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I like taking photos, very simple. No particular speciality, if it looks good I'll take
it. If it looks bad... I'll probably take it. Varience can teach you more than
sticking to the same thing.

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  • I'm not from the US, UK actually and to be honest I can't stand the amount of press this overhyped sport gets. As many others have said watching millionaires run about faking injury isn't my cup of...

  • Nikon: "Hey Sony can we have one of your new sensors"
    Sony: "No, we are releasing then first in our cameras now, they are going to be something no one thought possible before"
    Nikon: "Ok say 6...

  • My d3s was the perfect camera in terms of iso performance vs practical file sizes vs resolution. I think video aside Sony has released a very interesting and needed product here. I'm just gonna...

  • It's an unfortunate fact that history and similar projects like 3d imaging and the nimslo type imaging have fallen over to 2d with the expensive nature of printing and display of such items. Even...

  • Nikon, Canon and Leica all make their pro bodies out of alloy.. they have done for years and it's proven that metal survives a world of pain and drops.

    I've had 3 bodies made of polycarb...

  • At least Leica have been in the business long enough to know thankfully that you need good lenses to launch a system.

    Sony take note A7/r needed this and still has not been delivered. Even before...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview

    tripodfan: How often do people change iso that instead of a single button push on any other fuji body they need a dial? the other issues if you really want fast AF, better brighter more accurate...

  • no, but that is another aspect of the hype they are trying to introduce by using pixel shifts to render a 3d image in the software.

    If you could have that with a bayer level resolution, once...

  • YAWN.

    3d has failed over and over again..

    A refocus-able picture... basically not a picture.. sloppiness.

    How many people look back to their family albums and scan through stereo images, or...

  • Doesn't seem like a new idea. Possibly a marginally smaller version of exisiting aerial type 5x4

    For true travel shooting there is really only the razzle polaroid conversions. Take all the 5x4...

  • If nothing else this realistically goes to prove how far we have come and how lucky we all are as photographers to be at the point we are in digital imaging.

    I recall the amazement we had as...


  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview

    comparing the raws of all the fuji marque bodies... there is nothing in here to justify going from the x-pro to this

  • For the same price as a 2 lens setup you would have to buy a lot of cheap lens caps to cover the cost and are almost guaranteed to either loose / break or have the adhesive come off.

  • Tom, on film the Russar is a good lens, not amazing. On a digital sensor, full frame, not great.

    i think the horrible fact here is that once again a marketing machine is talking something up a...

  • No coupling. It's clear there is no cam roller on the site pics.

  • I just checked the shop link.. no viewfinder as per the original, so it's half the original setup at a very inflated price.

    I'm sure the box will be very well made though.

  • These will be useless on digital RF with the deep rear element design, even the modern voigt wideangles are really bad on the M9/240. I was pretty sad when I saw the voigt 21mm on my M9, that...

  • video quality looks great (apart from the awful tonemapped landscape shots). even with compression. If you can show me better footage shot in the same circumstances with a canon I might take note...

  • YAY, DpReview once again manage to report more about the video features than the still features of a product launch. I take it once again the editorial team has not managed to work out the P isn't...

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