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One question - Why is it so damn ugly!!??

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Pixel Judge: For those like me ordered the X-E1, here is a beautiful Korean site just to give you first taste of the camera & zoom lens' capability:

Wow! Stunning IQ & Bokeh. Thank you, Fuji! Now, hurry to ship me my order, please.

Pixel Judge... Appreciate your finding this article. No big deal but suggest being a bit more thorough. The URL is incorrect. Here is the correct URL:

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gavlis: Getting one for my up and coming trip to Africa. Going to be doing an article of the slums around Jo'burg. This is just what I needed to document it!

@Gavlis... Don't mean this to be a flippant comment, but you'll also be inadvertently documenting the stark contrast between the quality of your Leica vs. the quality of life of the poor slum-dwellers. A quality of life forcefully brought on to native South Africans by unwelcome British and Dutch colonizers. Hopefully you can publish your photos and keep reminding us how some of our ancestors screwed others for their personal gains. Good luck!

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gavlis: Getting one for my up and coming trip to Africa. Going to be doing an article of the slums around Jo'burg. This is just what I needed to document it!

@Rage Joe... What the hell is wrong with you? Dumbass in Africa? What are you a racist!!!!!???? I am not African, but I am certain I have seen enough American and European dumbasses (like Bush, Blair and maybe you). That said, I do agree with you that Leicas are like heirlooms, you get what you pay for!

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I think I am going to have to wait till a proper hands on review comes along.

I just downloaded the D800 and 5DMIII ISO 25600 original size shots for comparison. While these may not be the best pictures (see guy's face D800 and night outdoor restaurant shot 5DMIII), there is a LOT OF NOISE in both (1:1 crop). However, at lower ISO (100-12600) both seem stellar. I guess a lot depends on which lens is being used. I am guessing the 5DMIII with any of Canon's TS-E tilt-shift lenses will bring out spectacular center and edge sharpness. Same for D800 with Nikon's fabulous 14-24mm F2.8. For bigger zoom lenses, Canon's 6fps is relatively more handy in sport/wildlife mode.

Darn! I just wish Canon priced the MIII just under $3000.

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Erndog00: @ Alder - haha, reading all your comments makes you look like such an idiot! (thats putting it politely) - so wrapped up in the technical advances of digital cameras and rival systems - you miss the whole point of what creating beautiful images is about!

If anyone is a talented and skilled photographer, they can create amazing images on any kind of camera you put in their hand, film, DSLR or medium/large format - every system has its place in a wide open creative world.

DSLR's will never achieve the quality of a medium format system, no matter how many pixels you throw at them, the sensors in DSLR are just not big enough to handle what medium format can record or achieve.

You're an absolute idiot!!

Adler... take it easy man... the more you chase this, the more foolish you look!

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TechVerveLA: Thanks DPReview for having such comprehensive reviews over the years!

My current gear is Canon, and I have been waiting for what seems like eons for the Mk III. However, the 36mp sensor on the D800 is enough to make me think, however fleetingly, of switching to Nikon. For landscape and headshots, this camera could prove to be superior to the more expensive Canon. I don't think I could go back to the Mk II, no matter how low its price: given that it has been 3 years, I'm hoping Canon has drastically improved autofocus for the Mk III. If so, I will probably buy it. For anyone interested, I posted some thoughts on the Mk III at my blog:

Guys... this is just crazy. Can all of you just take it easy... its just cameras. You sound like teenagers arguing over the specs of their pimped out rides...

Some (actually several) folks posting comments on DPR forums are pretty rude and nasty. I have never posted a single comment (before this), just a visitor and reader, and it pains me to see how nasty people are with each other. If it continues uncontrolled, these forums (Nikon vs Canon, etc.) could surely turn into a free for all with very few constructive comments and even less that make any sense.

Let Dpreview be a place of learning and culture for amateur photographers, artists and professionals alike.

Thank you all!

PS: I have been an ardent Canon follower and DSLR owner for years... but looking at pictures (esp high ISO and low light) from the D800 and D4, does make me wonder when Canon will change its stoic/stolid ways of thinking and doing business.

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