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Siobhan A

Joined on Apr 6, 2014

Siobhan A's recent activity

  • Exactly, the law in this Red state says it is OK to force a passed out person to have sex. The law doesn't mention intoxication or unconsciousness so it is OK...according to the Conservatives in ...
  • Only in a Red state.  It is legal to force someone to have sex if they are inebriated and don't know what they are doing. ...
  • Imagine that Trump Palin ticket. Their slogan will be 'make white America great again..except for gays...and a non-christians.
  • The GOP is next going to support a box of rocks becuase it would be their most intelligent candidate.
  • I could see this from a rival candidate in the primary, but this is from a former party leader!
  • What do Republicans think of Ted Cruz? Cruz  is"Lucifer in the flesh." Cruz is a 'miserable son of a b!tch" No wonder he is getting crushed in the primaries. ...
  • at NASA , Boeing, SpaceX. Yeah, nothing bad happens if they make a mistake according to you.  LOL!!!! btw, since my friends ARE engineers, you should agree with their findings.
  • Since there are hundreds of independent organizations STUDYING this in the US alone this makes sense. Let's not confuse this with the 100 million spend for the sole purpose of climate change denial. ...
  • No you were upset that I gave a hard time to the people who replied with attacks rather than simple answers.
  • Wait, why are you leaving the politicians who receive millions from the climate denial lobby? Why would you leave the funding to the oil companies and other corporations profiting from climate denial?
  • Replied in Men are real.
    Correct, you cannot trust a man who bases his life on his belief in fairies or deities. But you can trust honest men who base their life on fact.
  • LOL, you are obviously thinking 'train' engineers. Too bad you do not realize there are many different types of engineers including 'climate'. I also, can't want to show my friend at the Goddard ...
  • No, you did not. But you can try again.  What would it take to change our mind and what is your percentage of confidence.   I gave examples so it would not be too hard to understand. Sadly, you ...
  • If you read the OP you will find my 2 questions. So far only Baconhill answered the second and no one the first.   They are easy to answer.
  • Bacon, we already know denialism is a 100 million dollar industry, but where is your answer to the first question???????? Thank you for answering the 2nd question.
  • Why not? You are and everyone knows it. It goes to show how deceptive your are.  Since you won't tell the truth about something so obvious, you are most likely lying about everything.
  • Replied in Men are real.
    Some men believe in bigfoot and some believe in many gods.  History tells us that most religions are based on greed, corruption, power and control.  Go to any church and see how many are handing ...
  • Still waiting for ONE answer to the questions I asked.   I see posted an attack instead of answer too.
  • I have several friends from college who work at NASA, Boeing, and General Dynamics. We all have advanced degrees in science and they are all experienced engineers.  We've talked extensively about ...
  • Replied in No.
    That part of Ohio has has long history with feuds, motorcycle gangs, and drugs. Remove the drugs and they will find some other reason for violence. And i case you didn't know that area was the ...
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