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Morpho Hunter: Well (presumably) this camera is already "dead in the water" after it's been rumoured that Olympus's EM-1 mark II camera (with its comparatively tiny, super high quality lenses) will produce 80 megapixel hand-held images .. for a fraction of the cost of the Hassy body and lenses..... but hey .. it could
all be a scam!! The era of full frame and medium format cameras is about to end ...

"I'm a huge fan of m43 (and a user) and would never dream of comparing any m43 to medium format. The comparison is thrown, but it's nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I think m43 gives the best value, and produce great pics, but you just can't compare crop to medium format."

I have M4/3 (em5II) and a shoot medium format (645z), and the Olympus high res mode is just as good (if not better in fine details and controlling moire). It may not help with portraits, but If Olympus could get a hand held version of their high-res mode it would be a huge step up for landscape/still life. (right now its terrible for landscape as you still get slight movement in trees that show the glitches).

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The Photo Ninja: I think the GX8 offers more.

The 5 stop stabilization of the Olympus is what swayed me away from the GX8. (the Panny 4k is great for those that need an all in one photo/video body, but for me I have friends who shoot with Red Dragon's so its just a waste) And as far as faster AF, the new Panny lenses on the GX8 are just as fast as the Oly with their pro lenses, your talking fractions of a second different. (Although where Pany is ahead for me is their lineup, I am eyeing one of theose those tiny Pany m43 bodies, just wish they had IBIS). As I see it the more m43 bodies/lenses the better it is for the whole m43 system.

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vladimir vanek: Kind of steep pricing, I'd say...

Well for today only, BHPhoto daily deals have the Rotolight NEO which has a high 95-99 CRI and a 1077 lux and adjustable brightness and temp for $260, which is way cheaper then the $418 manfrotto wants.

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mmarian: It appears to be a great lens based on the specs. But quite honestly I never fully understood the so called MF hype because tyey are not MF. The MF term comes from past times. The MF term described the size of image on 120mm size roll film. All cameras which were using that film were called MEDIUM FORMAT cameras. The size of the MF was either 6cmx4.5cm or precisely 56x42.5mm ( such as Mamyi 645) or 6cmx6cm (Hasselblad ) which was 56x56mm or 6cmx7cm which was 56x68mm (Mamyia 67). These days however for some obscure reason anything larger than 35mm FF sensor is called MF. Why, I do not understand. The only sensor I know which trully represents the smallest of what used to be a genuine MF is the PhaseOne 80MP back with sensor size only slightly smaler than 56x42.5mm. Everything else is just a bit of BS and marketing jargon and it has nothing to do with true MF as we knew it. Anyway, this new lens just prompted me to have a bit of a winge but that is not to take anything from the fact that this should be a great lens even for the times when we might actually see a true MF size sensors and cameras for afordable prices.

127 film was larger then 35mm film (FF), but smaller then Medium Format, and was used in cameras like the Baby Rollei 4x4. And some 127 cameras shot in 4x3, which is about the same size as the Pentax sensor. Those who shoot film consider 127 film a medium format and not a large 35mm film. So its in the eye of the beholder.

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Amnon G: Won't the gold color ring have the potential to be reflected off and create image artifacts?

"Like all our other filters the X3 CPL is electroplated matte black to eliminate reflections. It's shown as exposed brass for illustrative purposes."

- Graham

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****To all those haters, who say his work is poor, etc. Your just out of touch, Cooper really is an innovator, the firey trash the dress shot for example is from 9 years ago, seriously think of photos 9 years old and show me something from then that was this well done. How many photographers out there have tried to immulate his trash the dress themes. To the haters, look at your photos from 2006, and post them, to show us how great your work was.

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Umm ??? Theyve had this for a while now, B&H has been selling this for the past year.

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If Pocketwizard can make it work flawlessly with Panny, Oly and Pentax, theyd at least have an extra niche that other chinese manufactures have avoided. Otherwise whats the point of these over the competition.

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On article BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene (535 comments in total)

The noise control is really impressive, not quite 645z or A7S yet, but very close, which is freaking amazing that they could increase the MP and still keep the noise down.
All and all, it the A7RII looks pretty amazing, till you see the horrible banding issues. (makes the 5DS not so bad, although the A7S and 645Z show none).

Copy and Paste to see the side by side banding issues im talking about:

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Sekonic and Elinchrom working with Phottix, guess PocketWizard is dying out.

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On article Corel releases ParticleShop brush plugin for Photoshop (83 comments in total)

So its like they took the ideas from all the small independent coders and swiped them and put them into one application. Genius. Hope they paid for the rights.
(example of one of the apps would be products like Neatberry Fumy).

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On article Capture One Pro 8 software review (317 comments in total)

"A notable absence from the compatibility list is Hasselblad – perhaps too much of an arch rival in the medium format world."

Dont forget the 645Z (and 645D) from Pentax, they used to support the 645D, but after the Z came out they gave the big middle finger to Pentax MF. Way to keep customers away.

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On article Phase One 645DF+ with IQ250 field test (148 comments in total)
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thx1138: Why on earth would you buy this archaic looking behemoth when you can get a Pentax 645Z also with the same Sony 50MP CMOS sensor, for less than half the price. Camera makes no sense at this price.

I have a 645Z and there are times when Ive rented a 645DF+ with IQ back, and the one reason, the leaf shutter lenses, its the one thing I wish Pentax would come out with.

Link | Posted on Jul 11, 2015 at 11:59 UTC

Biggest problem of this over the Sony, the Olympus does not have a removable battery, its built in. So when your battery runs out (or when it final craps out) your kinda of screwed.

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photo_rb: It kills me that companies bring out small light camera bodies that would be ideal for UAV (drone) or any remote use if only they could add a couple small features such as AV output and remote triggering.
I know this can be done with WiFi but probably distance limited.

Actually if you want something thats drone friendly, check out Black Magics new Micro Studio 4k Camera in MFT mount. Full remote control on your drone.
(check out all 6 pages on it, nice addition to MFT)
Or are you looking for a photo camera for drones ?

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All in all I'm actually impressed with the resolution theyre getting off the sensor, the high ISOs, not so impressed, but thats not what this body is for. At ISO 100, its pretty much perfect. Looks like its going to be a great studio camera. (of course that shot at 640 ISO is downright depressing, looks like the noise from a T6s. But then again with 50MP, you can downsize it to 20MP and tighten up that noise to make it more in line with the 5D3). Nice job Canon! (all they need to do now is work on the dynamic range a little more and then they have a real Sony competitor).

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On article B-grip launches Uno holster for compact system cameras (110 comments in total)
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Havanai: Slightly off-topic: does anyone know of a holster, kinda like this one on his belt, that holds an iPad Mini instead of a small camera?

Like the Black Rapid attachment from Tethertools ?

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webrunner5: I am afraid with the Mirrorless statement and still not having the new camera out yet they are just WAY late to the dance. I have no clue how they are going to make a go of it in the long run. Having 2 FF lenses is not very encouraging either.

Technically Quiquae, after talking with the sales rep of Sigma at WPPI, they will convert any of their lenses to a Pentax mount for around $350, but if you want to be nit picky, yeah it may cost more, but Pentax has a lot of third party lenses.

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canonpro: Got a 645Z (which is beyond amazing to use), and I'm not as interested in a full frame camera, id be more interested in buying their APS-C camera for a smaller carry around. (and as much as I like the mirrorless cameras, especially the new Olympus, the viewfinder just is not there yet when it comes to low light, its close, but not quite yet. Till then id rather use a DSLR). And as far as the roadmap for the 645Z, two zooms don't really excite me. What they need is a good set of fast prime lenses with their new dc motors, and especially a Leaf Shutter Lens (something with a 1/1000sync), and a good Tilt/Shift lens. (how can they target landscape shooters without a T/S lens or a studio shooter without a LS lens ?). And their Flashes are utter crap right now. They need to give us an IR focus assist for use on the 645Z, and a external battery connector in place of those terrible white LED video lights. And for the Love of God Pentax/Ricoh, give us a Radio Trigger, this isn't the year 2000.

"I gotta say though that I would be interested to see how a FF sensor shift would stack up against my 645Z"
Maybe if were lucky the next revision for the 645 will have a sensors shift ability.

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Edymagno: In my opinion, Pentax should focus on the 645Z system:

1.- Three or four new strategic lenses could make it into a Super FF camera. It could well be the 1Ds of this decade. The 1 Series is only now for sport photography.


2.- Three new digital-formula lenses with leaf-shutters and strengthening the tether capabilities and medium format users will switch to Pentax in hordes.

As psychology says, some individuals start diverting and branching in order to not achieve their goals to full potential. I think it's called fear of success.

"But the new crop of high megapixel cameras from Nikon, Sony and Canon are creating some competitive pressure from below." True except that the Pentax 645 uses Sony Sensors, so whatever sensor Sony/Nikon will use in their FF cameras, Pentax will use also, at a size difference of 43.8x32.8 vs 36x24

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