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Miki Nemeth: By December Sony will announce A7Sii with ISO 16 million for $2500, IBIS, EF (via Metabones) support, 4K internal with a FF BSI sensor being developped these days. Even today pros use A7S for low light a hell lot. No chance for Canon to kick A7S position for low-light videography.

@Rishi: Vice news was using the A7s for their reportage of "The War Against Boko Haram". That isn't meant to support any sort of position, just thought you might find it interesting.

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On Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners article (481 comments in total)
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desaint: Oh my freaking g#d...a lot of people complaining here..10 dollar a month three beers less and you are there.
I'ts a ver expensive product to make,you pay thousands of dollars on camera gear but you don't want to pay for your software??
Normal you have to buy it once in the three years and now you pay monthly,i think at the end it's about the same...
And for the illegal downloaders there is enough other software builders you can
use for"free"and then can complain about it:)

If you think your photos are being held hostage, then you don't get technology....

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lorenzo de medici: Rishi is a fine photographer, and optically the lens appears to be excellent. I'm just not a fan of close up portraits, or wide angle shots with a shallow DOF. So while I commend Sigma for producing a unique product, it's not one that I would buy or use.

A wide aperture on a lens has benefits not related to DOF. The wide aperture feeds more light to the AF system and makes the view in the viewfinder brighter.

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On Sony adds XAVC S and high bitrate video to a6000 article (182 comments in total)
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lacikuss: Maybe this is the signal that they are not launching the A7000 this summerr?

No i think it's about bringing the A6000 in-line with their other current cameras. I believe they also added the video specs to the A77ii, RX10, and RX100mk3 by firmware. I think people had been surprised they hadn't done so with the A6000 at the same time as those.

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1272 comments in total)
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tmurph: Just had a thought, something to do when watching news items on TV.
Look out for press photographers using this camera instead of a DSLR...

I don't know if it was strictly for video or also used for stills, but vice news was using the A7s in their coverage of the war against the boko haram.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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Eric Hensel: I'm amazed at the number of people that wonder where the cheap FE lenses are. Why would you use cheap lenses on a modern FF sensor?

I think that people take for granted the fact that a majority of Canon and Nikon's cheap full frame lenses are hold overs from their film cameras. Being on top of the market means they move enough volume to offer things for less.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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TriezeA72: More would switch over to Sony's if they had a decent line of native primes.

They do if you shoot A-mount....

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On Canon issues product advisory for Rebel T6i/T6s article (141 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Nikon's oil splatter and focus issues were first noticed by disgruntled users so Nikon ignored them. Canon's issue was posted "front-page" by a large renter/retailer of camera equipment. It's no wonder they acted so fast. Also, the Canon issue was far more noticeable and provable.

If it had just been only random users they might have taken longer to respond. They could have blamed user error for a bit. I think the fact that a well known figure who's business is heavily involved in camera maintenance played a part in them saying something sooner.

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nandbytes: well done Sony for updating already plenty fast 24-70 and 16-35mm lenses. Ok I can even somewhat comprehend a faster 24-70mm but a faster 16-35mm!? really!?

The sony zeiss 85mm and 135mm are still screw driven the SSM update would have been lot more sensible for those lenses or may be the 16-80mm or may be the whole range of minolta lenses?

An SSM beercan works be nice....

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tabloid: If I put the 16-35mm on my A65, what do i get.
Im after the sweet spot.

You'd get a sweet 24-50mm equivalent view. I've seen some already using the original on their APS-C bodies as a standard lens....

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On Sony FE 28mm F2 samples gallery posted article (99 comments in total)
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Photoman: I think I will stick to my Minolta 28/2.8. A lot of distortion in this lens.

Note: there is a Minolta AF 28mm f/2.8 and a Minolta AF 28mm f/2 .....

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AlexisH: "On March 27, Samyang and Rokinon teased a new lens on the Samyang Facebook page"

I don't see any mention of Rokinon on that page. Why would Rokinon even be involved in the announcement of a Samyang lens? They're just rebranding Samyang lenses, they don't have anything to do with their design or manufacture.

Samyang/Bower/Rokinon are all the same company.

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Exactly what i was thinking....

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On CP+ 2015: Sony shows off new technology article (216 comments in total)
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tommy leong: does A6000 come with 4D AF now?
Is it on the market now or is this testing some yet to release technology ?

That's what they call the AF systems in the A6000, A5100, and A77mk2....

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On Real-world samples: Sony Alpha 7 II in Kauai article (227 comments in total)
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DStudio: The camera looks fine. Perhaps still not getting as much out of their own sensors as Nikon and Pentax do, but good enough. Especially considering almost any lens can be mounted with image stabilization.

It's the lenses I'm not convinced about. I'm not sure these FE-mount lenses match up to their excellent A-mount counterparts - the 16-35 and 70-200/2.8 lenses. I realize these lenses cost a little less, but they're still expensive enough. And at f/4, they'd better cost less! But they should still come close in image quality, and I'm afraid they don't. This is unacceptable in my view, considering how great many of Sony's other lenses are.

It seems like they release an updated body about every six weeks. Perhaps it's time to let us know how serious they are about the FE mount by concentrating on producing lenses people will still want in 2020.

Isn't it more like 4th?

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On Samyang launches 135mm f/2.0 lens for stills and video article (151 comments in total)
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ddtwenty: No Image Stabilizer?

What year is this? 1970?

Sony A-mount also has stabilization in the body, however you can usually find a good copy of the Minolta AF 135mm f/2.8 for about half the price of this one.

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CanonKen: The Sony a9R is here...

The Phase One IQ250 uses a 50mp Sony CMOS sensor....

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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JRFlorendo: Hopefully these FW updates will find its way to professional sporting events like FIFA, NFL, MLB, F1,.....as of now you'll find large majority of A77 bodies in high school gyms used by high schoolers and soccer moms, unlike 7D II, no road rage please, I'm just stating facts. But hey, A77 II has super uber butt kicking sensor right, HOORAY!

It could happen. ...


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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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SRHEdD: As an old Nikon guy, after my D600 flaked and D800 had white spots, I jumped ship. This is a great camera, and for a change I actually HAVE a camera that gets a great firmware upgrade! As good as it WAS, it is very noticeably faster now! You get so many creative hardware scenarios with Sony, and they have the lenses I need. Not as many as Canikon to be sure, but very nice lenses in my wheelhouse. The 16-50/2.8 is a great kit zoom, but a little heavy. And having an A6000 as a second kit, using the same flashes, microphones, etc. is very satisfying (I can even share lenses with a LA-EA4!). Even my Sony P/S uses the same basic menus and I can add a mic to its hotshoe on a windy day. That's three different formats/mounts using shared kit. THAT'S how to build a system. Great job Sony! I'm with you for the long haul! ...Now to get that new A7ii to fill out my bag!

@karlwunsch: I get what you're saying, but following the user experience over the past several months people have seemed rather thrilled with the AF performance as it was at release. It wasn't really something people seemed to be looking for and I think most of us in the A-mount forum were rather surprised by the firmware announcement.

In addition, they also added the XAVC codec for video recording, which is what was referred to above.

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Marcus Antonius: If you look closely at the header photo, you can clearly see that he mirrored the image. There is also some obvious purple fringing going on in several places. Also the sky seems manipulated. What does that tell me? That this is a bad photo? No, but i would not classify this image as an interesting photo entry, let alone a serious winning contender for an award.

Actually I just checked the center corner. It appears to be digitally misaligned, so I think you're right.

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