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  • Replied in 25mm 1.4 IQ ?
    I can't compare to the other 25mm lenses now available, but the PL25 1.4 was one of the first lenses I purchased when I switched to m43.  The PL25mm is IMO a spectacular lens.  I know Leica didn't ...
  • Having owned the em5, really didn't have a big problem with the ergo.   The biggest problem I had was the two function buttons on the back were too close together, so I was constantly hitting the ...
  • Otherwise known as pixel-envy. I myself periodically look at other formats - always decide to stay with m43. Sony - A7 series have gotten too danged heavy, and the expensive lenses, according to ...
  • Is folks bemoaning things like not enough dof control and high ISO performance.   Let's must have shelled out a huge amount of money on a format without doing any research - that makes ...
  • Bump it up +1 or maybe more. Background might get blown out highlights, but doesn't matter in this instance. The dog is what's important. And as someone else noted, I'd probably get a tighter shot ...
  • I've had my em1 for over a year.  I frequently shoot outdoors in bright sunlight.   No issues with the EVF. I am having issues with the rear control dial, but EVF is fine - so far.
  • Yes.  Using RAW DxO and with out-of-camera jpegs distortion is corrected.  I assume LR as well.  It may be CA is not removed from out-of-camera jpegs, but I shoot RAW so not an issue.
  • In my limited testing between the 12-35 and the 12-40, I could see very little to no difference in sharpness between the two lenses between 12 and 30mm. The 12-35 was noticeably sharper at 35mm. ...
  • I paid $635 off Ebay NIB from QuickNDone.  That price enticed me to try the lens even though I already owned the 12-40.
  • I have both lenses. I'm preferring the 12-35. The 12-35 is considerably smaller and balances better on my em1. It's more in line with the reason I got into m43 in the first place. I find the em1 ...
  • I bought an after-market lens hood, but frankly I doubt that it offers much protection from flare.   Using my spare hand to block the sun would probably be better.
  • Replied in Panasonic?
    I don't have any brand loyalty one way or another.  I've owned Olympus cameras over Panasonic frankly for no better reason then they are sexier looking.   I've owned both Panasonic and Olympus lenses.
  • Technical note taken...but the point is folks act like vibrations from the mechanism that opens and closes the shutter or moves the mirror out of the way is some unique phenomena, it's not, it's ...
  • The better DSLRs used to have a function called MLU - mirror lock up. You know why they had that - yes, Shuttershock!!!!!!!
  • Replied in Shutter Speed
    You are showing 1/250 at 300mm.  I prefer to be at > 1/600 and that would be the bare minimum for me.
  • Replied in 12-40 opinion
    12-40 is a great lens, but is f2.8 fast enough and is 40mm long enough? For shooting mainly static scenes indoors, f2.8 works fine for me. However, depending on your lighting, you may want a faster ...
  • Replied in TIFF?
    Would converting to TIFF be an option?
  • A 12-60 f2.8 to f4 or a constant f4, with high quality optics and a moderate price tag is a big hole in the lineup IMO, but I doubt I would personally buy it since I have the pro zooms. But I would ...
  • The 12-40 on paper isn't that much heavier than the 12-35 - but on the camera there's a world of difference. The 12-40's mass is more towards the end of the barrel, which I guess makes it seem off ...
  • I got one about a month ago off ebay brand new for $639 from Quick and Done. I also have the 12-40. The 12-40 seems to get all the accolades, but at least my copies, I prefer the 12-35. It's ...
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