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iainlea: When i read this announcement i just get the feeling that Nikon is truly missing the big picture. Own a D4, D700, and D300 and of all the cameras Nikon hit the sweet spot with the D700 (and D3/D3S at that time). Ended up going with a D4 as the D800 just did not fit my studio/location work and workflow system as well.

I need a flexible "tool" that integrates with all my other tools todo my job as quickly and efficently as possible. Basically you capture light and convert it to binary data. That works OK. Give me 24mp, more AF points and cleaner high-ISO. All I need from the oldschool camera requirements.

What I NEED and will look closely at on my next purchase is CONNECTIVITY. I am not going to pay 5500 Euros for a body again unless you can give me multiple connectivity options AS STANDARD. Do not reinvent the wheel. Stuff a SoC running Android inside that does WLAN (802ac), Gbit port, NFC, GPS and maybe introduce a branded tablet with a set of useful apps.

Samsung are closing...

@Howaboutraw.. the D800 matches the D4 for high ISO and has more DR so your theory doesnt fly...
I already had a D4 and sold it,great camera but i found the resolution too low for the money,if the D5 has 24mp i will almost certainly buy one.

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On Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens article (244 comments in total)

Cant wait to see a comparison with the Ziess Otus 55... impressed with the way Sigma has turned things around and raised the bar,it's a great thing for us photographers..

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People should stop whinging about the price of this amazing lens,it is still far cheaper than a Noctilux or Cron 50mm APO and they don't have A.F either,this is a brilliant piece of optical engineering and I will by buying one as soon as I have the greenbacks to spare.. Roll on the 85 and wide angle version's,, ;-)

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Jogger: Zeiss is betting/expecting that FF will eventually supplant MF.. 56mp FF will be the next jump in resolution, and that is only a few years away. The Otus line is being positioned as the premium, no-compromise lens of choice when this eventually happens.

And the next jump in Medium Format will be 120mp sensors.. D7100 pixels (3.9micron's) on a IQ F.F sensor will yield 145MP...

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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wireless: I guess you guys won't be happy until you get it for free. Education, health care, food, college, housing, only when it's for free. Plenty of other products out there. Can't afford $120/yr - you should let your camera make jpg's and edit for you. I guess a $100 a month for cell phone or cable TV is okay but $10 for LR and PS is outrageous.

No one expects it for free,we want to buy our perpetual license like we always did...

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

Adobe is doing its best to lure you into their crap subscription model.. don't take the bait..

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

This is brilliant and free top try it out,also has an adjustment lever function.. .. rather buy from P1 than rent from adobe..

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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Greg Gebhardt: I have been with Adobe from the beginning but will not upgrade again. I want to own my software. Same with MS Office.

Adobe must be hurting trying to sell this new cloudy software or they would not be offering a discount.

Adobe is also guilty of letting scammers steal our CC information and I will not allow that to happen to me. Lets all stick together and we can get Adobe to change their mind!

Even use of the name "cloud" is a misnomer,it is subscription and nothing more... screw Adobe and their rent ware.. no cloudy days for me,Capture one pro,DXO and photo ninja are three awesome alternatives that you can own..

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We will never the truth about this shot(excuse the pun).but its clear that it has become an iconic image which is synonymous with war and Robert Capa himself.

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Just tried this out on a D800E file shot at base iso in daylight,it produced a very nice jpeg,good highlight recovery and great colour and detail.. it's a nice app,just like to see them keyboard shortcuts for toggling the palettes and profotoRGB,still doesn't handle Leica S dng's either.. overall I like it though..

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On In pictures - Nikon's large and pricey AF-S 58mm F1.4G article (111 comments in total)
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LukeDuciel: The MTF of the Nikon new "noct" has nothing exciting compared to Zeiss Otus 55mm.

Not sure why Nikon built this thing. Probably for the loyal fans?

The Nikon MTF:

Zeiss MTF:

Why buy it??it has A.F and weighs only 385grams... and it's less than half the price..

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3systermuser: this is definitly overpriced in any sense , Leica S is not real MF , it does not even allow us to swap backs.
the real digital MF is called Phase One , I do not even consider current digital Hassel Blad as real MF system(it is not Fullframe MF).
anyway, this lens should be priced around 3k , think about even the large format or real MF Rodenstock lenses cost only 4 -5k , so people who are not collector or brainwashed Leica name lover never pay this kind of money for just 37.5 mp camera system using gens behind Kodak CCD.
in fact , this camera does not resolve any better than the cheap Nikon D800E, Lloyd proved it, if you do not believe this , go Lu-la or Getdpi MF forums or even better go directly to Lloyd's site, he compared the Zeiss 135mm APO for F vs Leica 125mm f2.5 for the S , and the Zeiss was sharper.

that said , I love my Leica M 9 , and I think I will get the M240 soon with the 50mm f2 APO, the new 50mm f2APO is a great lens , with exquisite modern barrel design.

Hasselblad 60 sensor is same size as Phase ones biggest sensor.. You clearly know nothing about medium format cameras.. as for Lloyd's test.. it was not the 135mm but the 100mm macro and it was a very simple test at a close distance.. lets try the test under various condition's and distances..and try autofocusing your Zeiss or flash syncing at 1/1000th sec or even compare the huge viewfinder of the S against the Nikon's..

Color from the leica S is also very very good..

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(unknown member): It's like buying (and driving it yourself) the Mercedes S (or even a bigger "chariot"): an out of this world car, but not for me. I like kevlar, ceramics and "4 motion" V12 or W16... Cheers! :):):)

@3systermuser..."Leica S lenses are nothing special" really..have you used them..??I have. they are simply excellent..

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cruz031: 45mm f/2.8 for more than 5000 pounds? Nice try Leica, but at Olympus, one can get 45mm f/1.8 lens for a lot less money! 350$ to be precise.... That's almost 20 times cheaper! I don't see why would anyone be interested in this (overpriced) 36mm f/2.2 (in the terms of DOF, not the Speed!) full frame equivalent lens......

Ridiculous comparison...

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Sam Carriere: Amazing what some people will pay for a logo.

Have you used an S?? I doubt you have,it a fantastic piece of equipment and half the price of a phase IQ180

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attomole: Wonder how it compares to SIgma 1.4 DG on a D800, anyone done the math!

I own both.. Leica S is better..

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Mr Fartleberry: Homage to Noct? What marketing pig hooey. Maybe if it was 1.2 or 1.0. It's a 1.4 lense, nothing to see here.

But they sure are hooked on grabbing two thousand dollars for mid-range primes now. The Vampire is back as Hogan would say.

"But they sure are hooked on grabbing two thousand dollars for mid-range primes now." Its better than paying 4000 for the Zeiss,is 600grams lighter and has autofocus

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This is interesting,a lot cheaper than the Otus and decent MTF,I like the 9 bladed aperture and it has a low weight compared to the Otus (385grams vs 1000grams)

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)
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PenGun: Has to be the same sensor, well updated perhaps, as the one on the D800. So weather sealed, medium format really, wonderful dynamic range and a grand cheaper. Poor Nikon what a brutal hit.

Nikon offers a complete system and huge array of glass.. this camera hasn't got much in terms of a system

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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)
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Mike99999: With the FF NEX around the corner, even if the D600 drops to $1000 I would not touch it.

Buying a FF Nikon or Canon is like buying a giant CRT screen. It's ancient technology. The D600 and 6D are a desperate last fart from Canon and Nikon to push their remaining stock as the world switches to mirrorless.

Good luck with shooting sports with a super tele and your NEX

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