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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)
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Bullsnapper: I have the LX-5. I can't tell from the above whether the LX-7 has a built in lens cap or not, but the LX-5 infuriates me!! I am fed up with having to remove cap and press any button. Can't put a lens protecting filter on due to protruding lens. Yeah, I know there's a spring loaded thingy but not in my town.

I like the pictures, but I'll never buy another one. Bad one, Panasonic.

Have a look at this guy:

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)
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I chose the LX-5 last year for the lens and the adapter, because I think a polirizer is a must in so many cases. I hope the new LX-7 has this option also, without obstructing the aperture ring.
I used this camera exclusively in Peru and the adapter also served me well to protect the lens also - yes it makes the camera seem slightly larger, but the ring does not extend beyond the limit of the lens anyway. I love this feature, so please tell me it remains...

Brace up for bad news: Yes, they have those items for the the LX7, and the electronic viewfinder too. Both items NOT compatible with the LX5.
I also own a LX5.
I believe that they should be standardized for the LX family.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)

I own one LX5. I love the camera + electronic viewfinder & adapter ring + filters that I bought. I was so happy to see the LX7 appear, then I disenchanted when I learned that other than the battery and the pixel count, they both had nothing else in common that could be shared. I'm talking about serious accessories such as the electronic viewfinder and the filter size adapters, which I firmly believe should be be standardized for the LX family.
I feel a bit frustrated, wouldn't you?

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photoguy622: I had the XZ-1 for about a year, and while I loved the lens' sharpness and wide aperture I was never pleased with photo quality above ISO 400, it looked more like a watercolor painting than a photo at 100%. Unfortunately, it looks like XZ-2 suffers the same fate.

That's exactly my point: water color painting results. It seems that Olympus has that legendary portrait set locked on their sensors. Great camera, great set of accessories, but the images look great only on the screen. Mind you, I do not print my images.

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Bluetrain048: Interesting, especially given the size and nice handling. I was almost going to upgrade my LX3 to an LX7 but the olympus looks to have far nicer colours and a much better lens.

But Olympus, being the revolutionary camera that it is, and I love the improvements, still can't get sharp images as the LX and Cyber shot do.

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On Hands-on with Nikon V2 article (455 comments in total)
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VivaLasVegas: This is my third day looking at this latest release in hopes of purging my intial easthics impression. No change, it is such a fugly piece of plastic, sorry. Its getting uglier everyday I look at it.

Don't worry. It will pass. It's only temporary. She'll be getting attractive a week from now.
Remember the ugly girl who put out in High School?

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On Hands-on with Nikon V2 article (455 comments in total)
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Trollshavethebestcandy: Hassy will make a baby leopard skin version and charge 5k more. Buy it now! It's a steal!

What? Do you want me to believe that a skin leopard camera will make me a better photographer?
Are you nuts??!!
Err...Where can I send my order?
Are they going to be numbered? Special Edition?
Name engraving?

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On Nikon CoolPix P7700 Preview preview (192 comments in total)
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Naveed Akhtar: Hi could you tell what are the maximum aperture you can achieve between 28mm and 200mm film equivalent?
Like 50mm? 85mm? 135mm? film equivalent.

A tip of my hat to you, Guzolany.
Thanks for your collaboration.
You KNOW how to answer a question, bro.
I'll keep your name for the future, when, if you'd allow me, I could ask you for an INTELLIGENT answer to a question of mine.

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)
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gsum: I have the LX5 - good image quality for a compact, well made, great lens and absolutely brilliant for macro photography. Therefore, I was looking forward to the LX7 but with trepidation and rightly it seems. Panasonic have done nothing to correct the considerable LX5 problems:

The totally useless thumbwheel that selects unwanted modes if you press too hard whilst rotating it.
The fiddly controls.
The useless clutter of scene selections and in-camera image processing.
The ridiculous intelligent auto that does everything that you *don't* want the camera to do.
The failure to separate out all the useless clutter from the camera's useful features as with Samsung's NX100 for example.

It's a real pity that Panasonic have again not produced a proper enthusiasts camera - a missed opportunity.

I couldn't said it better myself.
So far the only interesting feature is the new picture effects.
I find it silly to invest $600 on what what would be apps for my LX5.
Let's wait for LX9

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)

The video samples are horrible.

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On Leaving my DSLR at home: An iPhone experiment post (171 comments in total)

Thanks for your kind feedback, Dean.
Here are my two cents of wisdom on trip photos:
1- Don't go out there trying to get the impossible-inedit-mouth watering-never seen shot. It won't happen. There's always the work for sale from local artists. They live there, and they know the best locations & best times to capture an image. You'll feel free to shot FOR FUN, and you will stop blaming the wife for the missing shots. You will also help to promote local business.
2- Don't think of the giant poster of your image that will be exposed on the wall of the local eatery or fish market. Do not disgrace your living room, please. Expose in the basement or your garage. A friend of mine who exposes his work in local restaurants only makes 5"x7" prints. He says that people are compelled to GET UP from their seats and APPROACH, in order to appreciate his work.
Dean is teaching us to...GO OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN!!!!

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On The New Pictorialism II in the The New Pictorialism II challenge (25 comments in total)

You are back!!
This is beyond beautiful, bro!!

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Nice Lady!

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These guys have been playing tango to customers ever since the appearance of HX30V and HX20V. No printed manuals, tech data going unclear, prices changing, and the final blow: secret recall (at least from Best Buy, Canada) of the HX30V, to make it come back 2 weeks later without a word to the customers, only hush comments from employes.
I'd be very careful not to jump to buy this model but maybe 6 months later, when the fools who rushed to buy it will be complaining and maybe Sony will be forced to conduct repairs or to elaborate some data aps.

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On My Girl with the Pearl in the Rick Sammon's One Light Portrait challenge (26 comments in total)


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On Photokina 2012: Panasonic Stand Report article (30 comments in total)
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RStyga: Best of all is the new photo-model.. eerrr, the camera model, I mean the girl, .. no, I meant to say, the camera model.

yes, say it: nice rack!

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On 1 in the M like Merrill challenge (12 comments in total)

Just the sweetness of the child's expression wins the price for me.
As for the over exposed matter, well, next time use a spot meter pointed on the left shoulder of the subject, or bracket.
Oh no.. Stupid of me, I'm again bringing back old times, back when roll film was king.

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On Leica reveals D-Lux 6 fast-lensed enthusiast compact article (19 comments in total)
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marike6: The LX7 is actually a really nice camera that is not getting a whole lot of attention because of the Sony RX100. The thing is, the LX7 may have a smaller sensor, but the lens is much, much faster, and more interesting for portraits. And the LX7 (and the D-Lux 6) has all the video goodness of the RX100: 1080/60 progressive and even a 720 120 fps which is awesome for super slow-mo. All around an excellent camera.

I agree with you. The RX100 hoopla will dither away when buyers will may be facing the same little glitches Sony has shown with the DSC models (hx-30v, hx-20v) by not supplying in some cases the camera manuals (one has to go and download it pdf doc.) Excellent cameras, poor customer relations. I'm still trying to choose between Pany & Sony. Then again, if Charlie Waite finds the LX5 a great little camera, I'm so confident that the LX7 brings us a reinvigorated edition.

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Fujifilm XF1 preview article (20 comments in total)
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Mk7: The XF1 will eat the S100 for lunch, but the RX100 is still king.

ORBS to eat here or to take out, sir?

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