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*shrug*. I might get a 5C eventually for the LTE. Neither phone offers me anything else I'm interested in.

However if the 5S anti-blur / theoretically better white balance means I have to endure fewer yellow, jaundiced, blurry selfies on the internet I'm pro everyone else getting one.

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JEROME NOLAS: Nikon can't and will not change the game because dinosaurus can't play the game. Will they make donuts now? I hope not!

Nah, I hope they start making doughnuts. Then I can start to buy some Sigma versions instead. They'll be warmer but softer in the corners.

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (252 comments in total)

$80 bucks; no significant new features. Right, let me sign right up for that.

It doesn't even pass the laugh test.

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On Just Posted: Olympus E-PM2 Review article (164 comments in total)
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larrytusaz: An E-PM1/E-PL1 shooter last year, I for sure figured I'd grab this E-PM2 when it was announced. In the end I ended up getting a Sony NEX-C3 kit for $330 about 3 months ago. I guess I'm cheap--this was STILL selling for $500 everywhere I looked & I'd also have to update my LR 3.5 for RAW shooting. I'm fine with NEX now. I really do love Olympus but they look too long to update their sensor--or I guess I'm just cheap.

Yes the C3 is older, things like AF have improved since, but the usage of this great sensor 2-odd years ago made it to where I could grab great image quality very cheap. Its interface is fine once I mapped ISO & WB to left-right, customized the center-button (AF modes mainly) & mapped the bottom to quickly changing active AF point selection. No IBIS issues either.

And Olympus REALLY needs to fix the 16:9/4:3 LCD mismatch, yes the C3 does this too but not as badly.

That's ok. Sony waited too long to announce the NEX-3N and I ended up getting the E-PM2 instead. So we traded spots and both manufacturers made out.

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Josh152: Wow so basically flickr went and copied the look and feel of 500PX.

With a touch of pinterest / Google+ yes. It also has some nasty bugs at present. I don't care for it.

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Hugo808: Why is everyone assuming that people know their photo's are crap and thus won't enter if they have to pay?

If they knew they didn't have a chance anyway they wouldn't bother, duh.

Charging for entry is a depressing new phenomenon that covers the cost of the prize and the hours of sorting and means the whole thing is obviously just an advertising scam.

In my mind, charging for entry makes it gambling, not a contest.

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The complete and utter disrespect and utter arrogance of Adobe.

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ronm2008: The new plan makes sense for professionals. However, for amateur photographers like myself, this is a HUGE price increase. I paid $200 for a CS5 Photoshop upgrade 3 years ago ($5.50 / month over the past 3 years). I will probably be fine with it for another year+ at which point I would normally upgrade. However, I guess I will have to stay with CS5 until I find a better solution elsewhere. There is no way that I'm going to be paying $20+ a month for software that I personally don't use that often.

Very sad.

Adobe's FAQ confirms that Lightroom will be available sans indenture servitude plan. That might be a way for amateurs to survive this. I agree this is fine for businesses, but I only need Lightroom.

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raztec: The mad rush to increase corporate profits. Keep making minor updates and try to render your previous versions obsolete.

I have LR3 and am doing just fine thank you.

It's still a beta. I'm hoping they put some more features into the actual release. I'm not seeing anything here worth an upgrade fee, but I do feel the upgrade from 3-4 is worth it just for improved RAW performance.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 preview (101 comments in total)
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arguros: Why this over the GF2?

The sensor would be the only compelling reason, however there'd be no reason to not go for the cheaper for feature-full GX1.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 preview (101 comments in total)
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Geekapoo: YAWN. At the going price for the GF3/GF5, buying this camera makes absolutely no sense....great camera but not enough of a "step up" to warrant the very significant differece in price. Panasonic is amazing in the way they are late on delivery of new products and then quickly canabalize sales by having minor upgrades for the new models and significant discounting (dirt cheap) for the 6-9 month old model!

Thank you Panny....you make cameras affordable by your dysfunction!


Well, this has a much better sensor than my GF5. Where I think Panasonic has messed up is that you can now get the GX1 substantially cheaper, with real camera features instead of gimmicks. And I don't think this is competitive against the E-PM2.

This just doesn't seem well thought out.

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Seems gimmicky. I just can't see why I'd ever pick this over a GX1 which is now cheaper and has more actual camera features.

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On Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad article (73 comments in total)
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jquagga: Heh. Clearly this survey was written by a film hold-out. If you answer no to question 2, you go all the way to putting in your email and you're done!

Well played Mr. Velvia. Well played!

Well, complainy folks, it took 15 minutes. I don't print at home though so that saves me from a dozen questions or so.

I've never heard of "The Big Photo Show" before and I think it has the worst name ever. It's also on the wrong coast. Looking at the website, I think it needs a list of who's going to be there. I see Sony and Samsung on the map, but I use neither of their equipment. What about Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, etc?

I also get the impression this show is aimed too low for a "photo enthusiast". I'm not interested in iPhone toys; I use real camera equipment. I think most dpr folks do as well.

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On Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad article (73 comments in total)

Heh. Clearly this survey was written by a film hold-out. If you answer no to question 2, you go all the way to putting in your email and you're done!

Well played Mr. Velvia. Well played!

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Marty4650: Those folks complaining about the price aren't the target market for this lens.

They will probably just use a 55-200mm kit lens, and crop a lot anyway...

Or we'll buy a sensibly priced lens from a 3rd party vendor.

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On Nikon D5200 added to our studio comparison database article (186 comments in total)
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cashewNut: I am choosing between the D5200 and the D7000. In the comparison, I find the D5200 has better image quality and better color than the D7000. Select mickey mouse in the picture and you can see that the red is brighter and the black color
much darker. The left side of my brain is in agreement with the right side of my brain that the D5200 is the right camera to pick aside from the smaller size compared to the D7000 as soon as I get my tax refund, that is.

The E-PM1 doesn't have PDAF so it's bit of a different animal. I don't have any problems with the 11 point "old fashioned" AF on the D5100 but I understand the desire to have more points. I can't see buying the D5200 over the D7000 though in any circumstances though. I still prefer the Sony sensor over this Toshiba so that slants things. I'm interested in that 20MP Sony sensor rumored to be out soon though. I don't want the MP, but I'm interested to see it's performance.

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On Nikon D5200 added to our studio comparison database article (186 comments in total)
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marike6: IQ looks fantastic. And if you go by DxOMark, the D5200 is using quite possibly the best performing crop sensor in the world right now. Who knew that Toshiba was so skilled as manufacturing sensors?

One thing is odd is when you switch to the K-5IIs in the Studio Test, it almost looks like ACR Chroma NR was left on, as at ISO 6400 it's dramatically cleaner than the D5200. Yet, on DxOMark the D5200 manages 1284 ISO score to the K-5IIs's 1208 ISO Low-Light (Sports) Score.

Anyway, wonderful IQ, and since I'm in need of a small DX body for my new 70-200 f4 VR, this camera definitely on my short list. Thanks guys.

No d3xmeister, there are those who still value the ability to play in shadow. Anything with this sensor is dead to me. Now I'll be in my bunker stockpiling D5100s if anyone needs me.

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So ... the 60 DN is the only real new lens. The others are the same lenses in new housings. Which Sigma has taken to announcing as "new".

Since everyone has to update to have the uh, stylish new exteriors I'll take all of the old lenses everyone will be binning.

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gtvone: Thanks for all of your emails - i'll choose a couple that I think might most benefit and be in touch soon (It may be a week or two as we don't have stock yet) I appreciate you taking the time to email.

Sounds like you've got a good market there JDThomas, you should do it! You could spend half hour looking for the Chinese manufacturer and buy them in 10,000 unit lots (their minimum) and make a killing! Haha.... [excuse my sense of humour, I just had to walk my bicycle 10km with my manic 3yo on the back.. he wasn't super happy and my legs hate me]

If anyone has any q's on the thinkTank stuff, feel free to get in touch.

simon at thinkTankPhoto dot com


So .. $45 is normal price but somehow $65 for something specially designed is overpriced?

I never understand why there is so much hate over what someone else buys. I have a thinktank bag which cost twice as much and I use it every day I take photos. I have no complaints and I'm very happy with it. Well, I probably should have gone a size up the retrospective ladder but that's on me.

Photography offers a great gamut between affordable DIY solutions which require some work and very pricey, very customized solutions. People get to chose what they like and where they want to be on that spectrum.

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On 500px app pulled from App Store post (11 comments in total)

Since the app has always has problems much like the rest of 500px (hello non-crashtacular LR4 plugin?) I'm not sure this is much of a loss.

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