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Boss of Sony: TWO REASONS WHY CAMERA COMPANIES ARE LOSING MONEY: 1. Capitalism is dying (finally), because it is based on faulty mathematics, so it has to end at some point. 2. NOBODY CARES ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY ANYMORE. The only people who care are the obsessives who think looking at an inferior 2-D representation of something on a screen is better than appreciating the real thing with your eyes in real time. Now that everone has a camera, people are waking up and thinking, what the hell is the point of photography? Why don't I just look at the world with my eyes and stop wasting valuable resources and valuable time doing a pointless activity?


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This will sell,regardless of the Pentax because a lot of people love using the V system and while its expensive its still a lot cheaper than the IQ250..

Besides Leaf shutters are important to some people...

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An already fantastic camera has been made even better,nice work Nikon..

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On article Alien Skin Software's Exposure 6 now available (20 comments in total)

This is a great app and the latest version is very slick,well worth the money!!

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MarcMedios: So... following Leica's journey from real camera to fashion accesory, Hasselblad --up until now the standard in large format photography-- has also become a fashion accesory and "certifies" cell phone cameras in an $11,000 cell phone. I don't know about the Swedes, but at least the Japanese had the inner strength to commit suicide when their dignity was lost.

This is a simple licensing deal and if it helps Hasselblad survive that whats the problem?And Hasselblad is medium format not large and Leica still makes amazing gear.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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Wubslin: Another overblown, overdone, oversized, overweight, overpriced failure from Nikon then?

Time to stick a fork in it.

Its an excellent camera,one of the best money can buy!

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM review (579 comments in total)

The fact we even compare Sigma to Zeiss now shows how far Sigma have come!!Well done Sigma,

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Thorgrem: Very nice to see big professional tele lenses which arent ugly white. Or does this one also comes in white?

I use a Nikon super tele.. and believe me, they can get very hot in the sun!!

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If this is made to the quality as the new 800mm than its going to be amazing.. Time to start saving ;-)

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM review (579 comments in total)
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Jogger: I like my Nikon 50/1.4G because its small and compact for when i travel light... if youre going to carry a monster like this, might as well take an f2.8 zoom for add flexibility, better AF speed, etc.

This is a low light specialist..different tool to the zoom!

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM review (579 comments in total)
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simpleshot: The DXO test comes out with the same result as the tests from SLR gear and Digital Picture. They all confirm that:
1. The Sigma is sharper than the Otus, except in the corners.
2. The Sigma has less vignetting than the Otus.
3. The Sigma has less distortion than the Otus.
For all of that, the Sigma only costs $950 as opposed to $4000 for the Otus.
The Sigma has AF, which makes it a lot more practical.

I'm going to buy this lens for sure..amazing value for the money..although I'll still lust after an Otus!

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Great camera,but I would take the 50 or 60 CCD version before this,this is probably aimed at wedding shooters that will be interested in its higher ISO ability.

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RStyga: I think Pentax 645D is still the cost/performance king *by far*.

Lack of leaf shutters rules it out for a lot of pro's.. the H system is a very complete system,even includes WLVF

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Zigmont: Finally, a camera without the trendy "retro" 1950's look! I'd buy one just for that alone. I mean after all, it is 2014. I want cameras to look like the future, not the past.

Fair enough but the retro look is sweet,just like Ferrari Dino's are still sweet...

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People shouldn't get so worked up,this is aimed at the super rich in Asia etc that look at $10k the way most of us look at 5 bucks..

If it helps Hasselblad to build some capital toward developing the next H series then good luck to them,

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michael19843: It would be a shame if Hasselblad went out of business. No not really it would be awesome.

Why would it be awesome?? they are one of the few remaining medium format makers and the H system is very good..

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ric63: Does anyone know if Sony has some sort of financial interest in Hasselblad?

they dont but that could change in the future..

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marcio_napoli: I'm perfectly fine with my ISO 25, CCD digital back.

My shooting style allows to use flash all the time, so I'm never too worried about ISOs.

In fact, I just love CCDs above all other sensor designs, and consider my back to be the best camera I've ever worked with.

On the other hand, this is the most important move Hassel has ever done, at least in the past 15 years.

CMOS will allow them to enter the High ISO game, and for most enthusiasts (large part of sales), that's the move they were waiting for.

If Hassel has their hands on a great CMOS chip, prepare to see a turn of the tide, and DMF rising again.

Medium format CCD still produces a better looking file than cmos... no need to drop your digital back yet..

Cmos medium format just opens up the market to different users,wedding snappers might love this chip.

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Don't understand why so many comments are saying this proves Sony can make glass... this is a Zeiss lens!

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Looking forward to seeing how the new sigma art 50 compares to this..

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