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Beauty Face mode? What exactly does this do? O.o

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As a Nikon system/D7100 owner, I became intrigued by this camera, but that faded when I realized:

a. I'd be carrying a heavier camera
b. I'd have inferior lens options
c. I'd have inferior accessory options, such as flashes
d. I'd be limited to 1/180 flash sync
e. I would give up focus performance, especially tracking wildlife
f. It would cost me more money

Sure, I would gain increased ruggeddness, sensor shift IS, a 1.3fps increase and a bigger data buffer. USB 3.0 doesn't mean much when it takes Lightroom so long to import and generate previews anyway. I start the process and check back later.

Now I'm not dogging this camera. To a Pentax user this seems like a great camera, just not a game changer and especially not for someone already owning the latest Nikon systems with a D7100 or Canon 70D or higher.

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