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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 First Impressions Review preview (296 comments in total)
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LarryLatchkey: I held it in my hands today. It is NOT ERGONOMIC (plus the viewfinder is really quite small). Why does it seem to be so difficult to design an ergonomic grip on a compact M4/3 camera that also looks good?! It is quite astonishing that having used a Ricoh GRd (I) with it's really bad IQ for years means being totally spoilt by it's perfect ergonomics. I really want to be able to use a camera one-handedly in certain situations (including the change of setting by reaching for a wheel with my right thumb or index finger).

I think it is called LX100 ?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 First Impressions Review preview (296 comments in total)
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Vitalisam: I'm an owner of quite out-dated Canon 50D. Suddenly I started to feel a 'new camera fever'. And not an SLR anymore, but rather something suitable for comfortable traveling.
Right now I'm hesitating between Lumix GM5 and Fujifilm X100T. Personally I like Fuji one but lack of zoom is just killing me.
Could someone professionally convince me that I don't need an optical zoom during traveling?

You need zoom mostly if you are birdie because you can't really get close to birds or wild animals with x100.
But everything else, any social situation or travel, the x100 is the perfect lens, not too wide, not too long and you just frame by making a step forward or backward - simple like that.
Just look at your pictures if your zoom images are worth having the zoom.

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AV Janus: Kardashi-cam?

Seriously, they would have sold a ship-load to the US sheeple-girls if they partnered up...
It would have raised Casio from the dead in the exes of modern consumer.

Casio is smart, because they can't really compete in the pixel-peeping western market, they can sell those weird and wonderful gillie cameras in asia. But ultimately they will have to either start making a cell-phone or die, because even Japanese girls will not care to carry two devices.

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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (539 comments in total)
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AshMills: Id just like a Nikon native mount camera with A7S sensor, a tilt and swivel screen, onboard 4K, silent mode, fast AF. With or without an EVF. Please.

The 4K while yawn today is quite necessary to future-proof and keep resale value for any current purchase of FF. Because in a year/two all of those wonderful FF will have it.

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On A second glance: two takes on the Leica X article (386 comments in total)

I am not convinced that 2014 leica is the same leica company from few decades ago. For many of us Leica was the pinnacle of photography. Todays digital leica - I don't know. I don't really see any added value from fuji system for example.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (826 comments in total)
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Reilly Diefenbach: The D3300 with kit lens kills this nice little camera at $350 less. Can't carry a one pound camera? Really?

Walking a whole day as a tourist with d3300 on your neck and then put lx100 and tell me there is no difference! It is like night and day.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (826 comments in total)
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Miki Nemeth: When I saw that DPReview gave such a high score to a camera that I evaluated to be mediocre, I was surprised but I thought I am not an expert at all. Then I've just read Behiri's review and I think I was a bit right. I think the LX100 cannot come even close to Sony's RX100R3.

Funny: "mediocre".
Just go to one of the few still standing photo store with $1000 in hand and try to find a mediocre camera. You won't. It doesn't matter who made it. $1k will buy you an outstanding camera, regardless who made it.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (826 comments in total)
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Mike FL: If LX100 threatened RX100-3's sales# due to advantage of sensor size, SONY may release an APS-C sensor P&S with size no big than LX100.

BUT, I do not think Panasonic can sale more LX100 than RX100-3 even RX100-3 is aged as LX100's design is much older; 10 years old exactly even 10 years older LC1 has a 2-position Flash built in.

Leica's lens is a selling point, but Panasonic's engineers are getting too lazy.

The sony and panasonic are quite different. Sony tries to be an entertainment company, Panasonic is still more an electronics company. The fall of shony stock reflects that overreach, sony is losing a lot of money now due to Samsung eating from heir TV, computer, photo and smartphone share.
I don't think Sony has any beef with panasonic...

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I can bet that this technology would be available only to the people who will surrender their pictures to google. Because that's the main goal, isn't it? What can be better than to have access to everyone properly tagged photos and also get help from millions of people to correct the pictures with real information, like the friendly facebook - "identify your friends on this image"

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vladimir vanek: Someone should stop google from their spy activities. It's/will be really dangerous that a private company has so much data in possession... And excavates more everaday from your emails, searches, tracking, calling etc.

Your and mine private data, our habits, likes and desires are the google main commodity. Without collecting the data google would be just a search engine, not a giant corporation. Asking google to stop the data collection and processing is like asking their investors to throw money out of window. It is not going to happen, it is the main business.

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Looking forward the december firmware.

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I just can't imagine a hasllblad executive looking at the design options and then pointing at what we see here and saying: "I want that!". It just doesn't compute.

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Rooru S: Those rebadges were a bad idea from the very beggining. Actually, every single rebadged camera is a bad idea... but works sometimes. Look at Leica, they're doing fine with their Panasonic cameras.

Also Leica kind of pretend to put their own "secret processing" into panasonic to justify the price hike which is more or less playing with curves, but at least they try.

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MikeFairbanks: What's the deal with "backs" anyway? can't someone just make a medium format digital camera without having the back latch on or off? Or am I getting it wrong?

Because Pentax 645D was actually designed by photography industry professionals.

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Alex Permit: Why even bother opening a design facility in Italy if you end up with such monstrosities? It's an insult to the fine tradition of Italian design.

Pinin Farina must be turning in his grave.

The sad thing is that if they just keep the sony style and changed the logo, in the Leica/Panasonic way, they still may have some future. But they wanted to make statement....and here we go.

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Gesture: I have more respect for the company that licensed the Kodak name and is sourcing really good, affordable models of contemporary formats like the power zoom or micro four-thirds cameras. Check out the Kodak Forum for examples of Kodak devotees using the new licensed name models.

JK Imaging is the very same General Imaging company that produced GE branded cameras. General Imaging is a board of directors spin of Olympus Imaging during the 2006 scandals.

Kodak and GE cameras are made by Asia Optical, who also make cameras for Fuji among others.

It is a small world in imaging. You can never get too far from the main OEMs.

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I've had seen some of their hasellblad branded monstrosities first hand and it totally gave a vibe of "made for sale at retirement homes". Always looking like they took half of a sci-fi prop and half of some old camera and hammered it together.

Which is funny, if they would actually take the original hasselblad 500 c/m design, they can probably pull a Fuji X100.

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Gesture: At least, when Leica rebadges a Panasonic model, it does so tastefully and adds value with its warranty service. I still wish Leica would say "co-developed with Panasonic," instead of pretending these are Leica cameras, as I have seen on videos with Leica marketing people.

Funny how brand marketing still works like a charm!

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (931 comments in total)
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tecnoworld: This morning I had a brief shooting session with the canon 6d of a friend, coupled with a sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens. He paid 2.000€ for the combo.

I think that for someone not needing 15fps or 4k video, that combo is much, much better than nx1+50-150, costs 1000€ less and delivers better iq.

Canon 6D is 2013 camera, NX1 is 2015 camera, it is only logical to assume the 2015 camera would outperform the older models.

Kudos to samsung that they still interfere in a dying market of heavy DSLR, that only proves they are serious about imaging.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)
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LaFonte: The field sequential display in EVF is true for every EVF. Otherwise if they would use RGB mask like normal LCD display, we would actually see that in the tiny EVF as RGB colored pixels.
So practically every EVF display is always monochromatic with three coloured LEDs behind it, that blink in sequential order - very fast. Some use higher refresh ratio than others, but you can probably see it even in best EVF if you know where to look.
You can eliminate the blinking if you allow to switch the EVF into pure monochromatic mode which is very easy to do for the manufacturers, but only very few companies thought of this (like canon in their DV cameras). This feature was loved by the people who had to look through VF for long period of time, having EVF switch in monochromatic was a true eye saver.

I am not sure of Many, but point well taken, the newer cameras indeed go toward hi-res OLED

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