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For Anybody who complains how photoshop ruined photography I suggest a quick visit to the Metropolitain Museum in NYC and review the show " Faking it".
Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself and as we little more creative photographers know and live by its not for nothing that photo graphic translates into drawing with light (roughly).
Now there's just a different tool in the shed that sometimes some people overuse to compensate for the lack of skill.
I personally love the fakes as it introduces a little humor into such a severe catastrophe. Caricature is a great relieve, even as a photograph.
Obviously a news photograph has to live up to different standards, but as we all stop purchasing newspapers and magazines and they subsequently cut budgets and the creation of own and verified content we as a society are giving up on a independent, third party onserver that can report and keep tabs on world event and public figures.

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For those who question the existence of the camera, I have to say that I usually shoot Canon and occasionally Phase one on Hasselblad. This S body and the lenses are in another league. I had a whole kit for a commercial job last year and the image quality just blew me away.
In the right lighting. Conditions!
That's right, Bette than any Canon with fixed focal L glass, better than H system. But certainly not versatile. The moment I went over 320 ISO the whole file was nearly unusable, my 5D II blew all of them. But at 100ISO with nice light, aka studio or on a tripod the images are terrific with nice overhead to adjust and the lenses are outstanding.

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Camera: starting with the specs form the 5D III, 1DS series, i add: 110mpx for flawless 50" prints, sensitivity 25-12.000 ISO, 16bit or better capture, 2k video, 4-5" touch sensitive screen (iPhone size), built in WIFI, GPS, Pocket Wizard sync and ability to sync up to a 1/1000 or better (leaf shutter), weather sealed.
Could be in a larger body (C300, Mamiya RZ), but has weight in under 3lbs.
Has to connect to cell phones etc. for instant image transfer.
Pricing under US$10k
Lens f2.0-45, 35-90/120mm, leaf shutter, lockable tilt shift, image stabilization, auto zoom sun shade, equal or better than current L lenses, under 2lbs.
Pricing under $4k

Some of the specs existed at some point, like a built in PW remote, 16bit capture is standard on medium format backs for ever, the 6D has the WIFI and GPS capability, so none of this can be that hard. The lens has to be magic, a lot like the 85L, that's all.

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I personally can't wait to see a test on this lens. Some of my recent shots involve bery low light, long exposures, on the go. The IS on the 24-105 is great and makes shooting like this possible. But. I miss my 2.8 opening to actually see and hate switching primes all the time, which also slows me down a lot. My hopes are that this is as sharp as the new Canon 70-200 M II with equal IS correction, for which I would actually be happy to pay the asking price of Canons new 24-70 ( which I will get anyways, but that's me...)

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