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  • Created discussions NYC rent laws
    NYC rent laws. Anyone here an expert on them? Or, more specifically the incremental rent laws back during the 80's?
  • Bango! That's the word! THANKS!!!!!! :-):-)
  • I think you're right. But knob just sounds more appropriate. Hey, even these "knobs" are obsolete, legacy stuff.
  • But a hook was on the old vertical phones. I'm talking about the table phone, the receiver is set down in its cradle and the two receiver knobs are at either end.
  • Created discussions telephone knob question
    What the heck is the name of those two little receiver knobs on old phones, you know the things you would press down if you wanted to stop a call, the things that get pressed down when you lay ...
  • The website has no info on how things were set up in the 70's. No surprise. My question's been answered, thanks for all the replies! (By the way, I was at Disneyland the year Disney told Krushev he ...
  • 70's wasnt it? I went to Disneyland in the 50's when it first opened.
  • Created discussions Disney World question
    Has there always been just a general theme park entry fee that covers all the rides or is that a recent thing? Was it in effect in the 1980's?
  • Last I knew the EM-5 (first model) has 5-axis IS.
  • Really? Only option I saw was to do it manually. Tell me more...
  • I've had basically good results with both on---save for moving targets. Here it's 50-50.
  • Created discussions O.I.S. and I.S. at same time
    Does anyone else here use the Panny O.I.S. and Olympus I.S. at same time? I switch lenses a lot and always forget to shut one of them off. Or does it matter? I never saw that it does so I went ...
  • Replied in "meh"
    What's "Google"? LOL!
  • Created discussions "meh"
    What does "meh" stand for? I see it all the time.
  • Commented on freya in the VSCO FILM 00 challenge


  • Replied in Google Photos
    That's cool. Tell me what i'm doing wrong. I get my photos posted but there are no real options. Just collections. It's like putting photos on a big blank page.
  • Created discussions Google Photos
    Has anyone tried Google Photos? I tried it today and found it to be a pretty much frustrating, confusing, and basically clumsy experience.
  • I don't get it. Now it's working, what Redcrown suggested. Not sure what I did or didn't do previously. I did have ALT pressed down, too, the entire time.
  • Uh, like no. Yeah, ALT gave me OPEN COPy. But then the ORF file still needed to be closed and/or saved and I've still got an XMP file attached.
  • Created discussions another RAW newbie question
    I recently installed CS6 and upgraded my RAW 9.0 to accommodate my EM-1 and EM-5. I've posted about my learning curve previously. Now I have another question. When I open an ORF file, do the ...
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