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    What's "Google"? LOL!
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    What does "meh" stand for? I see it all the time.
  • Commented on freya in the VSCO FILM 00 challenge


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    That's cool. Tell me what i'm doing wrong. I get my photos posted but there are no real options. Just collections. It's like putting photos on a big blank page.
  • Created discussions Google Photos
    Has anyone tried Google Photos? I tried it today and found it to be a pretty much frustrating, confusing, and basically clumsy experience.
  • I don't get it. Now it's working, what Redcrown suggested. Not sure what I did or didn't do previously. I did have ALT pressed down, too, the entire time.
  • Uh, like no. Yeah, ALT gave me OPEN COPy. But then the ORF file still needed to be closed and/or saved and I've still got an XMP file attached.
  • Created discussions another RAW newbie question
    I recently installed CS6 and upgraded my RAW 9.0 to accommodate my EM-1 and EM-5. I've posted about my learning curve previously. Now I have another question. When I open an ORF file, do the ...
  • Yes, this is closer to what I'm familiar with and I can more easily flow with it. This and the other approach you suggested get me closer to the mark but not entirely. It gives me something ...
  • As stated in my OP, I know where the "curves" option is and I wouldn't even bother addressing a pic if it hadn't been shot correctly. As to what I'm doing with the PS levels, I'm simply addressing ...
  • Created discussions RAW help part 2
    Well, I managed to update and can now use all RAW files from my newer cameras (Camera RAW 9.0). Old habits, however, die hard. Olympus cameras have the distinction of usually getting things right ...
  • It's a simple question.
  • Created discussions Cocaine HCL
    Is Cocaine HCL, pharmaceutical coke a powder, a liquid, what? Can it be ingested or does it need to be thinned out? Who is licensed to carry or stock it?
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    Hmmm---what's Adobe CC? Again, my wife installs, I obey, follow. It makes for less hassles in the big tower PC we share. So, again, Adobe CC? Wha dat? I tend to shy and hide when it comes to all ...
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    Thanks! But this too must be done by the wife. In the meantime, wouldn't it be better to just go DNG? Just tried my G3 and the RAW in this works with CS6. Older generation.
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    Good question. All downloads and uploads with software on our PC are the domain of my more tech savvy wife. I'll have to ask her. She installed our PS6.
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    Cool but the drop down goes to a non-active (not bolded) "updates". It can't be used.
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    Yeah, I've seen this, it's on the PS support page.  I'm watching the video on DNG. I still don't get why backward compatibility will work for a 2010 camera model and not for  2013 and 2014 models. ...
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    I go to help, I go to Camera Plug-in, it takes me to RAW and brings up a logo and then nothing. If I click on the logo it disappears.
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    It's a no go with my EM-5 too.
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