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Great, this is a nice option for Leica users. The predicted Leica- haters have already started posting. However, this time the equivalence - obsessed can't blather on about f-stops, total photons, bokeh, how f/1.4 is really the same as f/2.8, and all that other stuff.

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On article Hasselblad to announce 'game changer' next week (455 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Marketing Lesson for Hasselblad:

Entice and tease the the public when you are well respected and well regarded.

When you have lost all credibility in announcing new products, you will only invite hecklers and scoffers...

Like what is happening now, in this forum.


As shigzeo pointed out, it is the wrong audience here. However, the idiot commenteurs will certainly be "expert" enough to discuss the physics of format equivalence, photons, the inferiority of monochrome sensors, the inferiority of film, or the superiority of "full-frame."

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DuxX: No AF = no interest

Well, good for you. It's a pity that a lack of auto focus is a grave impediment to your photography.

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I don't understand. Why the cr@p does anyone listen to what some " influencer" says on social media? Are typical consumers so unable to make the own decisions that they let themselves be directed by shills on social media? Do people really function like that?

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fzrTom: So now the question is : how gold will be its gold award :D

How about a plutonium award? Even more rare than the mundane gold.

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noflashplease: The 1977 Onestep 1000 was the beginning of the long term corporate stagnation that eventually brought down Polaroid. The SX-70 was actually quite innovative. The cheap OneStep was simply cheap, setting the pattern for every subsequent Polaroid camera.

The Brownie was a brillant business model. Unfortunately, Kodak never changed. Kodak was a company that didn't care about optics, only film. Film was incredibly profitable, while optics required an actual investment. As a consequence of the Kodak mentality, the American camera industry was effectively dead long before Japan discovered the virtues of engineering and quality control.

I guess the entire point is that American business pursued the quick buck by producing utter rubbish, and the American consumer aided and abetted the short sighted executives by actually buying the rubbish.

That is a bit harsh. Kodak made many top quality professional lenses for large format cameras as well as for the original Hasselblad. But it is correct that their ameteur 35mm cameras never reached the quality of the Leica, Zeiss, Nikon, etc. competitors. But their mass marketing in the 1960s was brilliant if you recall the Instamatic. It is a complicated history.

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Neodp: This is great. Try all if you have the time; but before you do lets get in the "helicopter" view.

All this stuff is very doable in numerous different ways. Sharpening, Film looks, "Filters", artistic analog emulation, repair, alterations etc... The EXACT same outcomes. So this is 1000 ways to "skin a cat". The issue with trying everything is LEARNING MANY different ways, menu's, angles of "attack" and levels of automation. Such as presets and the amount of flexibility tweaking them. Then the other way; can you also opt for full manual for maximal control? One program may do vignetting (for one example) slightly different. This is not a reason to put down any one of them. Change abidance is a human issue and change by itself best not beat your metric.

But we hate change. Just some less than others. So we grasp for the best reviewed so that we might find some semblance of a STANDARD. The lie is some programs are "professional" and you will be labeled a "pro" if you use them...........

GIMP can't ( as far as I have found) process 16 -bit files. It is an amateur tool, like Photoshop Elements. So no, it cannot be used as a substitute for Photoshop, PSP, and others.

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I am impressed that Leica is putting out these lenses for their T. But why did they not make these T lenses also available in another mount, such as Fuji X or Sony? I have never seen a T camera even in popular tourist places.

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Thorgrem: Why is not everything converted to FF? FF is the standard and now people will suddenly get all confused. Normally with m4/3 (and APSÇ, Nikon 1) lenses, people and DPR always mention the cropfactor.

@Smiler: Rolleiflex? You mean finally there is a real photographer posting here in Dpreview? Don't confuse the equivalence guys, it is too traumatic.

Link | Posted on Mar 17, 2016 at 18:32 UTC
On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2472 comments in total)
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Gediminas 8: To put the review short: OVERPRICED for what it does.

Thanks Fuji, after the X-E1 trap I'm not investing thousands into another pretty but crippled product of yours.

Glad DPR dared to call out the flaws this time.

The term "Overpriced" means almost nothing except to the user who can't afford the "overpriced" thing or prefers another product instead. A Cadillac crossover is overpriced, a Leica is overpriced, a Rolex is overpriced - it goes on and on. X-E1: as far as I can tell, it is not crippled at all.

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Wally Brooks: What's wrong with shooting at ISO 200? I still shoot a view camera at ISO 300.

If this provides superior image quality will you use it?

Disclaimer i have a Sigma Merrill DP 2&3, a D7200 when pixel depth is needed, and a rx100 when a pocket camera is needed.

i get it you want iso 6400 to shoot at midnight so choose a sony of get a used D3!

Body looks sigma wierd! Right side viewfinder?

view camera technique: show up at dawn, heavy tripod, cable release, pray for no wind, anything else change gear.... stupid.

A guy I work with prints lots of nice pic taken on a mobile phone.

Gear has nothing to do with vision....

View camera at ISO 300? Wow, stop a minute. That means you know how to use technical equipment like a light meter, and set arcane settings like f-stop. I still use long-frozen Kodak Panatomic-X 120 film at ISO 25. I suspect most of these "photographers" who complain about the lack of this feature or that feature or the "equivalence" of one format versus another know essentially nothing about light, vision, or photography.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2016 at 16:55 UTC
On article Worth the wait? A look inside the Pentax K-1 (650 comments in total)
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mrmacro: I started my SLR journey with a Pentax ME Super and have always had a soft spot for Pentax. Back in the 35mm day, they were a contender with the big boys with the likes of the LX. I think it is a real sign of tenacity that they have gradually re claimed some territory back in the DSLR FF market place. More competition is a wonderful thing. I wish them and their users well and expect a whole run of new lenses in the next few years. Suggestions: other than the usual 24's to 85's 1.4/8 fixed focals, a 300 f4 and a 400 f5.6. Go Pentax!

We still have a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic at home. My wife bought it in 1971. It is an precision well-built instrument, a pleasure to use.

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On article Ultra-compact: Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II review (540 comments in total)
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Terry Cioni: Some very intelligent comments here and a very intelligent review of this camera by DPR.

I am impressed at the number of people who feel they could run the camera divisions of all the camera OEMs out there.

We are in good stead for future CEOs running the big camera companies.

Many of the "experts" who could run a camera division are not even photographers. You can tell by the inane comments and criticisms, or the peculiar comparisons.

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(unknown member): The lack of any comments so far is rather strange. Where are you lens experts?

I suspect most of the photographic "experts" who expound (blather) their non-expertise on DPREVIEW really do not want to be told about engineering, design, statistics, and marketing.

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What has happened to the Leica T"? I see an occasional (quite rare) photograph attributed to the T on the Leica forums, but otherwise it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. I do not recall ever seeing one in popular tourist places (San Diego, Chicago, Athens, etc.). It's a pity.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2472 comments in total)
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Mike FL: By using old Nikon D7100 as a base line, X-Pro2 almost inflates the ISO by ONE STOP in base ISO.

What a surprise even lot of people indicated FUJI is well known for inflates the ISO, but still..

.. WOW.

Oh noooo.... Brand X inflates its ISO!! Quelle horreur. Life must end, photography will end, tech dweebs will be unable to use their cameras.

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On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (102 comments in total)
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Osvaldo Cristo: If you are interested in that bag I strongly recommend you also consider Domke F-2... it is USD 90 in the USA and without the bad taste "color detail"...

Good advice. The canvas Safrotto bags from China (Model CF300?) are reputed to use even better quality canvas and inserts than the Domke f2 and are much cheaper.

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2016 at 15:10 UTC
On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (102 comments in total)

4.2 lb empty? Are they serious? It is nice to have the rugged look with heavy metal clips, but extra weight means a sore shoulder and/or less actual photographic equipment. Good engineering design is defined by minimal material use with maximum function (in this case, carrying capacity). The old Domke f2 fit this criteria much better. Don't get me started on $349 - wow.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (77 comments in total)

Nice camera, really nice! But it is a big handful (at least it looks like that in the photos above). I think I will keep using my X-E1 because it is so compact and easy to take in a travel kit. Hopefully Fuji will introduce an X-E3 with the 24 mpixel sensor.

Link | Posted on Jan 15, 2016 at 04:56 UTC as 25th comment | 2 replies
On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1509 comments in total)
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DaveOl: I guess that this is the true " Texas Leica ".

No, the "Texas Leica" is the GW670 or GW690 Fuji rangefinder cameras that used 120 or 220 film. These had spectacularly good lenses. They are available at reasonable price for folks who want to try real photography (manual focus, hand-help light meter, etc).

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