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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Have you happened to watch one Mr Bean's episode in which R. Atkinson plays a janitor at an art gallery who accidentally drops some paint over a canvas and instantly becomes a famous painter? And then he works hard and produces a perfect, ultra-realistic painting of some cute kittens and everybody turns their back on him after seeing that painting? Well, Mr. Marom's pictures never fail to bring me that episode to mind. They remind me of the painting Mr Bean thought of as "perfect". And, just like the purported painter's audience, I turn my back on them. This is beautifully executed, but hollow and uninteresting. At least that's how I find it. I know I'll get negative replies for this, but hey - it's my opinion.

Why do you think you will get negative replies?
Any one who needs a validation of your opinion might check the photos you uploaded in your gallery

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Neodp: The retro look (nice concept) is lacking a certain beauty, in this rendition; to my eye.

Mainly, on the one hand, it's OK to make a non-video version. Where's the video version?

On the other hand, it's a stark lack; of doing what a camera maker needs to do. Innovate. Video is a given, and if DSLR designs do not solve video issues, and learn a better way to do it, without hindering stills (I understand this is technically challenging); then we are dealing with a subordinate company. One that's going the wrong way.


Really? How many DSLR's you know that come without video?
(not the old models)

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marike6: By some of the comments about below like the "many consider the GH2 better" I get the impression some are not really sure what the Black Magic Cameras are capable of. So here a quick look at a travel type video:


What a great video! Do you use a tripod or some kind of support for the stability? There is almost no shake. And of course, the resolution (but that's on the camera). Anyway, very nice. Wish I could do such things.

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview (492 comments in total)

does it have HDR?

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I went through the specs. It doesn't seem to have HDR capabilities, right?

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Timmie: "Major layoffs" <---> 5 people


They have 6 people in the "company", and one of them is director of communications. They have then a CEO, a CFO, a HR Person, someone answering the phones, so there's like 1 or 2 programmers left to do any real work....

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