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Thematic: Impressive results imo.

Hover the image loop over the asian girl and look at the balanced skin tone vs other cameras - or even the older 16MP XT1. Detail and no red color shift. Pleasing results.

IMO the new Pro-2 is the most accurate and pleasing results of any camera in the test.

Portrait photographers will love this camera and system and the results will only get better once Capture One Pro supports these files.

Well done Fuji. Its on my buy list this summer for sure. Thank you Dpreview for sharing these findings.

The "much improved" would work if the previous Fuji cameras were pretty lousy to start with. But they are not. I'd say the standard settings looks exactly like the standard settings on T1 or PRO1.

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M H S: Pretty photos and nice form factor.

Does anyone think fuji will ever create a full frame cousin.

Why not to go even bigger. I mean 1900's big formats. that will show them, them pesky pixels, who is the boss.

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But wouldn't importing cats from china pose some administrative nightmare? Think about the certificates and required shots. They didn't think that through, did they?

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DodgyPhotog: Waiting for a 4K Xiaomi. Most commenters probably haven't owned anything by them before, but recently in the UK we've had access to their products really cheap. The build quality is better than anything bar Apple. Massively surprised. Shocked actually.

FWIW. All designers rip off other designers. Look at Ive and Dieter Rams.

I forgive Xiaomi because they're a force for good (as far as any firm using up rare earth minerals to make things we don't need can be). They're going to make big waves in the next 5 years. No reason why companies need 8 billion in the bank when folk are starving.

As I understand Rams was actually pleased by the apple flattery following his design and Ive would mention Rams influence anytime they let him speak.

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Mike FL: Interesting finding:

"Xiaomi CEO"net worth is estimated to be 35 billion US dollars. In 2011, Lei was ranked #201 on Forbes list of China’s 400 Richest. In 2014, he was named Businessman of the Year by Forbes."

"Xiaomi was co-founded by eight partners on April 6, 2010. In the first round of funding, institutional investors included:

- Temasek Holdings, a Singaporean government-owned investment vehicle,
- the Chinese venture capital funds IDG Capital
- Qiming Venture Partners,
- mobile processor developer Qualcomm.
- ...

The company has over 8,000 employees, mainly in mainland China, Malaysia,and Singapore, and is expanding to other countries such as India,Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil."

"According to IDC Xiaomi is now the third largest smartphone maker."

I am just wondering, if they start doing big R&D, creating their own unique gizmos and we start copying their stuff, will they become furious, running around like mad and crying "intellectual theft"? Because this may happen.

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ecube: I'll skip reading the article and jump to conclusion ignoring (possible) facts that may contradict my poisition.

I think of industrial espionage. Japan and most of the western industrialized world has set shops in China for the cheap labor. South Korea has joined the cheap labor venture and will soon be a victim on stolen intellectual property and patent infringement.

Am I biased? Of course I am.

What would they do when they run out of countries with cheap labor? War, to create new cheap labor frontiers?

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On Connect post Google launches Cardboard Camera VR app for Android (20 comments in total)

At least google seems to have sense of humor with their new "cardboard" line of products. Well after all that nonsense how everyone will be already wearing google glass by now... the cardboard VR is more coupled with the reality.

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On Connect post Apple launches battery case for iPhone 6 & 6s (147 comments in total)

I bet the chinese are now getting furious. Someone is copying their own design.

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cinemascope: GoPro is the biggest marketing scam ever. Action cameras with massive rolling shutter? WTF? If you are going to sell specialised gear, then at least do it properly? The whole of the last decade is now tainted with defective videos and there is no end in sight, as it gave other manufacturers the excuse to sell crappy gear too. How fitting they've picked the name Karma, really hope it does its job.

You may be onto something. Not even commenting on the whole ultrawide lens idiocy. You can't even watch it on bigger screen without becoming sick. It is just for totally self pleasuring youtubers because no-one else is willing to watch that.

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Well it seems next year people will need to start registering the drones in US. And few more drones in the air, few more tangled in the power lines and they may start banning them or allowing them only on certain locations.

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Wow, how come nobody came with the instant print before! Fuji is on the roll!!

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On article Video: a look at the Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II (125 comments in total)

I had been big sony fan, I totally dig this, but I have mixed feelings how sony is trying to become a leica with their pricing. I thought the first R1 was overpriced.
On the other hand all sony branded stores in my city were closed down because of low sales - so they can wave in front of my nose the new multi-thousand $ camera and talk how they are reaching to new highs but the reality is different for sony.

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OMG, I remember having TRYX camera for about 3 days and returning it as soon as possible.
The image quality indoor was worse than any cheapest phone. Non existing battery life. I thought the $250 I paid was way too overblown for the *** I'v got. I don't understand this, doesn't everyone in china have a smartphone with hundreds of apps?
I don't understand china at all, but they really seems to be on the high horse of senseless consumerism. They totally out-west the west.

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fpvnoob: I heard the price of the camera is 1350 dollars or £850 if so sony can kiss my ass.
And by the way everyone is dumping their RX100 3 on ebay you will be able to buy it second hand for over HALF the price of this.

There are more people in line for ass kissing. Don't worry.

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And I thought the $600+ for the original RX100 was pretty steep when released for this type of camera.
But each RX model had higher and higher initial price and now we are in $1K category. Soon, I am not exactly sure who is going to buy these cameras because my yearly paycheck does not increase in the same speed.

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The images look pretty good but I fear it would have the same effect on me like the lumia.
Looks tempting on the paper but when thinking about buying it I would rather buy a RX100 for half of the money and just keep my $0 smartphone for the smartphone stuff, like calling, texting and...taking pics that no-one is going to see anyway.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Janne Voutilainen (37 comments in total)

Awesome photographic eye

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On article Nikon 1 J5: What you need to know (503 comments in total)

Finally a reasonable launch price. It means that by waiting few months we can get it for awesome 399.

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Dimac: omg, it looks awful

I am all for the retro look, but I must agree it just look plainly bad. Even if it cost $10 bucks I would not put it on the camera.

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There is nothing wrong with the alexa camera itself, alexa cameras are the must have gear of every serious hollywood production... I just think posting it here totally misses the target audience.

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