Vaughn T.Winfree

Vaughn T.Winfree

Lives in United States Jacksonville, FL, United States
Works as a RT(R)(CT)(MR), CT / MRI Tech and Photographer
Joined on Aug 4, 2002
About me:

With the current technology available regarding digital, a photographer is only limited by his or her imagination.

Current equipment used: SOLD ALL OF MY DSLR EQUIPMENT...
SONY NEX-7 has become my main camera and has replaced DSLR technology. Zooms are OK, but I love shooting primes. Backup to my NEX-7 is my Canon G-11 and Canon S100.
Having more fun with my NEX-7 and P&S cameras than I ever did with the big DSLR's and huge L-Glass...I am back to doing what I love. Going out on WALK-A-BOUTS in different locations looking for anything that would tell a story one moment in time.
I prefer shooting landscapes anything near water. I view and display my images in WS monitors or large screen TV's. I enjoy putting photos to Video with music on DVD's to share with others. I started selling prints again which my favorite is canvas stretch mount gallery wraps up to 24x40 inch.. The NEX-7 has the resolving power to allow me to create large enough images for my canvas.. Loving every minute of it.

God Bless,



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