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About me:

Using cameras:
- OMD E-M5, 12-50, Panny 45-200, FL36 flash.
- Pentax Q7 with 02 and 06, Pentax AF-200FG flash.
- Panasonic ZS50/TZ70

Equipment used in the past:
- Panasonic LF-1
- Panasonic G5, 14-45.
- Canon T3i, 18-55 II and 55-250, Yongnuo YN565EX.
- Panasonic ZS15
- Pentax Q. Better than the reviews indicate.
- Oly E-PL1 with trashy collapsible lens. Good riddance.
- Oly E-300, 14-45, 40-150.
- Olympus C-5060WZ with underwater housing.

Really old stuff to play with once in a while:
- Nikon FG-20 and EM 35mm.
- OM 50 F/1.4, 200 F/4, 300 F/4.5.
- Koni-Omega Rapid 6X7 with 90mm, Voightlander Bessa 6X9, Ansco 6X6.

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  • Replied in flyting
    I disagree. Academic and experimental psychology has it's idiot moments, but I have a lot of respect for clinical (practicing) psychologists, especially hospital based - they deal with some of the ...
  • As a starting point here's a 24mm equivalent 3-D lens for Panasonic micro-4/3: Otherwise, however, I really have ...
  • Replied in Please Help!!
    That was a really depressing read! Colin.
  • Replied in Printing
    Instead of a new camera I bought an Epson 4300 with a CIS. I print an 8X10, if it doesn't look good, I adjust a few things and print again. Costs $0.25 a pop. Once I get it right I print big. An ...
  • Yeah, I think a lot of us are thinking the same thing, and why we're looking for another cataloguing solution - I don't have any reason to WANT my stuff to be out there on "the cloud". If I want ...
  • Yeah, Picasa is officially dead. It's still available for download at Softedia - however, since you are starting fresh, it might be better to look at something else. Google has decided to try to ...
  • Photoshop Elements is not bad, they have a very basic photo cataloging application. I last used Elements 10, and I didn't like the cataloging part at all. Perhaps it's improved with PSE 13, I ...
  • I use Google Picasa - it's being abandoned by Google soon, so not an option for the future, but right now there's not a lot of good photo cataloging software available. Other choices - consider ...
  • Thanks for the replies, folks! In the end, I decided to take a bit of my own advice from a while ago - I took my q7 and accessories in to the local Wally World (no photo shops around here) to try ...
  • Replied in First Camera
    The 450D/XSi was a really good camera, don't underestimate it - the iphone won't touch it. I second the suggestion that your money may be better spent on a photography course, or perhaps a good ...
  • Nailed it. And again. I didn't think that list was very helpful. There are plenty of situations that require a small, unobtrusive camera while traveling, as well as a few where MILCs are not yet as ...
  • ;)
  • Created discussion thread Holster case for Q7 + 2 zooms?
    What are people using for holster cases for their Q/Q10/Q7/Q-S1? I've been using an old leather monstrosity that really bulks up the whole kit (but also holds a flash and the charger for traveling) ...
  • I've attempted to carry a sling holster bag (Tamrac Velocity 6) while biking, but it didn't work out because of positioning - you're leaning forward, so the sling ends up hanging over your knees ...
  • Yeah, f/1.9 is the real draw of the 01. It is quite a bit wider on the 1/1.7" sensor, and I do like focal lengths closer to 35mm rather than 50mm for general snapshots. I once spent 3 months bike ...
  • Yeah I have a bunch of batteries that fit, but it was all the same - no joy.
  • Alice, Ethan has it right. The stick on grip is a great upgrade, well worth a few dollars; I put something similar on a Panasonic LF1 and the improvement was, ahem, "palpable"....
  • Good plan - there are a whole bunch of seedy, dishonest retailers out there, they seem to be centered in Brooklyn NY, and they are past masters of "Bait and Switch" - they draw you in with cheap ...
  • As I mentioned above, I have an 02 and 06, and I'm going to try adapting some old telephoto primes. My old Q stopped turning on reliably, I had to leave the battery out for several hours  before ...
  • I have been pretty happy with the 02 and 06; I have debated getting an 01 but I'm not a fan of normal focal length.  I've ordered an OM to Q adapter so I can try out my old 200mm f4 and 300mm ...
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