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On Just posted: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Review preview (106 comments in total)

Can we burry this phrase. It's overused, apologetic, meaningless and a bit silly:

"Photo quality isn't fantastic on the TG-2, but it's more than good enough for purpose and target audience. "

Olympus claims that "the Olympus TG-2 iHS was designed with the serious photographer in mind. ". If the target audience is the serious photographer, I would think IQ would be a concern.

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You have got to be kidding. This camera came out well over a year ago, which is 4evah in P&S years:

There are way more interesting and recent UW cameras to review.

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3dreal: New Zeiss HQ/Highend FF Distagon 55/1.4 will kill this zoom and any lens ever in terms of quality by multiple lenghts. at 3 -3.5x the price. As already mentioned. In an interview Zeiss managers(amount the two was dr. nasse) confessed that until recently they were not allowed to offer highest topquality for the publice. This lens is the first of a series which will show the real optical possibilities. Maybe i will sell a lot of my stuff, forgetting 6x6/6x7. Zeiss said the new series will have MF-quality.

Fixed manual focus boutique prime versus a consumer zoom. What a non sequitur. It's like telling us that a 747 will fly faster than the sigma lens. Our reply would be "of course" followed by "so what"?

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (252 comments in total)

Aftershot Pro (corel's LR clone) just dropped to $25 at amazon (digital download)

I'm not sure if they are scared of LR5 or ASP 2.0 is on the way....

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On 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) article (447 comments in total)
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40daystogo: It was silly of DPR to limit the list to 10. It should have given at least 20.

e.g. Corel's AfterShot Pro (equivalent to LightRoom).

Yet they list lightroom as a photoshop alternative.

If LR fits the list so does Aftershot Pro.

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On First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster article (354 comments in total)

MSRP is $599

Here's a chronological list of lenses released by canon. The pickings are pretty slim if you are looking for a fast FF prime:

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frank200: Corel has a GREAT offer for Adobe users!!

It looks like corel is fumbling the potential for a great interception.

Given adobe's shinagens, I have a renewed interest in after shot pro.

However their upgrade pricing, $49.99 is only $10 less than the full currrent price of after shot pro and it's actually $10 more than when I last looked at the product (they had a $39.99 special).

Direct link | Posted on May 16, 2013 at 05:51 UTC

"retain access" is vague.

Do you mean retain access to the software or to visualize my files after I stop paying for the software.

For the later it would be swell if they had a free PSD viewer. Something that goes beyond what you see in a Tiff, shredding out the layers etc.

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1852 comments in total)


"PS Photographer"


"PS Light"

Something between elements and Cloud that comes in a box.

Or just an elements based on the PS code-base that does not suck.....

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1852 comments in total)
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communicat: Just taken a look at Corel's products after years of ignoring them:

The raw processor "After Shot" looks great and the process seemed to make more sense to me than Lightroom. The PS replacement opens existing PS files and also seems to work just fine . . . although I can't figure out how to isolate properly yet.

The the programs have demo downloads to try out.

Corel's after shot pro is Mac Linux and windows....

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1852 comments in total)


"How do you justify the price increase to photographers?

Last year we actually cut the price of Lightroom in half in order to open it up to a broader market of photographers."

The question was about creative cloud or photoshop. Shame on dpreview for not calling him on this non sequitur

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Guidenet: The problem with trying to stay with CS6 and a perpetual license is what happens when you need a new version of Adobe Camera RAW and it won't work with CS6? That's where they've had us by the short hairs in the past. I had to upgrade every version to use ACR because the older ACR wouldn't support a new camera and the older version of Photoshop wouldn't support the newer version of ACR. It's like that now. If you have a D800, you have to have CS6 to use ACR 7.4. CS5 won't allow ACR 7.4 so won't support the D800.

So what happens with a new camera? They'll announce ACR 8 and it won't work with CS6. Stuck. I suppose I should start looking at Corell products after all these years. I'm not going with subscription, period.

But lightroom stays a physical non-cloud product you can always buy the latest LR for the latest ACR. Then you import your raw to LR, do basic edits, then export to CS cloud for the heavy stuff.....

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67gtonr: I was expecting the video functions to be tested as well, any plans to do this?

Isn't Seattle supposed to get daily 10 mile long trains hauling coal for china? When they start that up , you can just sit at a railway crossing and shoot comparisons 4evah

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jl_smith: Here's an idea, pay the $40 or so for a Smugmug or Flickr account and share whatever size you want without having to jump through some stupid hoops. And Smugmug looks about 50x cooler than anything Google has ever created.

Trey already had that idea:

He's had the smugmug site forever with original download sizes so I don't know why this is important to him.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 25, 2013 at 18:36 UTC

50% faster and can do 14FPS at full res?

That's pretty sweet.

The F6.8 on the long end????

Not so sweet....

Direct link | Posted on Mar 21, 2013 at 07:26 UTC as 33rd comment
On Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Hands-on Preview preview (353 comments in total)

In your hands on I'd love to see how this compares to one of the ollder/smaller rebels.

Is this truley something new or just cannon getting back to iwhere it was a few years ago?

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On CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda article (490 comments in total)

"once you go below APS-C the next logical size is 1/2.3 inch'"

And this is reason #5 why I am dropping canon after 20 years and too many cameras to count. Idiotic management.

How can anyone in canon leadership make such an inane statement given the popularity of the S90/S95/S100/S110? All four cameras were certified hits, and all use a sensor bigger than 1/2.3 inch.

And if he would take his canon blinders off just for a second he might notice that M43 cameras have taken over nearly 20% of camera sales in his own country:

What an amazing statement. Right up there with you will never need more than 640mb of ram.....

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On First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster article (354 comments in total)

No mention of price? Or did I miss it?

It's $599 for those that don't feel like clicking around.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 1, 2013 at 05:41 UTC as 91st comment

30 specifications on a new camera and no mention of aperture?

Or did I miss it?

Phil must be turning in his grave!

According to IR (who seems to care about minor details such as aperture) the 520 " Maximum aperture starts from f/3.0 at wide angle, and falls to f/5.9 at telephoto"

Not stunning but it is a bit better than canon's SX50 (F3.4-F6.5).

Direct link | Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 07:06 UTC as 10th comment

This article has still not been updated to reflect that dpreview has an affiliation with DXO.

The response given a couple of pages ago is completely inadequate. Publicizing it on a post that has long since vanished from the homepage and not including that relationship in this review of a DXO product is not exactly "transparent".

Original response:
By Amadou Diallo (4 days ago)
We incorporate DxO Mark test data in our lens reviews and smartphone camera reviews. We publicized the announcement on our homepage and include their logo on the relevant review pages. So we're being as transparent as we reasonably can.

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