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Zvonimir Tosic: Interestingly, Pentax representative said that they have already experimented with sensor shift technology to achieve same goal as this, now advertised by Olympus (and Hassy in the past). But, Pentax admits, the result is a large size dataset, plenty of megapickles, but the quality of the picture does not improve.
So instead of delivering that — which obviously is not difficult — they would rather focus how to make native resolution even better.

Which is interesting, as it better sheds light on what Olympus really wants to achieve: a perception that their small cameras (which are indeed limited by sensor size and performance worse that others), are also competitors when it comes to large image sizes.

'Megapickles' my new favourite typo.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (499 comments in total)
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aussiedean: Hi all my first post here on the forums and just to let you all know I have a very basic knowledge of Photography at this point and was just interested to see if anyone has come across a problem mentioned here:


In relation to the Carl Ziess logo? I have been looking into the camera and looking at purchasing until I saw this. Haven't seen anyone else mention it though which I find odd.

Why would this put you off. He identified a silly design oversight (when using filters) but's it's an easy fix now you know about the issue and so won't affect your photography at all.

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On Integrating the MacBook Air into a pro workflow article (347 comments in total)

So there's a little bit of bitching from the PC community about an article praising an Apple product. It's all good.

Despite being a long term Apple user I welcome these comments, bitchy tho they may be. I think it's really cool their PCs stayed running long enough to write and post a whole comment. PCs have clearly come a long way.

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All I can say is you guys got it well wrong. A7 is a spectacular camera.

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Hold up, wasn't the 'Foldio' the name of a product created by one of the Teams on BBC's 'The Apprentice'? It was a folding chair or table or suchlike.

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On Roger Cicala cynically re-defines photography article (54 comments in total)

He missed: Fujian

Fujian - One who promotes mythical juxtapositions of intent and implementation.


It can't AF : It's for expert photographers only
It's slow to MF : It's for contemplative photographers only
It can't render fine detail : Those details weren't meant to be seen
AF fix held back two years to promote new model sales : Great customer service
Defective aperture blades : Great customer service

(Examples sourced courtesy of DPR's Fujifilm X System forum)

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

The problem with subscription pricing is it exploits people whose circumstances change, essentially requiring an action on users part to stop paying.

When mother-in-law had her second stroke and went into a care home, it took me months to get her Sky TV subscription service cancelled (their bureaucracy), during which time they carried on collecting the subscriptions.

Or my Safari books online subscription. When I got my iPad, I used SBO less and less and eventually a year had gone by without me actually using it. $200 for nothing. Yes, it was my 'fault' but the model exploits it for financial gain.

All Adobe have to do to get me on board is to make it fair (and secure). The software has to dial home to check for entitlement/updates, so they know when you're still using it.

If they made it their policy to only bill for the months you actually use the software, this would set a precedent for treating customers with respect, not exploiting their circumstances.

I'd sign up tomorrow.

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On Google working on RAW imaging for Android post (84 comments in total)
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npires: Can already decode RAW files taken with my Sony NEX-5 on Android using an app called Photo-Mate. Have a look.

EDIT: Whoops I see it's already been mentioned.

That app is for images taken with raw capable cameras.

This story is about making Android phone cameras raw capable. Either the built in camera, or a clip on like the Sony QX

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (257 comments in total)
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Najinsky: I love it when DPR engages in the rumour mill. The one thing it tells us for certain is you don't have one yet, or it would likely be covered by your NDA.

Probably just a white SL1 for the Asian market.

Yes, a fair point, it is an official teaser, but what is that if not a device to get the rumour mill and its surrounding buzz started?

Most companies seem to engage in the rumour business at some level now, if not through teasers then through stage managed leaks, pre-announcements and semi-exclusive interviews.

And I didn't call it a rumour, I said you were engaging in the rumour mill, you folks need to learn to read before you post ;-)

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (257 comments in total)

I love it when DPR engages in the rumour mill. The one thing it tells us for certain is you don't have one yet, or it would likely be covered by your NDA.

Probably just a white SL1 for the Asian market.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review preview (605 comments in total)

Remember Guys, the scores and awards are just DPR's own take on how it all comes together.

The real gem in these reviews is the effort DPR put into making it, and time spent documenting it in all those pages before the conclusions.

I remember the Ricoh GXR review, where it got a shockingly low score (bad DPR)

I had the GXR/A33 APS-C and it was fantastic. Great IQ, a belter of a lens, superb ergonomics with the twin control dial and grip. It was a great camera hidden inside an unusual and for some, flawed, concept.

The conclusions and scores were as much a reflection of DPR's take on the concept and what they chose to treat as its peers. But behind the scores it was all still there, in the detail of the review. Great IQ, great ergonomics and so on.

And so it is with this GX7 (which has hardly been given a bad score).

There's plenty in the review to help you reach your own conclusions. So just be happy all this work has been done for you, look at the detail and take what you need.

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SergeyMS: I am very impressed by RX1R and RX100II, but consider QX, RX10, and new A7 as a mistake of Sony.

The biggest issue with the RX100 was the quality of the lens. It really didn't do the great sensor any favours at many focal lengths.

RX10 is a dream combination of sensor and lens.

I know ex R1 users wanted APS-C, but the lens would be just too big and/or limited for a fixed lens camera.

If the operation isn't compromised, I think the RX10 will be pure Gold.

Very few people will see the difference between an APS-C with kit lenses and the 1" sensor, and given the superb lens, most of the time that difference will actually be in the RX10's favour.

It's destined to become my family camera for all those the occasions I don't want the inconvenience of interchangeable lenses

"I'll be with you in a minute dear, just changing lenses again"

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Sony and Software, a marriage made in hell. Opening up the API may yet prove to be the smartest thing they ever did.

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On DSC00020 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (7 comments in total)

Shutter speed too low, or shutter shock?

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On photo in sample gallery (7 comments in total)

Shutter speed too low, or shutter shock?

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Is anything actually being painted here?

When I paint with light, I paint an object. So the object is in the scene, and during the long exposure I paint it with light from a flashlight. The object being painted is in the scene, the flashlight isn't.

But here it looks like the flashlight itself is the subject. I'm guessing he wore a dark outfit, went into the scene, drew the shapes in the air and then left the scene.

The mind boggles at how much effort this must have taken. Bet he got a lot of out-takes too!

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Tandua: I use Aperture, I like it...but:

No Automatic Lens Barrel/Distorsion/Aberration control...yet

LR yes
Dxo Yes
Capture Yes

...only aperture doesn't have.

Is it possible deactive face detection process, it spends 100% (8 cpu processor)?

No layer..(always must export to tiff format for applied a filter)

I hope to see Aperture 5.0 in the future

Faces - Goto Preferences.General.Enable Faces select/deselect

Lens corrections - Aperture does this automatically when correction data is supplied in the raw by the cameras. Eg: M4/3, Sony RX100, many premium compacts. The practice seems to be very slowly being adopted by others too. Certainly beats all the manual testing DXO, Adobe, etc have to do to build profiles. Perhaps one day all raws will carry the correction parameters and manual profiles will be a thing of the past. If Apple sees it the same way, I doubt they'll spend time investing in the past.

Shared Layers - would require enormous cooperation between the app makers (Apple, Adobe, DXO, etc) and the filter makers. No app currently does this. If you build it they will come?

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Please, do feel free to go, but how about keeping the noise down as you leave, no need to be loutish about it!

And no need to justify your decision to us, if Aperture doesn't do what you want, then perhaps it's your time to fly.

But it is a bit strange, after all, the product still does all the great things it did when you bought it. It's had loads of new features added for free. It gets regular bug fixes as bugs get reported and squished. And the raw camera updates continue to flow, and not rushed out but done to the high standard users have come to expect, with support for maker notes and camera features not supported by certain other brands.

Sure you might want some new features, but which? The internet shows there is far from a consensus. The plug-in architecture gets around this, giving far more variety than Apple could justify developing.

Here's a free tip. Put your money into good lenses, not more software, and you won't need half the features you think you need.

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This isn't a case of jumping on the Hassy trend, Ricoh has a long history of producing special editions of their GRs using alternative finishes, some of them truly truly ghastly.

But it's just an extra option to their regular stuff, and they've been doing it so long they must have some sort fan-base for the practice.

I suspect many of you are only just noticing Ricoh since the APS-C GR (or perhaps the Pentax take-over). They march to their own drum, and have a bit of a wacky side to them, but they make some great cameras.

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Preview preview (454 comments in total)
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Najinsky: It was needed, having the better sensor in the X100S made the Xp/e seem already out of date.

Shame they didn't add a small hump and a centrally mounted finder (seriously!). Side finders become less useful with longer zooms where you need to look up from the camera to locate your subject.

With all the other features and the lens map, it would have been a contender for me. But I'm tired of compromises, what I have (OM-D) is really good, so manufacturers are going to have to work a bit harder to make me switch.

Note, I have no issue with side-finders for up to around 100mm. But beyond 200, I really want it centred over the lens.


I've seen, but none-the-less, it makes it appeal much more to me than the NEX 6 or 7 did.

The problem with with the A7 is likely to be lens sizes for a full kit. This is the area where I think Fuji have done a great job, a decent sized APS-C sensor but without the lenses getting too big/heavy/expensive.

It's not pressing anyway. I'm really happy with the my kit based around an OM-D, it covers a good 85+% of my requirements and the weight/size benefits while travelling have made a huge difference to where I take my kit.

But I've made no secret that my switch from FF to OM-D was that for me it had now passed a threshold where IQ was good enough, enough of the time.

So if a system came along along with markedly better IQ, the lens range, body ergonomics for me, with most of the size/weight benefits, then it's fair to say it would get my serious attention.

For me, this style Fuji body doesn't do it, but it will still be good to see how X-Trans processing has moved forward.

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