 comments in total)
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Wildbegonia: This is a forever popular subject. Is it not?

Round and round, and up and down we go again...

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On Milky Way with Windmill in the Panoramic photos II night time challenge (5 comments in total)

Not bad...

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On Bird of Glass in the sunset. in the Last Position challenge (9 comments in total)

The Challenges are filled with boring photographic cliches that have been long ago done to death. You have your own unique vision, which is not a pale imitation of someone else's photographs, so pursue it. In my opinion to come last place in this challenge should be considered a badge of honour, and you should wear it with pride!

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On TT_130815_523_w01 in the Insects in my garden challenge (15 comments in total)

Very impressive photo!

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On Portrait reflection of a female object in a mirror challenge (34 comments in total)

What the heck's a female object?!?

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What can we dumb down next? How about Edward Weston in vivid technicolor; Rembrandt in full-on HDR; Van Gogh "improved" with some of those great "art" filters? I can hardy wait...

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JDThomas: As a bird lover I find it highly offensive that DPReview posted that 2nd photo.

How can they have the audacity to make that image viewable to the public knowing full well that at least 87.6% of "normal" human beings are adamantly against the death of innocent little birdies?

This is nothing short of promoting AVICIDE and I won't stand for it! I demand this post be taken down!

Shame on you Barney Britton for condoning birdie-bashing on a photography website!

Typical LIBERAL / SOCIALIST response! Look out of your window and the trees are full of hundreds of birds waiting to attack! It is my constitutionally protected right to carry my Kalashnikov Mk. VIII bazooka to protect me and my family from this menace. Why don't you just go and live in Russia, comrade?

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On Insects in my garden challenge (10 comments in total)

Spiders are arachnids not insects, but both spiders and insects belong to the largest group of animals on Earth, the arthropods...

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Lotta grumpy folk here today...

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On Flies challenge (18 comments in total)
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(unknown member): God is his wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why.
- Ogden Nash

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana
-- Anon.

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On Moss in the Sexuality in symbolic form challenge (2 comments in total)

This one is waaay too symbolic for me. Is moss sexy? Are we talking vegisexuals here, or what? And isn't it some kinda seaweed?? I'm confused...

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The Steichen shines out amongst the rest; Cindy Sherman kinda interests me; Gilbert and George, well... I stepped in some once...

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On Looming in the Newspaper editorial: I dream of wires challenge (4 comments in total)

A striking and well-composed photograph - IMO the best entry by a wide margin.

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epo001: Nikon should be ashamed by Fuji's after sales support. Fuji don't just fix bugs they provide functionality enhancements. If my D90 and P7100 were as well looked after as this I might not be looking so hard at Fuji.

Maybe Nikon release products at a more mature stage of development whereas Fuji release early and fix on the fly with more firmware updates. Not saying one is better or worse - just different philosophies for product development.

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Rich Pix: Since this new Sigma lens seems to be a Gamechanger, but has no IS (image stabiliser), do any of the lenses mentioned in the comparative study have image or optic stabilisation ?

But that would take like, effort, man...

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On Spy: Female challenge (1 comment in total)

Kinda creepy...

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On Preview:ricoh-gr (295 comments in total)

The white balance on the test images looks very different...

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On Minox announces tiny, retro-styled DCC 14.0 camera article (154 comments in total)

Beautiful girl...

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