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On article Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution: Updated Field Test (209 comments in total)

Pixel shift is just a mid-technology kludge, until higher resolutions image sensors become more affordable and mainstream. I would never rely on it, even for supposedly "static" scenes, since there is always some amount of movement in landscape scenes. What is needed is more dense sensors.

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1083 comments in total)
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VisualFX: How does this get better rating then Samsung NX1 that does 15fps, 4K, 205 Phase AF, 153 cross-type,etc, and fast AF of 0.055s, all two years ago?

The NX1 with battery grip has good battery life. Not in the 1000+ photos though that some pro cameras can do. Good enough for me. The NX1 is far from "dead", as long as the cameras and lenses work and are operational. Third party batteries are plentiful and can also use a USB power pack for video shoots.

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1083 comments in total)

How does this get better rating then Samsung NX1 that does 15fps, 4K, 205 Phase AF, 153 cross-type,etc, and fast AF of 0.055s, all two years ago?

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (271 comments in total)
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Arizona Sunset: The younger brother to the best APS-C camera ever made. Rest in peace little one.

It's not like the camera will just stop functioning. I plan to run mine and my lenses into the ground. Can always pick up a spare on ebay in the future.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (271 comments in total)
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DiveDeputy: No need to contact the company, it's we the "consumers" getting the flush once again, not that this was any kind of standout camera.
What's continually being eroded here is the buyers trust. Definitely no need for this 'hobbled design' that was unable to find the elusive market sweetspot . . . because there isn't one for in-bewtween design concepts.

Give us what we want!!!

I guess it didnt help that you didnt add your Samsung products to your user profile, nor have you been active on the forum in two months and never in the Samsung forum.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (271 comments in total)
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mugupo: I had this camera and disappointing no filmware update to fix very annoying problem with no always on flash function with the flash that come with the camera.

Flash is not always on. If it is down, it is off. If you retract it up, then it turns on.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (271 comments in total)
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PKDanny: Who buy Samsung NX system???? DPR buy?? LOL.

My NX500 is much better than my old Fuji X-E1 clunker. Even without viewfinder, I prefer NX500.

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On article Pride and joy: shooting the Olympus PEN-F in Austin (285 comments in total)
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tiberiousgracchus: Is that Steve Huff in the last photo ?? aha he is raving about this camera although his sample photos were not much to go by. . apart from the look of this camera not impressed by much else.

A lot of so-called "photographers" in Austin should just go work for the local camera store, Precision Camera. This would be better in the long term.

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Padaung: As a long term user of Aperture and now Lightroom for the past year (and from before both of those, Photoshop) I have found Exposure X has filled a gap in my needs for a photo editor (this is in response to a post asking if another image editing application was required).

For me, the need was speed. To be able to navigate directly to a folder containing images (raw or jpg) and be able to instantly make adjustments without having to progress through importing and rendering of previews is incredible and really useful. Editing is then a breeze and exporting of images is really quick too. I've not done any timed comparisons but it certainly 'feels' faster than Lightroom at exporting files.

The program has its limits in functionality and its image rendering does not match the quality of Lightroom and C1Pro but the speed is incredible.

So, for anyone needing to do quick and simple edits (crop, exposure tweaks, etc.) where speed is of the essence I can recommend Exposure X.

The problem with making adjustments directly in Exposure X, is there is no histogram! Major oversight! How can you tell if you clip highlights or crush blacks in Exposure?

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wishiwereaskibum: What's the likely timing to hear any official news on this subject? I Realize that no one can predict the future, but what are all your thoughts?

Jan 6th can't come soon enough. Unbelievable that Samsung doesn't announce something before the holidays.

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plasnu: Very welcome.Too many lens mount choice.

What? You talk about your MF lenses in another post and how you like mirrorless. There are never too many lens mount choices. At least it gives you a choice for your MF lenses, right?

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Timmbits: At these prices (and size), would you purchase a NX1 or a full-frame Sony?

For me, the answer is obvious.

If Samsung had made this a Full-Frame, they might not be at this point right now.

I would purchase the NX1. Even now if they are pulling out of the camera market, I would still take a NX1 over the FF Sony. FF is over-rated. There are pros/cons to aps-c and other size sensors too. Not everyone wants to lug around a large lenses dedicated to a FF sensor.

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Gesture: If Samsung retreats from APS-C, who stands to gain? Sony? Fuji? ??

Fuji will gain. I'll be going back to Fuji XF. They seem only ones dedicated to APS-C size sensors at this point.

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nfarrar: Ome site is reporting Samsung to announce the NX2 at CES! We can only hope!

Poor people that jumped ship for nothing and couldn't wait for CES 2016, like everyone else said to wait.

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RooksTemplar: Nothing really new yet , mirrorless rumors posted another teaser:
"THere is little doubt now that Samsungs camera business is fading out. And a couple of long time Samsung sources told me the Korean company will make a major statement at the CES event in early January. I have also been told to expect one major surprise!"

That quote has been posted for some time already. Nothing new.

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Sdaniella: if Samsung made an Android WiFi Galaxy DCI 4k FF (FX1?) version of its odd Android APSC 28mp NX1 (proprietary lens mount only), except with a Canon EOS EF/PL compatible mount, it would sell much faster than SONY's current A7-series FF mirrorless dcams ...

if they use similar (not exactly same) pixel size as NX1, the FX1 would be ...

=65,816,064 (65.8mp) ... which is deep into medium format (not everyone wants)

so, if one were to opt for much larger pixels, and have fewer megapixels,
28mp ... FF, that would be a nice start (for improved low light hi-ISO shooting than APSC 28mp)

or split:
go a bit higher: 32, 40, or 48 mp (can have a progression of mp choices)

they can concentrate on making more (Android WiFi) cameras
less on native lenses

Samsung uses it's own Tizen OS, not Android in these new cameras. Proprietary? Canon and Nikon have their own proprietary mounts. Everyone does. How about Canon support NX mount instead of Canon's proprietary mount?

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Peter62: Last year on Photokina in Cologne the NX1 was presented with huge effort - and now it's discontinued??

Come on, Samsung, that's ridiculous!

There is no official word that it has been discontinued. Samsung is pulling out of markets where they are not making money. EU, AUS, Canada.

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Mike FL: Samsung should know better that the camera market is all about dog eats dog.

Soon after NX1 was released, SONY reduced A7's price to $899 while Samsung had no reaction but still set NX1's street price 50% of higher than A7.

Now what? Basically, SONY eats Samsung alive.

SONY is a killer while Samsung is too weak to fight.

Are you serious? Sony A7 has nothing over the NX1. No 4K video, slower FPS, etc. The NX1 is still the better overall camera.

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On article Hands-on with Samsung's new NX500 (350 comments in total)

Excellent camera. I've been using it now for a month, and now have six NX lenses (non-S). Camera produces very sharp beautiful images. Plan to keep using it, even if Samsung quits photography business. 4K video very nice even if cropped. Cropped 4K comes in handy sometimes when you need to zoom in on something.

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Stokis: I was ready to buy NX500 when they announced that it will have 4k video, but later when NX500 tests were taken it was revealed that it can handle 4k only in crop mode. So i bought Panasonic LX100.
But if NX500 would be able to shoot 4k with whole sensor it would be a blast.

Sounds like you want something without paying extra. The NX500 has a lower spec processor in it, so it's not going to be able to use the whole sensor for video. The NX500 is now on sale for $500. Excellent price for such a feature-rich camera.

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