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When I was a kid I remember the Dick Tracy's cartoon and his wrist watch with the little transmitter with a tiny screen, and I used to say...Nah!

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On photo DSC00278 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (5 comments in total)

ISO 6400...(?)
Are you serious?
Not that I doubt you, Sir, but...OMG!!!!

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On a photo in the Sony RX100 preview samples sample gallery (5 comments in total)

ISO 6400...(?)
Are you serious?
Not that I doubt you, Sir, but...OMG!!!!

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On photo Manhattan Night in the Night Lights challenge (4 comments in total)

I have to confess that I have this great image as a wall paper on my screen.
My form of admiration for such a MAGNIFICENT piece of work!!
Kudos to the author!!

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On photo Loch Tummel sunset in the HDR challenge (13 comments in total)

I always admire someone who can do something I can't.
I guess CFH25 wanted to share his passion and his skills with the rest of us.
Let's congratulate him (her) for a great job.
Don't feed the troll.

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FTW: How about investing a quarter of that and bring the FF camera we all wait for?

Don't worry Helena, by the time you'll get the lens your NEX will already be an obsolete model. Thus is progress.

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Dam...When I was just about to pre order my DSC-RX100. Which I thought was the best yet to come sensor for point & shoot Cybers...
Now, I'll have to wait for this new baby.
Nothing about the price range for a camera with this technology.
Can Sony open a credit department so we could mortgage our house to them in order to keep on wiht the price of new technology?

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Do I need this technology to take better pictures of nude girls?
Am I missing something here?

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In 1988 my Leica R3-MOT was smashed and partially eaten by Sasquatch, while I was attending a nature call during my photo camping trip around the Smoky Mountains.
I didn't have the chance to record it on film since that was the only camera I had with me.
Nobody believed my story. Not then, not now.

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On photo Foggy Park Scene in the The camera phone (Read the Rules!) challenge (4 comments in total)

It doesn't take a big camera.
It doesn't take a diploma.
It doesn't take a great occasion.
It ONLY takes a moment, a little instrument, and being there.
Great caption!!
Bravo & bravo!!!!

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On photo StoneBarn in the Remembering the Past: Barns challenge (6 comments in total)

I've kept a secret love affair with the Lumix Series for years now.
Those little devils sure bring home the bacon.
My wife went on vacation with her new DMC-ZS5/DMC-TZ8 to Portugal & Spain, and came back with a nice bunch of snapshots. I chose some to edit and to enlarge to decorate the hallway.
Was I ever amazed to see detail in the shadows, even at four f stops difference from the highlighted zones. I edited some and they proudly hang now at 11x17 and she gets the praise of our friends.
And keep on clicking!!

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Fuji has 3 big problems:
1- Having ignored EARLY salespersons and first buyers who reported this anomaly to their local distributors, just DAYS after the camera became available over the counter.
2- It wasn't UNTIL it was publicly known, and thanks to forums like this one, that the company gave little signs of waking up from their stupor upon the matter. Then they began to dance and prance promising to look for a feasible solution while buyers were left with a highly trumpeted little camera who could, but was gaining devaluation by the minute. Then came reports about the shutter blades...
3- Fuji did not the honorable thing: Give the customer the choice of reimbursing their invested money or make a TOTAL recall of the camera in order to keep its reputation of a 'made in Japan' product.
The biggest problem Fuji has now is: LOST CONFIDENCE from buyers.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview (749 comments in total)

Well, sorry I can't share the enthusiasm on this Fuji 'top' of the line camera, and the same goes for the rest of its product line.
In my opinion,Fuji committed a great mistake with the FUJI X10, when buyers reported white disks on reflected surfaces and also a bad function of the shutter blades
Fuji did not take the appropriate measures (general recall) to fix that flaw.
Now many an enthusiastic buyer is caught with a camera that has no responsible action from its maker.
Then again: Only fools rush in, as the song says.

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I read on another site a comment that made me ponder about these new Sony models: It mentioned the close resemblance, in size and looks they have to the iphone.
Get my drift?
Let me explain: Have you noticed the thousands of photo apps for the iphone and other smart phones as well? Incredible. One is only 3 touches away from transforming a simple snapshot into a great looking image. Some of those effects will take consuming time to edit on photoshop. iphone image resolution is 5mp. Enough size for the vast quantity of quick shots people post on facebook. A 2mp image is big enough to act as a desktop image. I believe this is a trial shot from Sony. Next they'll add a phone apps to this cameras. It will bring the end to the small P&S camera division.
Wonder why the youth no longer buys wrist watches? Because the darn, big thing ONLY shows time. They have it on their cell phones. Then again WHY buy a P&S camera when that thing ONLY takes pictures?

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)
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G Davidson: Gorgeous shadow detail and sharpness, a lens that covers all reasonable lengths in one, this sounds like a fantastic take-around camera. It's not inconceivable that it's shortcomings, such as poor bokeh and hard to control depth of field might be alleviated by those who try with good software.

I personally now have a Lumix LX5 and TZ7 and I have never enjoyed working with them or the colour output as much as my older Canon G9 or even older S40, which produced great out of camera images; though needed replacement as they are slow, no HD video and only did 35mm wide.

With this large sensor, which like the V1 seems to be a new breed, I could be confident of DSLR quality in a smaller body. The perfect back-up to my backup.

I also own those 2 cameras, G.
For the LX5 I invite you to see the beautiful youtube tutorial videos made by Charlie Waite. Mind you, I haven't used the camera to the extent of all its possibilities because of Winter, but I even shot some studio with it. I'm happy.
As for the TZ7, my wife used it on her vacations, and believe me, there were some great color render images along with some other captions where contrast & light zones were as far as maybe 4 stops difference. I discovered detail on the dark zones that really surprised me. After I applied some Photo Shop editing we printed & enlarged a couple of them (11x17) They are now proudly hanging in our hallway.
Have a great day!

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