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Spectro: this should sell like hot cake, since everybody on dpreview wants 4k video or else, who shoot still photos these days. yes thunderbolt too..

I agree with BorisAkunin.

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I own a DP1 Merrill. I bought it over 18 months ago, intending to use it as a 2nd camera, even though from reviews it was perfectly clear to me that "it is a crap camera that takes great pictures" (that was actually written somewhere).

And indeed, I was impressed by the capabilities of the foveon sensor. But, really, this camera is so bad that vey soon I was using it less and less. I mean this thing is slow, really sllooowww, and because the camera can only be used at low ISO, this meant a lot of long exposure shots, resulting I could even take less pictures with a battery than I imagined, at the most 70-75.

Especially since I use it with a tripod mostly, the last issue I have with this is grip. I really hope with this new design they use the extra room for 1. a battery with at least 3x capacity, and 2. a processor that speeds up the process by at least 4 times.
Without, this thing is going to be a pain, an even less pocketable pain.

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On Shockproof flagship: Olympus 'drops' new Tough TG-3 article (107 comments in total)
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brumd: "File format: JPEG"
..and that's where I stop reading. Will there ever be a small rugged camera that gives access to RAW? I'd buy it immediately. Everytime a new shockproof camera is announced I'm hoping: maybe this time..

The AW1 is way too bulky/heavy for my purpose. I really would like a small, pocketable camera that I can use while hiking/trekking when circumstances are too wet to take out my 'real' camera.
I don't mind a small sensor, automated controls, etc, but I'm just not willing to settle for 8-bit jpg quality when I know the quality could have been better if only I had access to the raw-file.

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On Shockproof flagship: Olympus 'drops' new Tough TG-3 article (107 comments in total)

"File format: JPEG"
..and that's where I stop reading. Will there ever be a small rugged camera that gives access to RAW? I'd buy it immediately. Everytime a new shockproof camera is announced I'm hoping: maybe this time..

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hmm.. 'Live Bulb'/'Live Time'.. I happen to own a EM-5, do the occasional long exposure shot, and never knew my camera was capable of doing this. It would have saved quite a bit of frustration.
Thank you DPreview for making me feel like an idiot.. again. ;)

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yeah.. gorillapods. They look cool, and I had 2 of them, but when you start using them you find they're not even half as practical as they look. Very soon some of the connections get loose and you have to struggle to get your camera in a useful angle/position.

As a hiker I can't afford to bring a full-proof tripod, but I get a lot more satisfaction out of my tent-pole Zipshot-tripod, which is also limited, but in many circumstances it does the trick. Even just a 30cm mini-tripod generally proofs to be me more practical.

Anyway, I'm not too keen of keeping strong magnetic things in my camera bag that also has memory cards etc.

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On Nokia ad takes us inside the new Lumia 1020 article (116 comments in total)
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white shadow: I have been using Nokia phones for more than 16 years. Nokia phones are good for what it does as a simple to use phone. Do they really think that by placing so much emphasis on the camera aspect they would be able to beat the Samsung or i-phone?

The camera in a phone is still one of convenience however much the pixel count is. How much better is it compared to, say the Samsung Note II, eventhough it has 41MP? It can never be taken as a serious photographic tool. What a futile attempt?

Would any photographer wake up at 3am to climb a mountain for 3 hours to take a sunrise photo with this phone?

Well, I have a Nokia808 and I do take it up mountains, and I don't know exactly how much improvement this 1020 really is..
..but if I'm there at a sunrise finding out I forgot to bring my OM-D E-M5 that would put me in a seriously bad mood.

I mean, I've taken some fine pictures with my 808, but especially in those cases where you only have one chance in your life, you really want to be able to take the best picture you can.

Solution: go to the gym more often ;)

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Philz: Why are animals still being photographed? We need stories and, as David Attenborough has shown, those are told beautifully on film.

Click on the link that says 'interactive feature'.

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On OMG Life Autographer Quick Review preview (123 comments in total)

Just at the moment I thought one of these gadgets would be fun to do stop-motions of my hiking adventures, I read:
"Built-in battery, charges over USB"

too bad..

actually it's quite handy that it is usb-chargable (with solar power of one of those nifty cooking devices), but not being able to insert a spare battery is very inconvenient; you're bound to miss exactly the part that you wanted to record (after a few rainy days in the sub-arctic).

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (253 comments in total)
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Niklas Ramstedt: Bought the upgrade yesterday and works like a charm. Why all the whining?

I really welcome the three improvements in the develop module (improved spot removal/radial filters/automated perspective correction), and so far I haven't experienced any bugs, but if you compare the differences between LR2->LR3, LR3->LR4, and now LR4->LR5, it hardly justifies the €80 to be honest.

If you'd secretly replace someone's LR4 with the new version, I bet it would take them a long time before they'd realize their software had been changed.

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EricLassiter: Bring back the thumbnails on flickr homepage. I really don't want to have to scroll through large versions of every image posted by each of my contacts. Thumbnails. I could pick and choose which to look at more closely. And maps? Maps for each photo are gone.

nope, they aren't gone. Just click on the text that says where the picture was taken (right below date info and right above camera info)

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I deleted my Flickr Pro account last year October, one of the reasons because I got so annoyed with the obsolete interface and small pictures (especially on older uploads, even though they were stored in much higher resolution), but today I signed up again!
Even though it takes a little bit of time to get used to the new interface, this is what I wanted!

And it's kinda funny to read all the negative comments about the changes after Flickr being bashed for years for lagging behind competitors in terms of user interface. :) O well, can't please them all..

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On Minox announces tiny, retro-styled DCC 14.0 camera article (154 comments in total)
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caver3d: What is the actual physical size of the 14 mp sensor? Someone know it?

more like 1/2.3, very similar or same as Pentax Q.

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On City of Tehran - Iran challenge (11 comments in total)
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tfrantz: Too soon! My Iranian visa isn't in yet :(
Can't wait to start hitch hiking there though!

good for you! You'll be overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of the Iranians. It's going to be a journey you'll remember. Don't stay too long in Tehran though; or even skip it altogether if you can. It's not an old city, just a big one.. Also, it's the only place where it is sometimes a problem to point a camera, unlike the rest of Iran, where you'll find a lot of people are happy to go on camera, both men and women. Have fun! :)

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mrmart: Why does everyone want a fast lens? They are bigger, more expensive and optically compromised. Often they are unusable at their maximum aperture anyway.

There are two reasons for wanting a fast lens. 1 for low light situations. But with stabisation and high ISO of modern cameras this is less of an issue. 2 for small depth of field. Personally I prefer a large depth of field. It seems strange that the likes of Adams and Weston struggled for maximum DOF using f64 on a 10"x8" neg while photographers now seem obsessed with bokeh on a tiny APSc sensor. Personally I love the ease with which I can get back to front sharpness on these cameras.

Why do I want a fast lens?
Stabilized or not, if you take pictures of people in indoor situations you can't use low shutter speeds, it has to be at least 1/50 (but I prefer 1/100).
My OM-D is perfectly capable of shooting at ISO3200, but if I have a choice I like my results a lot better at f2/ISO800 than at f4/ISO3200.
So, that's why I love my 20mm/f1.7 pancake.

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rockjano: Does it really matter that much how thick is your tripod.

Tha weight is a lot more important at this will not make it a lot lighter.

Speaking as a hiker, both reduction in weight AND girth are relevant. It's almost impossible to attach a "classic" tripod to my pack where I can actually reach for it (without having to take my backpack off all the time). This design makes it lots easier to fit it in a side pocket.
I would definitely welcome a mid-size tripod with minimal weight, girth and length, extendible to at leat 1,20m, and strong enough to hold my OM-D E-M5+lens (<1kg).
So, I definitely welcome this development, even though this is not going to be the one for me.

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limlh: The Beike BK-555 is equally innovative. Its tripod legs have internal locking mechanism, so there are no protruding stumps at the leg joints. When folded, its length including the ballhead is only 13 inches.

Thanks for this suggestion!
This one looks really interesting. 1.1kg is very acceptable weight and it looks really compact.
The main reason not to carry around my current tripod is its size which makes it difficult to carry combined with a small daypack and camerabag.

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ysal: Perhaps correct the lens distortion and straighten the Eiffel Tower?

good suggestion! Done!

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On Hallgrimskirkja interior in the City of Reykjavík - Iceland challenge (3 comments in total)
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J4Hug: a really well conceived image.... what lens?

multiple shots with the 12-50mm, at its wide end. Stitching was done with PTgui.

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On Passer domesticus Stockholmii in the Micro Four Third challenge (1 comment in total)

shot with: Olympus OM-D E-M5, Panasonic Lumix G 45-200mm f/4-5.6

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