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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (685 comments in total)
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jackf00: Still neither Final review nor First impression review of the already shipping GH4 flagship from Panasonic.
Shame on DPReview !!
While most of competitor site of DPReview have already posted at least a long Preview or a Review, DPReview still don't go further than a single short and poor half page "quick summary" of the GH4 new Panasonic's flagship , three month after annoucement and now after it is released and shipping.
What a pity !

Not first time for Panasonic products, as DPReview provided the final Review of GH3 only 7 monthes after announcement and 5 monthes after release !
Same for GX7 and generally speaking for every Panasonic product !

What's the reason ? Come on DP Review, be more professional !

dpreview never final reviewed Panasonic DMC-G5, a decent M4/3 camera. dpreview never did final review on DMC-G6 either, a much better camera. dpreview seem to be mildy prejudiced against Panasonic.

Panasonic has their own supply chain issues in retail. You don't find Panasonic M4/3 in Best Buy, Target, or even other local camera stores like Ritz, etc. I can find Fuji X (at local specialty camera stores) before I can find Pany's.

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On Panasonic DMC G5 preview (93 comments in total)

I have a G5, my first M/43. I am impressed and it's the first camera since way back when I got started (30 years ago) that I really ENJOY using.

It's really strange that dpreview will be among the last, if ever, to review this camera. I used to look to dpreview as my major camera review source. No more. They need to get on the ball in general and to have a video review presence like

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