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  • DPR, the focal length oof this SH-1 is 25-600, not 28-600mm as mentioned above.

    Thank you for fixing it.

  • DPR, the focal length of this SH-1 is 25-600, not 28-600mm as mentioned above. (600 / 24 = 25)

    Thank you for fixing it.

  • I really only see the water color effect at ISO 800 in the man's face. If you don't pixel peep and look at the overall picture, the images are impressive with sharpness and color accuracy, even at...

  • Replied in A610
    Amazing shot, really. I really like the first one with the lighting of the lamp post on the building. Almost like being there. No grain whatsoever, so clear! At which ISO was that one taken? Thanks.
  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview

    Nice overall but about 120% over saturation in colours and contrast.

    Would have to tweak the settings to get something more natural and realistic.

    Also, the white balance is off in some pictures,...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    DPR, please fix, in the last paragraph of page 12, the word "and" to an, in "... an essential feature".

    Thank you DPR.

  • So if I understand well this time, this shows that your lens is as sharp in all 4 corners as it is sharp in the center. Pretty impressive lens , especially at F1.2. thanks!
  • kenw wrote: JeanPierre Thibaudeau wrote: Call me stupid but I've rarely seen blurrier pictures than these. What's wrong with your lens? It looks like you're shooting at ISO 25,600 . Can you...
  • Really beautiful and pure. Can you explain the lighting coming from above the flower? Was it the moon, by any chance?
  • Call me stupid but I've rarely seen blurrier pictures than these. What's wrong with your lens? It looks like you're shooting at ISO 25,600 . Can you explain your wow? Thank you. Jean-Pierre
  • Not bad, not bad at all. Great high ISO performnce.

    I predict that the G1X Mk II will be a huge success around the world.

    I may even buy one.

  • phrenzy wrote: Is it just a higher mp version of the e-1 or is it just a relative in the sense that it's also a Kodak ccd? Does it produce similar tones and contrast? I really really like the e-1...
  • Replied in Yes, but...
    Jim N'AZ wrote: Nice to see this thread come up. I, too, have the venerable 650 and many fond memories of walks with it and the simple task of taking decent images w/o fuss or muss. My issue is...
  • ambercool wrote: Was the E-400 the last Kodak sensor? Yes it was the last Olympus DSLR to have a Kodak sensor, the only one to have a 10 Mp. I was lucky to be able to buy one 3 years ago. The...
  • Replied in A610
    BIJ001 wrote: I had an A610 which I liked with very much and drove the 10,000 image counter around at least 5 or 6 times until at the end it developed a sticking shutter beyond economic repair. If...
  • Thank you for all your input, it confirms that this is a truly great camera, despite the old design. I took a hundred shots with it today and I can say that this is the best compact camera I have...
  • I just bought a used A650 IS (model from 2007) and I was wandering if anyone still use and like their A650. It was in very good condition and for $70 I could not resist. Especially after looking at...
  • Thank you for your answers. But now I am really wandering about the advantages of the 10mm lens versus the 10-30mm, considering the latter is stabilized and also very sharp. All you gain, really,...
  • Simple question: is the Nikon 1 10mm F2.8 lens stabilized? Thank you.
  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview

    I think theres a mistake on page 14 of the EM1 review, when comparing EM1 with EM5, right above the yellow pencils in the 3rd group of images: both columns indicates EM1 ISO 6400....

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