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RubberDials: Every other camera manufacturer has centre pinch caps - Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus - even Minolta had them.

There's me thinking it's finally time for Canon to come clean with it's users and give them in-body IS and they roll out centre-pinch caps. Simply amazing.

@ Barney Britton:
"Crazy vignetting"?
Funny -- I haven't seen any evidence whatsoever, from a multitude of lens tests published on the internet (always performed with IBIS turned off, of course, for the test chart shots), that Sony and Minolta full-frame lenses vignette any less than their Canon/Nikon counterparts. And yet, I also don't see any abnormally high (or uncentered) vignetting present in the multitude of real-world shots from the A900/A850/A99 models that were taken with IBIS turned on.

Logical conclusion? That three stops of stabilization can be accomplished with sensor movement of a few pixels in each direction -- maybe 50 microns, tops (that's an educated guess, but I'm willing to back up my rationale). In other words, an amount that's completely trivial in the context of vignetting.

One final thought: Think about whether intentionally decentering a group of lens elements has the potential to create the uncentered vignetting you're obviously so concerned about ...

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On Sony unveils four lenses for A and E mounts article (37 comments in total)

Andy, you need to strike the

" and the excellent high ISO performance of Sony’s recent sensors should go a long way to offsetting the 1/3 stop loss of light-gathering capability compared to similar SLR-system lenses."

comment from the end of the summary on the E55-210 lens. I won't bother to explain why, as I'm sure you can figure it out (the "E" prefix is the clue ...)

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