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cdembrey: Normal people still like photos.They just don't like cameras! For them a smart-phone, and maybe an Instax, is all they want or need.

Very Serious Photo Enthusiasts still love gear. If your camera isn't aimed at the VSPE market, they won't sell in high volume.

That's ironic, because a lot of people here seem to love cameras but like photos less! ;-)

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Donnie G: Unfortunately for the camera makers, photographer wannabes have finally figured out that smartphones and selfie sticks are all that 90% of them want or need. Serious enthusiasts need to get use to the idea that their gear is going to become a lot more expensive to buy. If you don't like where camera prices are at now, just wait, because they're about to go even higher. The good news is that you can still catch a fire sale on some great kits that aren't selling fast enough if you're patient. :))

Heck, smartphone makers are only just now getting around to putting in decent front camera sensors.

Too bad selfie sticks are a new thing, otherwise Fuji could have done a nice Fuji X selfie stick with classic styling.

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The guy that came up with the concept for the X100, Fuji should give that guy a bonus.That really set the tone for the X line.

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LJ - Eljot: I like to have this for Contax/Yashica-Mount to m4/3.

Most will just use a C/Y to Canon EF adapter along with this, although I understand the desire for a native C/Y solution. The good thing is EF mount has pretty small flange distance so many mounts can be adapted to it (M42, Leica R, etc.)

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Petroglyph: I get it is a limited edition and technically rare. Plus who doesn't want portraits where the eyebrows are in sharp focus but the ears are part of the bokeh and the nose is OOF.

Speak for yourself, I welcome the ability to pick out which specific eyelash I want to be in focus! ;-)

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Review (478 comments in total)
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TomZacc: What is the photo Naming convention for the G7? I have thousands of pictures from my G3, and I am curious if there will be any conflicts. Being that it's the same brand does the G7 use the same RAW/JPG naming convention as the older models? My G3 was up to _1080266/P1080266.

I know with the Fuji cameras, if there are existing images on the card the camera will just pick up with the next number after that (for the file names). So it might be possible to tweak the Panasonic cameras in the same way to not interfere with your existing image library.

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On article Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body (385 comments in total)

If you are taking a moderate focal length photo and the subject is in the center, it would be interesting if the camera used image data from the telephoto sensors to enhance detail/sharpnesses of the central area of the photo. It would be like taking 2 separate images with a standard camera, downsizing the resolution of the telephoto image, and then blending it into the wider angle photo to enhance the IQ of the overlapping part.

I don't necessarily want 52 MP images all the time, but really high quality 16 or 20MP images would be interesting.

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On article Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body (385 comments in total)

This is a very interesting concept and I want to learn more. But I have to say this video does an absolutely terrible job of showing why the L16 exists, what the 16 individual sensors do for you, and why it's better than existing alternatives. I guess it's more of a 'lifestyle' type ad, still not a very good one.

Okay, below falconeyes posts a video to a much better video-

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 (496 comments in total)
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Felice62: I am quite happy with my g6 and I am not attracted by the 4k capabilities of the g7. What is the margin the g7 has over the g6 in terms of image quality in the range of sensitivity between 1600 and 3200 ISO with its new sensor? If it achieves 1 stop better performance it might appeal me. Else I'll keep my g6.

He is not taking into account that for certain types of photography, a high speed burst mode is invaluable. Sports is a great example, especially when you don't know what is exactly going to happen and thus can't anticipate what the best moment (or moments) are going to be.

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On Connect post Google to phase out Google+ Photos (35 comments in total)
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Salah: I really like Google+ platform, however it didn't catch the social media stream for some reasons. Google Photos is half backed solution. It should come with something bold so people can start using it.

The unlimited storage is a pretty good feature. There are limits on resolution, but for most people this is like unlimited backup of every digital photo they've ever taken, all easily accessible on their smartphone.

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On article Lytro ILLUM and Desktop software get major updates (36 comments in total)
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DStudio: When Lytro released their first camera it was written off by many as a gimmick. But I think the company's shown they are serious.

Rosenthal clearly believes in this vision, and it's slowly coming into focus for consumers.

And with this new update, their vision is rapidly coming into focus!!

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Absolutely harrowing subject, but a wonderful feature article.

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On article A Compact PEN: Olympus Stylus SH-2 Hands-on (150 comments in total)
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BobT3218: Who buys point and shoot cameras when phones are just as good? They should have put their design resources into real cameras.

A long zoom with 5-Axis IBIS and 1080p video can be pretty handy for travel and family events (I wouldn't pay $400 for one though, I use a cheap old Sony HX20V.)

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Menneisyys: IMHO, it's a bit early to decide between the two models. After all, we don't really know whether the LX100 delivers at least as good image as the 12-32 at overlapping aperture ranges. If it doesn't, then, it'll be IMHO a far worse choice. If it does and has even acceptable-to-good IQ wide open, then, it may be a much better choice.

All this doesn't take for example 4K video into account. That IS a major advantage over the GX7.

Yeah, I think the entire comparison can be boiled down to- LX100 is cheaper than GX7 + 12-35mm lens combo (or 12-32 if size is more important to you than aperture.) But we can't really evaluate it until we know how good the LX100 lens is. My guess is that it will be roughly a performance match to these lenses.

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MrAndyC: I've looked at a few of these on 500px. They're fun, but agree, a little underwhelming for what everyone is always touting as a 'game changing' technology.

I do get the idea of a living image though. Even with conventional stills from the latest full frame cameras - I love navigating around the image and finding new elements and details. It's immersive. Still photography has to evolve and innovate before it's consumed by video. The Panasonic GH4 gives 8MP stills from video.

I'd like to see this more play in the perspective shift here (where you click, hold and drag). Whether that's possible I'm not sure. Plus combining this with stereoscopic 3D would be cool (another technology that's failed to really get off the ground, although I and many others are advocates).

I think this type of imaging is ideally viewed on a large HDTV screen, where the lower resolution won't matter. Re-focusing is only part of the interactivity to me, the perspective shift is reall cool IMO (I also wish there was a wider range of shift.) You see these sorts of effects in movies and documentaries, in which the ideal medium is also a large video screen. It makes the images more dynamic, and might be a cool way to experience your vacation or personal photos- it just makes the image seem like a living moment somehow (I don't know if that feeling is more novelty factor than lasting impact though.)

If the Illum cost $599, there would probably be a wider market for it, if marketed well. We'll see where the technology goes, and if economies of scale can gradually bring that price down.

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On Preview:nikon-1-v3 (432 comments in total)
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quezra: Nikon's main problem is demographic: Its biggest N1 fans are those who got extremely good value price-slashed V1 bodies that allowed them to fall in love with the camera. Unfortunately, each new model in the line appears to want to hike the price back to their original market strategy, thus alienating their supporters, who simply won't buy the camera until it comes down again.

They also appear to be oblivious to what the competition is doing. No one is selling EPL-5s or NEX-5s or NX200s or EOS-Ms in this price bracket. If you want to compete in this price bracket, EVF comes standard, usually fixed on. That also means a full feature set with enthusiast level controls: all standard, not additional add-ons that bring the entire kit into the price range of FF cameras. Clearly it is designed to drop in price but by splitting off accessories they hope they can retain some margins elsewhere since their bodies can't sell except at throwaway prices.

@wkeller- the fast normal (50mm equivalent) Nikon 1 lens is actually the 18.5mm f/1.8, which costs under $200 and is a great lens.

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 at 19:57 UTC
On article A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens (173 comments in total)

Reading the article does give me more appreciation for this Lomography lens. It seems to me that the appeal is only partly about the imaging characteristics (which can be achieved in other ways for less), and more about the history and heritage of this lens (which I was not previously aware.)

It should come with a top hat and matching overcoat.

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On article Nikon 1 V3: Real-world Sample Images (175 comments in total)
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nerd2: I am really puzzled who Nikon is aiming this system at with that sky high prices.

V3 body - $1200
32mm f1.2 portrait lens - $899 (which works like 85mm f3.5 on FF)
10-100 f4-5.6 VR - $549 (which works like 27-270 10x zoom)
30-110 f3.8-5.6 - $249 (which works like 80-300 zoom)

This system may make sense for outdoor sports shooting if nikon released lightweight, affordable f2.0 or f2.8 telephoto lens but all the zoom lens they have is SLOW f5.6 ones!

There are looking to cannabilize Leica T sales.

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On article Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future (142 comments in total)
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samfan: I think I understand what it's about, I just don't think it's interesting. Sure, you can interact with the photos in a way, but I just didn't find it very engaging on those um, living pictures on the Lytro site (both samples and from users).

Maybe someone will find ways to make this interesting, but so far, I'm not seeing it. And yes, I know, I may sound like someone who dismissed photography for not being a painting. It doesn't mean that everything new has potential. When we get actual holography, that will be interesting. I find even 3D much more interesting than most people (for videos). Lytro - not really. At least their first camera was cheap.

Also, so they sacrificed angular resolution for linear resolution? Maybe that depth information isn't such a big deal after all. Maybe in the 3rd version we'll end up with 'normal' resolution and only 2-3 focal planes.

I think the interactivity could be interesting on a large HDTV display, where the somewhat lower effective resolution won't be an issue. I wish there was a little more perspective shift.

The panning/focusing/perspective shift are all reminisecent of how still photos are presented in documentaries to make them more 'alive'. This technology has the same sort of effect.

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On article Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future (142 comments in total)

I like the perspective shift, in combination with the re-focusing ability. I think images from this camera will ideally be presented on a big HDTV, not on a computer screen or in print. And for most general consumers, this actually could work well.

The price is very high, if they can eventually get the next version down to $600 I think it has potential as a new medium.

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