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On Samsung announces pricing for Android-based Galaxy NX camera news story (148 comments in total)
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Ferling: For that price it should have a hand-carved, wooden grip, complete with a gold plated logo.

And that costs $7000. No way you're getting that kind of luxury for a measly $1600.

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On Samsung announces pricing for Android-based Galaxy NX camera news story (148 comments in total)

I started typing a couple different replies ... but there's really nothing I can think of to say. $1600. Wow.

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On Sony A3000 preview (678 comments in total)
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qwertyasdf: Weird...while Oly and Panny makes DSLR styled bodies their flagship modle...Sony makes it their budget model...

Anyways, at $400, I think it's extremely competitive.

Panasonic also does the G series, which is fairly low priced. I think this is what this genre needs ... manufacturers have been trying to sell p&s upgraders on a big p&s assuming they want the point & shoot experience with better IQ. This camera addresses those who want a (more) DSLR-like experience (at least a body they can hold with two hands and put up to their eye, especially if they're over 40 and not wearing their reading glasses). When a consumer looks at entry level DSLRs for $550 versus entry level ILCs that look like their old point & shoot with a lens strapped on, the ILC looks like it doesn't offer much for the money. A built in EVF is long overdue in this market segment.

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On Tyra Banks makes cinemagrams fashionable post (15 comments in total)

Why not just use video ?

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On Is the snapshot dead? post (70 comments in total)
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alatchin: I am going to say he has slightly missed the point... In fact to go out on a limb, most people discussing this seem to have missed it.

Traditionally photography was about documenting the now, but the very nature of the medium meant the sharing was delayed and volume was restricted by cost. Polaroid changed this to some degree but costs and transmission still played a limiting role in the sharing and created a delay.

Digital photography started to break this down, however cellphones have broken all the previous barriers to sharing and volume. We can share everything now, and do it immediately, we get feedback just as fast and right to the palm of our hand.

What this has done to photography, and this is the most important part, it has changed it from a view of the past (a week ago, a month ago, 50 years ago) to the vast majority of images being about today, now, this second... What have we lost? The nostalgia connected to the majority of our images, and a connection to the past.

Interesting points. However, it focuses too much on the immediacy and not enough on the volume. The immediacy brings about a change in how we view photos and sure, some might be nostalgic for photos viewed later rather than now. But what we've lost is the significance associated with snapshots that took more time and effort and cost to share. I'm sure you can get on any sharing site and find plenty of "good" snapshots and make a case that there are more good snapshots being produced today than in the past. The trouble is separating the wheat from the chaff. Gone are the days when someone would show you a picture and you could assume it meant something. If you're a parent, you'll remember the days of your child incessantly chattering "mom/dad, look at me/watch me". Now we have tweens, teens and grown ups all saying "look at me" a dozen times a day. It's not "view of the past" versus "view of now" - it's "view of something worth a snapshot" versus "too much information".

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1202 comments in total)
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Andrew Butterfield: Suddenly I don't want a Sony NEX6 any more

An interesting comparison ... $850 versus $1000 and m43 versus APS-C (difference in both size and aspect ratio). Panasonic will have IBIS and the tilting EVF and a different lineup of available lenses (better for my tastes). And then you have features & usability. They compete well with each other, I think.

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On SmugMug launches totally redesigned website news story (75 comments in total)

I've been on smugmug for several years. I have some outdated photos for public showing, but use it extensively to share photos in a restricted way (private galleries for friends and password-protected galleries for school families). It's been a great way to share photos, but the presentation has gotten a little 'tired'.

I've got a partial redesign done (you can work on a site revision while smugmug continues to present your unchanged original site to viewers) and so far, I really like it. It takes a little poking around to see how to do some things, but I'm getting something that I thought I'd never bother to do because I'd never take the time to research how to customize my site through html and css. Most of the work is reorganizing, which I needed to do, having nothing to do with smugmug changes.

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer news story (156 comments in total)

I can see someone trying to do this as a fun, geeky exercise. Crowd sourcing ? You can buy a used SLR that's not limited to 1/60s for $20 on eBay. My daughter picked up an Olympus SLR with a 50/1.8 lens for me at a yard sale for $5. Using this amazing new technology to recreate inferior versions of things that we have in (over)abundance seems like a waste of time, technology and natural resources.

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audijam: There should be a Gear Analysis Syndrome too. People analyze gear based on what they think/hear/read and make conclusions without actually owning/touching/using/experiencing it. Some of them probably don't even own a camera or turn on AUTO once a camera is in their hands......don't need to prove I am false becasue you know there is plenty of this kind out there and you might know one or two.

And I was just going to ask what to call someone like me who doesn't want to acquire gear, but simply likes learning about it, finding out what's new, debating the merits of this or that, etc. Gear Analysis Syndrome seems like as good a term as any.

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“We’ve centralized our ideas around cameras but can change our approach to offer products to that bigger market.”
“We want to create a product that will change the concept of cameras. It could be a non-camera consumer product.”
“Rapid expansion of mobile devices is a change in business environment given to us. Our task going forward is to find an answer to that change.”

Sounds like they're more than ready to produce something revolutionary. As soon as they figure out what it is.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 8, 2013 at 20:32 UTC as 50th comment | 1 reply
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Njphoto1: The new sensor certainly has an impressive spec with the dual pixel Af and is an good advancement in technology. Thank you canon for trying to push the sensor tech once again after so many years; but has it come to late and is it enough to hold back the competition? Personally i would have preferred canon to focus on more dynamic range and colour depth as well as the new on chip Af. can't have everything though right...

Anyway, i have to disagree with this comment - "It really takes DSLR shooting and filmmaking to a whole new level." It does for canon but overall, not really when comparing it to other manufactures... take Sony for instance; back in 2010 Sony created a camera that has full time Af even in video mode with TMT (for their slr style cameras) and still is known for having the best LV performance even in their mirrorless range (their evf still needs working on but that's another story).

Shame to say it but canon you seem to be a couple of years behind everyone else. Give us something to really shout about!

But despite Sony's lead, filmmakers are using Canon and not Sony DSLRs. So it does change filmmaking. (To the extent that filmmakers actually want to use AF ... that I can't answer).
It's one thing to introduce technology. Another to introduce technology and then sell it.
Another issue is that Canon has a much broader array of lenses that are more suitable for video.

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Gesture: But the more you look at this, it makes the argument (like Sony) for a fixed mirror, i.e. the pellicle mirror solution. Either view should have equal capability and always be on.

Other way around. The SLT was always an interim fix, with PDAF-on-sensor the final destination. There's no reason Canon couldn't have done an EVF (like Sony has) instead of the OVF. That's what Sony is probably heading towards with their next iteration. That would have been simpler/cheaper for Canon as they've already implemented the LV bit and need to replace the OVF, mirror and primary PDAF array with the EVF.
Canon seems quite adverse to the EVF, though ... it would have made loads of sense in the G1X.

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid news story (222 comments in total)
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DPReview007: OK, so this one was clearly designed by marketing people, not photographers. It was designed to sell, not to take great photos. Two astounding choices:
- they crammed 16 Megapixels on a 28mm2 sensor... Ahhhmmm
- they crammed a 10x zoom into it...

It'll basically give you the same image quality as a crappy little "super zoom" compact...

Let's hope Nokia, Sony and Google Nexus (i.e. Nikon) will make more intelligent choices when they show their hands later this summer / year.

Thankfully, 2013 will be the year of the real camera phone finally.

Why is the sensor choice astounding ? It's a mass market point & shoot for people who love mobile phones but want a zoom. Nokia might do better, but with Windows. Sony won't do better. I don't know what Nikon might do here, but I'm sure it will be an attempt to stave off the inevitable loss of Coolpix sales to smart phones, so unlikely to be any better.

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On Hasselblad Lunar interchangeable lens camera now shipping news story (371 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Is anyone going to admit they hate it mostly because they can't afford it?

Nope. I could buy one if it were important enough to me. I'm not rich enough that I could buy one given that it's not important to me. But ... even if I won a $250 million Powerball sweepstakes and opted to spent some serious money on camera gear, this would not be in the running. I'd consider Leicas (though I'd more likely buy an S2 than an M) ... I'd look at FF; I'd probably pick up an RX1. But I'd still consider this product line a joke.

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On Just Posted: Our Nikon Coolpix A review news story (352 comments in total)
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AnHund: A silver medal is ridiculus. The image quality you can get out of this camera is outstanding. Wonder if you set it to macro mode - in good light the AF is very good. Check reviews by Ming Thein, Ken Rockwell, Steve Huff etc.

Steve Huff raves about everything; I like Ming Thein but haven't read his; Ken Rockwell ... seriously ? I did read Thom Hogan's review of it this morning. He said it's overpriced and the AF is slow for a high end camera. Plenty to like about it, too, but it didn't hit the mark. Sounds more silver than gold to me.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 6, 2013 at 17:56 UTC
On Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release news story (304 comments in total)

I have no idea whether to give any credence to the rumors of a full frame Sony NEX camera in 2014, but if there is any truth to it, then an affordable LV-only Lecia M mount camera might be a way of heading off competition from a FF Nex body that could (possibly) be used with Leica M lenses via adapter.

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JEROME NOLAS: Well deserved wins! Wonder why there's not "Lemon of the year" (the most silly idea like Nikon 1, Pentax Q and so on...)

4th place ... but look who's behind them.

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Mssimo: "depth of field control of an 86mm F3.2 lens for a full-frame system" Why not just say this is a 32mm f1.2. It has the same DOF on a FF or a Crop system. Bokeh and light intensity of a f1.2 is also the same.

So you if like the Bokeh or DOF you get with a 32mm f1.2 will act the same way on a crop than a FF.
Only thing that changes is the crop/FOV.

I agree. I was replying to Mssimo who said that DOF is the same if you use the *same* lens (not equivalent lens) on different sensors.
p.s. I suspect you misread BroncoBro's post as a reply to yours instead of Mssimo's, too.

Direct link | Posted on May 14, 2013 at 18:00 UTC
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Mssimo: "depth of field control of an 86mm F3.2 lens for a full-frame system" Why not just say this is a 32mm f1.2. It has the same DOF on a FF or a Crop system. Bokeh and light intensity of a f1.2 is also the same.

So you if like the Bokeh or DOF you get with a 32mm f1.2 will act the same way on a crop than a FF.
Only thing that changes is the crop/FOV.

Comparing 32mm on 2.8X crop to 2.8X on FF is pointless.
And even if you wanted to bother, to prove a point, DOF is NOT the same.
The circle of confusion is different for different sensor sizes. Try any DOF calculator if you don't believe it.

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HubertChen: Nice read indeed. What a relief to read about a marketing strategy that makes sense for the company and the user. An interview leaving me with the taste of honesty and learning. More such interviews are needed to offset the damage Adobe has done in recent interviews. Where you come back from the interview with a feeling of anger and distrust. And worse, where they create the impression that a company is making more money when being at adds to the customer rather than working with the customer. This Leica interview clearly shows Leica's success of entering a complete new market segment is created by working extremely close with the customer, making the customer's success their success. This is an important role model for other marketing directors. I wish more photography company to win - win marketing such as Leica and less do Win-Loose marketing such as Adobe.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I agree. It's refreshing to hear from an executive that sounds like he knows the ins & outs of his market and why his company is producing the product it's producing, rather than the typical talking head. Gosh, what a world of difference between this and the last interview from Hasselblad explaining the merits of the Lunar !
6,000 units a year and they felt it worth getting in. Of course, 1200 units (20%) at 22K is over 25 million in revenues plus the lenses ...

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