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About me:

Using cameras:
- Panasonic G5, 14-45 and 45-200, Oly FL36. Really good all-rounder system. My go-to mostly due to size and silent electronic shutter.
- Canon T3i, 18-55 II and 55-250, Yongnuo YN565EX. Excellent system, too bulky, too loud for everyday use.
- Panasonic ZS15 & LF-1 - Panasonic does pocket cameras right. I get more keepers from these cameras.
- Pentax Q, with 02 and 06 lenses. Intriguing camera system, can't find a suitable flash. Better output than any other small sensor camera I've ever had.

Old equipment:
- Oly E-PL1 with trashy collapsible lens. Good riddance.
- Oly E-300, 14-45, 40-150. RIP my trusty old friend.
- Olympus C-5060WZ with underwater housing. Retired but not forgotten.

Really old stuff:
- Nikon FG-20 and EM 35mm. Still round here somewhere.
- Nikkor 28 f/2.8, 50 f/1.8. Still great on my G5 with adapter.
- OM 50 F/1.4, 200 F/4, 300 F/4.5. Keep meaning to pick up an adapter.
- Koni-Omega Rapid 6X7 with 90mm, Voightlander Bessa 6X9, Ansco 6X6. Dipping toes in medium format; toes burned.

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  • “f/8 and be there” - Arthur “Weegee” Fellig. Both a technique and a philosophy; great advice in this hypothetical situation. A fantastic new camera taking photos of the cat yawning will not win any ...
  • Another choice you might look at is the Olympus XZ-2 - it's running about US$260 here for the international, non-warranty edition, about the same for used. Better photos than you expect, nice fast ...
  • What I've gleaned from what you've said so far: (1) He's not an enthusiast (yet!). He will want something that "just works", for him.
  • Horses for courses..... As a hobbyist rather than a pro I generally pick one camera and stick with it for whatever event, but one criteria very important to me is versatility, I have at least ...
  • My standard complaint still stands. There isn't a camera there older than about 2 years old - so everything I have owned and have experience with is absent; to me these samples exist in a vacuum.

  • I still wish there could be some older cameras added as comparison points - it would make the samples so much more relevant and useful if I had in hand any of the cameras in the list....

  • I agree. They (that is, Android and Google) need to reconsider the removable storage thing; I lived with an 8gb nexus 4 for a year and the lack of storage drive me completely nuts. Not all of us...

  • Wut? That's bizzare - you need to find another clerk. 35mm SLRs of the past put a lot of effort in keeping the film plane flat, ie. no curled edges. OTOH, the lenses of the past often were not ...
  • Thanks for the help folks. Just to complete this thread (because internet) Corel Aftershot 2 does indeed open and properly process .dng raw files from the Pentax Q. Too bad I already missed the ...
  • Thx for the offer, very good of you; but I figured out I can download a fully-functional trial - doing that now. Colin.
  • Do you mean the split focus ring on the focus screen? I'm not sure I've seen a digital dSLR camera with one; since autofocus has taken over I guess we aren't supposed to need one. With my ...
  • Created questions Aftershot 2 and DNG files?
    Hey folks, quick questions about Corel Aftershot Pro 2 for anyone using it...  I tried Aftershot (first version) last year and it was OK to use, but it wouldn't touch my Pentax Q raw output, which ...
  • Excellent comprehensive answer. However, this being the internet I would differ in some minor details.... ;) Compacts like the LX100 and RX100 III are great cameras in the right hands, but the ...
  • I'm surprised that you couldn't get good videos from the Nikon. It's supposed to be a pretty darned good camera; video samples here and elsewhere are on par with competing cameras. Not to be ...
  • I just picked up a used LF-1 a couple days ago, an I was wondering about the battery too - I took maybe 50 test shots (15 day return window, so I gotta know whether it's working right) and the...

  • Yeah, you're totally right - I didn't know that about the Blackmagic's smaller sensor, I just assumed "m4/3 mount = m4/3 sensor". Mea culpa. The Sigma 150-500 or 150-600, or the Tamron 150-600 ...
  • Sorry, I reread your original post and saw that you are talking about full-frame. As I said above, the EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS is a pretty nice lens for $650 and is fairly close to the 90-400mm ...
  • Canon has two major lines of lenses, EF and EF-S; the former is for full frame and "cropped" APS-C, whereas the latter is only for APS-C digital SLRs.  What Canon camera are you mounting this lens ...
  • Replied in Point & Shoot
    I forgot to mention - if you don't mind a bit of an eccentric camera (inasmuch as it's not really popular or even well supported in North America) you might really like the Pentax Q. It initially ...
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