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  • Are there any advantages to DLSR now, aside from the through-the-lens optical viewfinder?

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    I know about the 50mm teleconversion lens, but it changes the form factor of the X100S. (I probably will get one anyway, sooner or later.) You're right, Joed, that an XE-1 or XE-2 with a 50mm prime...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    I bought the X100S knowing full well it does not have not image stabilization. I haven't had any problems. Faster shutter speeds, if needed, and a steady hand work just as well.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    If this had a 50mm (equiv) lens, I would definitely upgrade from my X100S.

    This is a nice, worthy improvement, and Fuji should be praised for improving this camera. But I don't see how this...

  • The Benro C3770T looks very similar to the Sirui R-3203-N Carbon Fiber Tripod, which I'm considering.  How do you like it? What camera head are you using? Thanks.
  • I'm shopping for my first tripod, a travel tripod for around $300, about 3 lbs (w/ head). What are the pro's and con's of lever-lock legs versus twist-lock legs? I read that the lever-lock legs ...
  • From reading the answers here and my own web research, here is what I think the answer is: Ok, so when lens manufacturers say a lens has a particular aperture, they are referring to its maximum ...
  • Replied in Watch these:
    Thanks! These videos very helpful. I'm guessing here that camera manufacturers always put the iris as close as possible to the lens to maximize aperture size, and therefore telephoto lens need to ...
  • Created discussions What exactly is aperture?
    I understand that the aperture is the hole through which light passes to the sensor, and that the f/stop number is relative to focal length; a higher magnification lens requires a larger opening ...
  • One thing I've learned here is that the f/stop aperture is not a fixed size but relative to focal length, so a f/2 size aperture at 50mm would be a much higher f/stop# at 100 or 200 mm, but still ...
  • I notice that with many zoom lens, the maximum aperture size gets smaller as the focal length gets larger. Why is this? Thanks in advance.
  • If you're serious about protection, wouldn't you want a hardsided bag?

  • Flesh tones, at least, are more natural with Canon. Compare the G1 X photos with Fuji's on the comparison page for recent Fuji X series.

  • Created questions G1X Mk2 Tilt up flash?
    The CNET review of the G1X mk2 claims that the pop-up flash can be tilted back for bounce effects, but in my camera here which I just received, I don't see any way to fix the flash in tilt-up ...
  • If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

  • Personally, I prefer a tilting LCD. I would never buy a camera with a side-hinge viewscreen. I can't imagine taking pictures with this big wing hanging out the side. On the other hand, with a tilt...

  • The price of the small size is the absence of a viewfinder, a price many, including me, are willing to pay.

    Viewfinders are nice, no doubt; the Fuji X100S is a good example of a camera which...

  • I like the X100S, but I prefer a 50mm lens. So I'll put the teleconverter my X100S and leave it on. If Fuji comes out with an X100S with a 50mm built-in, that would be my ideal camera. Lacking...

  • That's the problem. The existing lens is too small. The teleconverter makes the camera much more impressive.

  • Prolly 'cause it's a compact camera with a fixed lens. Everyone is gaga about "system" cameras with interchangable lens. True, you can get the Sony a6000 for the same price, but with a comparable ...
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