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  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Walter_Scott
  • No, I don't agree.  Police departments have recently been paying out millions for unjustified shootings and now there is documentary evidence to prove they have executed black people when the ...
  • If you want to know how to waste America's blood and treasure (trillions) in the Middle East, he's the guy that knows.
  • Drink!!
  • Drink!!
  • Replied in Voter Fraud
    How many instances of voter fraud would have been caught with a photo id?  I scrolled and scrolled and I think I identified 2.  It's a solution in search of a problem which leads me to believe the ...
  • Here's why people are against it: The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said budget cuts will result in closing driver's license offices across the state. The agency said the cut will be in phases, ...
  • Replied in The real issue
    You said my drinking game word!  Benghazi!! Drink!!  How can you still even talk about Benghazi after 17 different investigations have said there was no misleading the public and no cover up?
  • If by free you mean paid for by taxpayers exactly the same way as public schools are then you would be correct. They are also not accountable for the money in the same way as the funding goes from ...
  • Replied in Denial.
    I think she turns you on.  You can't seem to stop talking about her.
  • Correlation does not equal causation. You might as well say as digital camera ownership has gone up, crime has gone down.  Using the same methodology as displayed above I can also prove my statement.
  • I say it's the free market.
  • Yes, because it's not enough to just shoot 4 people, you have to make sure you kill them to qualify.
  • Replied in I suspect
  • That's what we would say if English wasn't our first language. You appear to be another identity of the digital shooter/shoppingboy multiple personality.
  • I thought you were an educated man.  Did you not read your first link?  It says exactly what I said. Your second link is being disingenuous.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics report came out after ...
  • Replied in Emailgate
    Admiral John Kirby has already said that the emails had not been stripped of the proper classifications. I tend to believe him over you and the LA Times.
  • I'm glad that I have amused you, but I'm curious. Can you point to one example of these policies working? Fox commentators just said this week that we wouldn't have the stock market problems we are ...
  • Replied in Doom mongers
    I keep telling lastchance4u/itchhhy that one of these days he's going to be right and it will all be over for him.
  • Wow. I finally got around to following your link. Absolutely no part of your statement has any truth to it. I really can't call it lies because I don't think you're bright enough to read the ...
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