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Ricardo Maia: Shame they are letting the X100S out. Same processor and sensor as the X100T and XT-1, so hardware wise is not an issue.
That camera still has more to give:
- face detection AF
- AE in the same spot as AF
- Classic Chrome
- Customisable Q menu
- Customisable buttons
- Video improvements (frame rate and manual modes)
- Electronic Shutter

X100T users would still have a better OVF, better LCD screen, 1/3F stops, Wi-Fi, better button layout, etc...

Come on, Fuji, bring these funcions to the X100S.

Agreed, but colored focus peaking would also be good.

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Just a Photographer: People that have bought the 'old' 56mm will be pretty angry.
It has only been on the market for less then 6 month and now they have thrown away a 1000 euro's.

Will do.

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Just a Photographer: People that have bought the 'old' 56mm will be pretty angry.
It has only been on the market for less then 6 month and now they have thrown away a 1000 euro's.

Where on earth did you get 'famous firmware downgrade' from? Fuji have a very good reputation for firmware upgrades.

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On article Fujifilm announces 1.4x teleconverter for X100/X100S (130 comments in total)

@Bastian Junker. No, it has F-stop 2.0 as Fuji say. The large front element on the tele-converter collects the light needed for f2.0 at 33mm focal length and tunnels it through the fixed lens. Your value d=11,5mm is for the fixed lens only.

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itsastickup: And plastic skin textures at high ISO?

And let's not forget the cut in shadow range.

As has been said more than once before in this forum, the 'cut in shadow range' is simply due to Fuji changing the default setting (as requested by many) for shadow tone. If you want more detail in shadows, simply set shadow tone to -1 (mid-soft) or -2 (soft).

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anteportas: For me as a journalist the interview misses to many points in detail. Examples?

1.) Mr. Iida says, users are asking for new flashes. Why does the interviewer not ask if there is something in the pipeline and what these flashes will look like?

2.) Mr. Iilda says that Fuji has to refresh the lens lineup. What does it mean? Which new lenses can we expect from fuji?

3.) When will there be an x-pro 2 an what will be the differences to the x-t1? Only the hybrid-viewfinder?

4.) Mr. Iida sys Fuji has to be innovative. So what are the areas of technical innovation we can expect from fuji in the near future?

Just a few examples abaout information this interview is not providing.

I hope that the refresh of the primes adds weather resistance.

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On Preview:nikon-df (2792 comments in total)

I was looking forward to such a camera. Sadly, I think Nikon have got the controls wrong.

It would be best not to have program mode and to eliminate the PASM knob. All that is needed instead is A on the shutter speed dial and A as an aperture choice. Then choosing both As give fully automatic exposure, one A gives shutter or aperture priority and no A gives fully manual.

The aperture should be set by an aperture ring on the lens.

Also, the attraction of this kind of camera is not just the looks, but easily and quickly accessible manual controls.

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Adobe's plan is like the state forcing people to rent their homes rather than owning them.

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Imagefoundry: How I wish that this nonsense with Lightroom would just cease already. Version 7.4 still doesn't work with xtrans, it just doesn't work in a slightly different manner. Talk about procrustean bed....

Using LR output to compare camera brands amounts to partisan tactics, in my honest opinion. Its demosaicing engine is as bad as the user interface and color controls are good; and the output from different cameras is wildly inconsistent.

I don't care what other people use. I just want to use what's best for me. Because something is popular it does not mean it is the best, just that its followed by a lot of sheep.

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On article Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested (211 comments in total)

Capture One is much better here than ACR. Look at the area in the test scene at the bottom of the Martini bottle between the battery cells and the paper clips. In ACR there is a lot of smearing of the red 'A' (in 'Produce of ItAly') into its triangle, and from the red background into the white letters of Fujitsu on the cells. Both of these are negligable in Capture One.

Further, the mottling in the gold background to the 'Produce of italy' text is much clearer in Capture One.

All of the conversions show a little moire in the lady's face.

Capture One re-wrote their interpolation algorithms especially for the 6x6 cell of Fuji's X-Trans sensor so it is not surprising that Capture One is so much better than Adobe.

A definite win for Capture One in my opinion.

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On article Time magazine showcases Top 10 photos of 2012 (147 comments in total)

DPReview should have put 'Top 10 Photos' in the title in quotes - its only some people at Time Magazine who think these are the best.

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On Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview (410 comments in total)
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danstern: this also sparks my curiosity of what the X-Pro2 will offer( being they are so close with the exception of the hybrid OVF and size) and when the XP2 will be announced......

Why poochpie do you want a full frame version? There are already some excellent full frame cameras from Nikon, Canon, Leica, etc. A full frame Fuji would be much bigger than the XP1 or XE1 and would need a whole new set of big Fuji lenses to cover the big sensor. Yes, FF can give a shallower depth of field, but the Fuji 35mm, f1.4 gives a depth of field that is plently shallow enough for me. Also, of course, image quality can be better with FF but unless you are going to print huge the difference is unlikely to be noticed.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (629 comments in total)

Before you buy a Fuji X-Pro 1 I suggest you check out the sharpness of its wide angle Fujinon lens.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (629 comments in total)

Those making negative comments about Leica nearly always overlook the superiority of Leica lenses.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (629 comments in total)

I would love an M9-P. I am prepared to accept the limitations to get the superb Leica lenses. Just look on Fred Miranda reviews to see all the comments about having good or bad copies of Canon lenses (even their professional L series lenses).

A secondary advantage over most DSLRs is the small size of the Leica bodies and lenses.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview (749 comments in total)

I am very excited by the Fuji X-PRO1 - it may well be what I have been waiting for as long as the lenses are up to expectations. I like the size as it is substantial enough to hold steady. Very promising all round.

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Geoff-san: I don't really see the point. The M9 is not particularly large as it is and Leica has had a hand in m43 for some time. If they really want to jump into a smaller MILC system why not make a m43 body and more lenses? I guess I can answer my own question - who in m43 land would pay a massive premium for minimal body-based image improvement, just to have a red dot on it? Well probably a few people. A new system is not needed IMO though will probably appeal in small numbers to those after a prestige product.

its not the red dot people are after! Its the wonderful lenses, sharp corner to corner even wide open.

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ivan364537: The only nice thing about Leicas at this point is the absence of the aliasing filter. I was a huge fan of Leica and I used to own a large M6 system but since Photoshop and especially after the world went completely digital, the cameras matter much less than before. For my travels I'm getting a little Olympus E-P3 which will record beautiful images and if it gets stolen or damaged, I'll simply buy a new one.

What about the wonderful lenses? Sharp corner to corner even wide open!

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digby dart: Don’t be surprised to see Fuji associated with Leica system somewhere along the line, Fuji’s industrial might would be a fine association for camera sensor and lens manufacturing.

A format between aps-c and full frame makes a lot of sense especially with Fuji’s announced plans to take on Nikon for market share, something Leica would be keen to capitalize on.

Fuji has shown Leica what the x1 should have been by producing the x100, that would certainly not have gone unnoticed by Leica. Both parties would bring a lot to the market in a new venture. Time will tell.

The appeal of Leica to me is the very high quality of their lenses. If the new lenses are not made by Leica and to the same quality as their M-series lenses then I see little point in buying the proposed new camera.

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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opticaloptimum: The sad thing is that software cannot fix the X100's main weakness: that the lens is very soft when wide open, especially when focussed close. This is stated clearly in the DPReview review and is evident in the review's photo of a little girl, whose face is not sharp even though in the centre of the picture. What is the point of having a f2.0 lens if it cannot take sharp pictures? The main use of f2.0 for me would be portraits where the face is sharp but the background is out of focus. In my opinion the X100 fails in this respect. It seems that Fuji gave keeping the lens small priority over being sharp.

Thank you gava. This is helpful to me and I expect to others as well.

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