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Good article. I agree with the conclusion - comparing DSRL's and Mirrorless on the same basis. After the Sone A7RII was announced i saw blog entries discussion how that would affect GH4 sales. But i see that the A7RII competes against a 5DIII or a D810 much more than a GH4. And it is also priced similarly.
I believe this is a good thing for consumers because you have more choices.

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My first impression: I'd rather have a WiFi enabled camera like the RX100II and a control app for my smartphone. To me this is more of a software challenge. Sure - you are saving an LCD screen but to me the QX cameras look rather awkward.
In addition - if really the use case is to allow fast sharing of photos then why use an expensive and rather high quality camera? I have not really followed quality of smart phone cams vs. P&S cameras. If i take my iPhone4 as comparison there is a lot of ground between it and an RX100. I'd say that if sharing is the target i'd start with something that is in terms of quality spec'ed for that.

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I use LR4 since about 3 weeks. I do like the develop controls a lot (better than ACR 6.x). I believe it is much easier to bring back details from highlights or shadows. This works particularly well with my NEX-7 which appears to be better in that respect than my Canon 7D.
However, i do not like the example above. I believe it is overdone probably to demonstrate capabilities. I would use it much more subtle, especially on the hallway in the foreground.

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midimid: While I love the new rendering engine (it took a while to get used to), my problem is Lightroom 4's performance. For those using it without any problems, I would love to know what your computer's specs are. I have both LR3.6 and LR4 installed and using catalogs from the same location and have found LR4 completely unusable. Touch a slider, wait 4-5 seconds. Touch again, wait longer...its really awful!

Win7, 64-bit, Core2 Duo 1.8Ghz @ 3.2Ghz, Nvidia 8600GT, 4GB DDR2, Vertex3 128GB, Samsung 2TB.

I also have the latest Macbook Air (13" 1.8Ghz Core i7, 4GB) and its only a tad bit faster.

i am relatively new with LR (did just use OSE and ACR before). However, like in ACR i see slider adjustments with a slight delay but certainly not 4-5sec. Have Win7 64bit, I7 3.2GHz, ATI Radeon 5400 (dual), 12GB RAM.
I believe that my system between processor, memory, and GPU might make a big difference

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