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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (759 comments in total)

GPS or lack of is stopping me on this. I've done the software add data thing in post and it's hit and miss for what I do.
Having gps position and height is a good plus for me and much better when added at the taking stage.
Still a possibility for my Canon L lenses when pixel count matters.

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koolbreez: Don't overlook the term "net revenue". Getty currently takes 70% from its photographers. Couple this with a 50% split after that by EyeEm supplying them, just as a photographer would, and the net revenue gets pretty small.

There are much better avenues out there to sell images through. Getty is banking on a contributor accepting pennies on the dollar, rather than a perceived nothing because they don't know the other higher revenue selling outlets.

For news images, and owned by Corbis Imaging, the other giant in the stock market, is Demotix. When an image is sold by them, Corbis doesn't take a cut off the top, the contributor gets an actual 50% split.

and history shows us their is no shortage of idiots willing to accept pennies on the dollar with a blissful smile of ignorance and well done.

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Peter K Burian: Let's face it; the ability to make any meaningful income from stock photography is gone. The 500px deal is a fabulous opportunity **by comparison** http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/08/500px-prime-goes-live-photographers-now-get-70-not-30?utm_campaign=internal-link&utm_source=news-list&utm_medium=text&ref=title_0_1

500px is not a good deal for photographers -- by conventional standards (of the past) -- but today, it's something that tens of thousands of shooters will probably go for.

I do make a meaningful income from stock sales. I have quit all stock agencies and just sell through my Photodeck site. Alamy Getty iStock and all the others can stick their contracts, scams and all their other ripoff BS ideas where the Sun don't shine.
Honestly guys you keep feeding them for free the more they come back with their hard luck stories wanting more cheaper. Just don't play with them. it's your ball take it home.

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You will not need to go a D800 to ask that question.
I don't own MF digital but I would if I could despite all the comparisons people make with the D800 etc. It's not all about the number of blades of grass you can record But I can't justify it.
I wouldn't go the Hassy route all the same, the 1/800th of a second top speed kills it for my needs.

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On Sony Xperia Z2 records 4K video post (18 comments in total)
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Carnivore99: Looks nicer than the Samsung GS5. I'd rather have a better camera & lens than a fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor. Plus I'm a Samsung owner now and I'm really tired of the cheap plastic shell, that's the one thing that has made me envious of the iPhone. The glass and aluminum casing on this one put it into Apple's league as to looking and feeling like a high quality product.

Is the battery removable?

Also, does Sony have a good history of providing Android updates or do they tend to strand you with what it came with?

That's why my Wife turned from a Galaxy to iPhone. The Samsung feels like junk. Fingerprint activation is brilliant by the way, so it's worth having on any phone.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (819 comments in total)
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ThomasSwitzerland: I am still a loyal customer of Nikon. But this uninspiring D4s confirms my move. Step by step I get rid of those old world huge cameras. They seem to me like dinosaurs from the past.

I do not want to bash because I believe in Nikon’s excellent sensors’ computer code and ergonomics. I also had the Canon FF cameras with L-lenses. I sold them at very good prices some time ago. I questioned more and more to hike in the mountains with those “tons” of black cases with a huge backpack limiting moves and fun.

Now I still got the D5200 – pros will smile – and mirrorless; and wait for the next generation of cellphone/integrated cameras to migrate to. It’s like with the stock markets. Buy early and sell into the last waves.

In a couple of years, no one can imagine that we took photos with those huge, heavy, and strange looking cameras.

Sometimes it is decision point to liberate. Less load is more joy. More joy and dedication produce better pictures.

What's with the obsession these days with a camera has to fit in a pocket or be tiny.
It's not designed to be lightweight, it's a heavy weight in design and features and bulk. It's not for you if your idea of photography is walking about with a camera snapping anything in view.
Use your phone for that.

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro news story (243 comments in total)

I fail to see why this camera is anymore difficult to pick up than any other camera ever made.. I wonder what the comments on a Hasselblad would of been like at launch if DPReview had been around.
I've been tempted with the little Sigmas before, workflow just kills it for me. If this is decently quick to use and "Foveon images" we have come to expect in image quality, I for one will give it a go.
Great little system, 3 cameras with a dedicated lens. If only it had compatibility with 3rd party raw converters. I bet that puts more people off buying than speed or shape.

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro news story (243 comments in total)
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Boris: What was Sigma thinking?...none of my pockets are that big.

So a camera has to fit in a pocket to be any good?
I would of thought one that is easy to use and produces great images is top of the list. My phone fits in my pocket and is pretty good at taking pictures. All my other cameras and that's a lot don't fit in my pocket.

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kwa_photo: I think Apple will do a 4.0 of Aperture X in the not too distant future and when they do...it will be done very well IMO. It's just a matter of how long do we want to wait. It's similar to the Mac Pro with no updates for years....

If you can't open your files how would you know it to be junk?
It's probably the best software I have, I run a business based around Aperture workflow. The DAM capabilities are second to none, it handles Canon files really nicely. Phaseone has no decent DAM handling system worth using, that alone would rule out Phaseone software, Hasselblad camera system is no good for me, that leaves Leaf which I believe Aperture does handle. If I can find a work around for Phase I'm going to upgrade. But it has to work with Aperture. I rate Aperture capability more use than the extra a Phaseone would give.

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retro76: One thing about Aperture I love is the color rendition. It's much better than Lightroom. I prefer Lightroom's controls, but the color has always been a problem no matter which camera I use. Aperture delivers lovely skin tones.

Aperture is better handling Canon files than Adobe.

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I shoot with Canon 1Ds II, III and X, I also have MF film cameras. I prefer the look of my MF cameras loaded with Portra film.
Viewing images on screen for detail the Canons have it. Looking at prints I'd take the film any day for over all beauty.
Besides I have more fun with ac Rolleiflex than I do the Canons and all the gizmos that go with them.
I can't make a living with film but if I only shot for fun, I would happily stick with film, MF and LF.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2381 comments in total)
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JJ Rodin: I find this NEW studio scene COMPLETELY USELESS for looking at high resolution comparison with good quality DSLRs !! Useless!!

DPR needs to fix this with some HIGHER detailed (ie -hard to resolve) money pieces, lithos or something - their OLD Studio scene was FAR SUPERIOR !!

Did I say USELESS ? Oh BTW, I meant USELESS !!

Just what I thought, there is the IQ Phase one then everything else.

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KAllen: Well if in the UK it comes out anywhere near $10. I would buy in, although I don't use Lightroom and will never trust Adobe with my Library.
Of course it will be nowhere near $10. here so academic in reality.
I wonder if the damage has been done, who has looked around for PS alternative and found something much cheaper that does all they could ever want?
If you have why would you want to subscribe to PSCC at any price?

Do you not think they have already thought of that?
If you could buy it off the US site no other sites in the World would exist.
If I could buy off the US site I and many others would of saved ourselves a small fortune already.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 6, 2013 at 09:00 UTC

Well if in the UK it comes out anywhere near $10. I would buy in, although I don't use Lightroom and will never trust Adobe with my Library.
Of course it will be nowhere near $10. here so academic in reality.
I wonder if the damage has been done, who has looked around for PS alternative and found something much cheaper that does all they could ever want?
If you have why would you want to subscribe to PSCC at any price?

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On Epic fail? 70-200s of all makes among least reliable lenses news story (151 comments in total)

Isn't the amount of time a product gets rented more important than the time between servicing? Plus the type of job a lens gets rented for?
It's just an article to generate free PR for a rental company, means nothing to any of us in practical terms.

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Shengji: $300 -> $500 early bird discount. I absolutely hate these high pressure buy now don't think about it discounts to the point where I will not pledge for them, no matter how badly I want it. If they need sales tactics to sell their product, my thinking is that the product isn't going to sell itself.

Well when coming up with a niche idea for a niche product, testing the market by asking people to put their money where their mouth is makes a lot of business sense to me.
No doubt we will get "I can do that with Photoshop comments."

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On Nokia's 41MP Lumia 1020 looks impressive post (226 comments in total)

In lots of ways it's an amazing device and for those that mostly live in social media world and might do the occasional print it's ok.
Probably even an overkill. Pixels quantity does not define picture quality . If picture quality is your goal and if you are buying because you think all those pixels add quality you are following the wrong path.
Little cameras like the Sony RX100 knock any phone for six in quality and handling, it also fits into a shirt pocket.
Nothing wrong with a phone that takes pictures, great for zapping to friends Facebook etc , No problem having a little camera with you as well.
The Nokia is not a tool you would choose if photography is your goal and you don't mind making an effort to get great shots with something more capable.
You can still make an effort and get great shots with this, but the ultimate quality is what limits it's usefulness, so why not make the effort with something better.
Forget pixels numbers they mean very little in reality.

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I wonder what the market is for selling a wooden handle and a H is to RX100 owners as an add on? A Hassy on the cheap.
What would of been more useful is a lens hood system and flip up magnifier for the screen. That would make a degree of sense.
This nonsense stands a good chance of lowering the profile of their MF gear.

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On Preview:sony-cybershot-dsc-rx100-m2 (189 comments in total)
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badcyclist: After lots of thought, I passed on the RX100 because the build quality was just not that good. It was not a robust camera in my opinion, and I needed a pocketable camera that was willing to take a bit of a rough ride. Compared to the Canon G-series, the Sony seemed fragile and toy-like. Nice pictures, but not very durable or weather-proof.

Any thoughts about whether the overall build quality of the new camera is improved? If so, I would be tempted.

not well built? You are kidding me.

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 at 09:48 UTC
On Canon videos showcase 70D's innovative AF system news story (145 comments in total)

Canon testing the water on a budget level camera to iron out the bugs before launching the new tech on their upmarket cameras.
Whatever replaces the 7D should be good, now if they combine this with 10bit pro res it will be something to be reckoned with. But that is not going to happen anytime soon.

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