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On Readers' Showcase: Documentary and Street photography article (112 comments in total)
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jimread: Hello all,

I would agree with the posters here that the above are good, very good indeed. Maybe and this is just my personal opinion of course, the photographer should look through their work and look for a theme, or thread and find something that they can turn into a coherant project.

If you make series of images, photo essays, or bodies of work jpgmag is a good place to post them. They allow what they call 'Stories' where you can post 10 images and some text next to them. I've not found any other site that does it in this particular way, all the others seem to concentrate on the single image. I was very pleased to have found it.

This is one of my offerings: http://jpgmag.com/stories/19757

Cheers - Jim

[edit] tried to get the link to work, there doesn't appear to be anyway of doing it, ah well, such is life

Have you checked out Exposure? https://exposure.co/

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buginarug: Jim Estrin got hired because he was a friend of a photo editor who he had worked with at another paper. That is how you get hired. It is not so much about how good a photographer you are as how good a networker you are. It also helps if you are not a white male. The NY Times has had a one for one hire program in place for years. One white male then next a choice of female or minority and then back to a white male and so on. I am not sure what really qualifies Jim to be giving career tips but I hope he at least tells the truth about how a photographer gets hired. There is no secret way. It is being in the right place at the right time and being good enough not necessarily the best or the hardest working. Remember that it is photo editors that hire photographers and editors are not always the best judge of good photography. 'Most' photo editors are photographers that were not great shooters.

Congrats buginarug! You just described how life works. Oh, and photo editors DO NOT hire photographers. Pretty much everything you posted are your own (incorrect) assumptions---except for that life thing, it was a pretty astute observation.

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mumintroll: And the most important fact is MISSING as usually. This killer pronounced, that he was killing as a revenge of NATO bombing his village.

Reading all the comments on this post clearly explains why the Taliban, NATO and war exist. Pure and simple ignorance with dangerous results.

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)
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javidog: So if I am framing a shot of those trolleys and a person walks into my frame, what happens?

Thanks for the info. Very educational you must be a great teacher. But will i get arrested?

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)

So if I am framing a shot of those trolleys and a person walks into my frame, what happens?

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On Apple is on camera-engineer hiring spree post (87 comments in total)
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thomas2279f: They should do a joint venture like joining up with Nikon = sell for both company...

Nikon and Canon are so narrow minded and outdated. Pentax and Olympus--even Fuji have better ideas. A joint venture with one of these would be killer.

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On Apple is on camera-engineer hiring spree post (87 comments in total)
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Jogger: Can they change the law of physics can make a 1/3.2 sensor capture as much light as an FF? If not, gtfo.

Better is subjective, and irrelevant. Do you actually think that 'better' matters to Instagram or Getty? Critical mass, social, sharing: money!! That is what matter. No one cares about F-ing Full Frame!

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On Apple is on camera-engineer hiring spree post (87 comments in total)
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wb2trf: Apple's rewarded history is to think big. In this case the entire camera industry is geriatric and ready to be knocked over. Phone cams are taking the low end and mirrorless (all-electronic cameras after eshutters reach the high end) will knock out dslrs. Further, China manufacturing with Apple design can knock out Japanese, as it has in so many other areas. So, they could be looking to make a dedicated imaging peripheral, ie. a camera. Make it software e-compatible with all lenses, using merely mechanical couplers, if necessary. Lastly, the big untapped factor in camera design now is 3rd party software apps inside the camera. A few camera companies have timidly hinted in that direction, but the old guard camera makers are clueless about this. That is the big apple ready to be grabbed. So, I say , think big Apple, the camera industry is yours for the asking.

or taking! ;)

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f8BeThereToo: What amazes me is that any photographer with half of a brain would agree to Getty's terms and conditions. Essentially, the photographers assume all of the risk and cost of creating the images. Then Getty pays a fee that comes nowhere close to covering those costs, much less the photographer's time. Getty is doing very well under its business model while its content creators earn very little.

When stock licensing started out photographers saw it as a way to earn more income by licensing images that were outtakes from paid gigs. Then some photographers began producing images on "spec" in the hope that they would recoup their investment. The downside of stock photography is that clients can license images at less cost than assigning someone to create the photos. It didn't take long for companies to switch from assignments to sourcing images from stock agencies and photographers.

Now that images have been commodified and fees are so low stock is lose-win business model. Guess who wins!

Pond5 splits 50-50 with photographers

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (514 comments in total)
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chillgreg: Sorry DPR. Another boring, paint-by-numbers review. Regurgitated. The reviewer lacks even a modicum of enthusiasm, almost as though forced to perform the review as punishment. You really need to lose the hyper-defensive chip-on-the-shoulder attitude when the overwhelming majority of comments disagree with your findings.

Nuisances like these two are nauseating. You both have incredible supernatural powers to be able to detect 'enthusiasm' and 'punishment' via your monitors. Just shut up and shoot. Or better yet, start your own websites and come up with your own standards and awards. @R Butler keep up the good work despite the hating trolls.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 Review preview (220 comments in total)
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thx1138: Hadn't realised the M1 had no EVF or option. I had just assumed that was the A1. Oh well another coulda shoulda woulda camera.

Not really sure what Fuji's thinking is here. One the one hand they think you are sophisticated enough to understands the benefits of a big sensor, and IL, and DoF and manual control, but think you are still so amateurish as to hold a camera at arms length to frame a scene, in bright sunlight where the VF can hardly be seen and the camera is far less stable and more prone to shake.

So is it still a P&S or a serious camera?

I did not know that holding a camera at arms length to frame a scene was amateurish. Thanks for the heads up-- now I have to start sending some money back and reduce my rates.

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JadedGamer: Amazing, you people are...

When you get a good meal at a restaurant, do you ask what kind of stove the cook used? Sheesh!

Are you sure that camera is directly related to the quality of the outcome?? Are you certain of this fact?

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siberstorm27: You can get anyone to use your device and say anything about it if you throw enough money at it. From pop stars like Katy Perry to photographers for Vogue. The more desperate you are, the more money you throw. HTC has already sunk billions on Robert Downey Jr., even though their company and device portfolio is imploding. I've seen stunning photoshoots with the iPhone 3GS. It's all about lighting and preparation and professionalism. I am not impressed that Nokia and Microsoft continue to use misleading and/or distasteful marketing ploys when the actual Lumia 1020 phone isn't so hot and the camera quality is overblown compared to other phone cameras.

The desperate ones are clearly all who think like you. Skeptics have been around forever and they always, always, lose. Photography is forever evolving. Embrace technology people! Or get out of the way.

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On Exposure: Tony Majka captures bankrupt Detroit post (23 comments in total)

I am all for IG and mobile photography but these pictures are just bad. No other way to say it. Composition, colors, choice of filters--very poorly done.

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On Instagram update adds horizontal capture post (3 comments in total)

wtf? a square is a square! Had to check my calendar for April fools

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On Mobile photographers capture do and don't moments post (32 comments in total)
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Mishobaranovic: I'm happy that VICE liked my silly dog photo for their tongue in cheek contest. I must say all this out of context, bile-filled trolling is almost as enjoyable as the awesome VICE prize pack.

Enlighten us please professor Frankiej on what is the 'normal art photo definition'? And have you ever produced one?

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SheriB: Flare is what happens when the light hits your lens a certain way. Flair Is what you were looking for. You are a journalist ...get it right..

Journalist? You are kidding, right?

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On NASA uses smartphones to snap photos of Earth post (7 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: Then I am sure had this been taken with an iPhone, it will be posted there on the header in all glory. =D

For every fanboy there is a hater so it kinda all evens out in the end. Try live and let live--it does wonders for you. Or, perhaps create your own website and review only the things you love and agree with. That could be fun also.

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terribly boring video and how the hell did that package get on board a transport? Scary. He must have declared what was in the package before no?

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peevee1: Another fixed focal length fixed lens cam? Do you ALWAYS shoot at a single focal length and don't care about composition and perspective at all? How many people are like that? They all have been served by X100 2 years ago (and a few of them may upgrade to X100s, maybe). RX1, Nikon A, Ricoh GR etc will just fail in the market, because the market is too small. If any customer will buy a camera like that by mistake, they will return it as soon as they find out that it is just as limited as their phone, only there is no even the "pinch to zoom" digital zoom.
And this GR does not even have any stabilization, at all, so it sucks even compared to a good smartphone.

Enlighten me, oh wise one, on how a shooter who shoots with a single focal length does not care about composition or perspective?

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