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XZ-1 have perfect OLED display,
XZ-2 have LCD display!! this is big step back! WHY??
XZ-2 is bigger and heavier than XZ-1(and also from back look odd , realy nasty "STYLUS" word under screen and strip on the left side of screen)
Only real improvment i can see is, in the grip and slightly better sensor.
I have to wait next 2 Years for XZ-3 and hope in realy improvment over my XZ-1.

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On Canon Powershot S110 Preview preview (107 comments in total)
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ennemkay: the lx and xz cameras have the same sensor and much better lenses. and the rx100 has a much better sensor and lens and similar pocketability. if it's priced more than $299 why would anyone but canon devotees buy an s110?

LX have similar senzor(but croped) like S100(110) but XZ-1 is two clases below panassonic canon standart.

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SNKR: When my G12 died after only 18 months and Canon asked for $200 just to repair a known problem (lens stuck), I went on and bought a OM-D E-M5. Now seeing this disappointing G15, I am quite happy that I went with a much better line of ambitious amateur cameras.

18 months?? Me in Europe have minimum guarantee 24 months!!!
I`m from Czech republic and sometimes I get guarantee40 months for free!

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Nko Gonzalvis: This is an AMAZING small camera, like the OMD E-M5 but other range !!!

PLEASE! Tell my what is amazing about this cameras!!!
Please please!!

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On Canon Powershot G15 Preview preview (246 comments in total)
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Class Four: I took some pics. of an Elk in the brush. I was in there with him. I had to lift the camera over my and and use the articulated screen on my G11. Without the tilt screen, I doubt I would have gotten the shot. Also shot some unusual small flowers in the Alpine zone on a mountian. Again needed the tilt screen. I bet the G16 has an eye cup and a tilt screen. Probably left off on purpose so they have easy upgrade for next year. So I guess I'm waitng a year. I've got and SX40 HS, T3i, 60d and 7d. The onlly camera I took pictures with on vacation was the G11 (in raw) and the shots came out great after a little fine tunning in PhotoShop.

And they need to bring back the ISO dial. I use that all the time.

I have A630 vith tilt screen and I used it five times(I guess).
But I praise for beter viewving angles oh my screen, this is for my shooting situations more helpfull.

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