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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)
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ecube: After almost I year away from DPReview, it seems that I just return in time to catch the "news" on Nikon D610 and now D5300. Two day ago, I passed on a D800 for $2,100 with just 125 shutter activation ... for 3 reasons: 1_ Wi-Fi connectivity, 2_GPS & 3_the CF card. Back track to December 2012 when I return the D600 because of the sensor contamination now indirectly admitted by Nikon with the release of the D610. While the D800 is technically a superior camera, it is an over kill for me. The features and capabilities of the D600 is just what I need. I am gung-ho on buying the improved D610, despite the lack of built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity because I have the Wua. NOW, the D5300 has me thinking ... Since the D610 is a stop-gap solution to the D600 issues, it is possible that D620 is somewhere in the horizon with: 1_32+ mpix sensor, 2_built-in W-Fi and 3_ GPS. Am I nuts ???

If the D800 is overkill, what do you need a 32 mp sensor in a "D620" for??

I still haven't found a use for GPS or WiFi. Neither of those features is relevant for the work I do with a camera. Honestly, I'm not in the market for an upgraded entry level camera. Plastic bodies don't rock my world, and neither do APS-C sensors.

It seems like Nikon has veered from it's traditional path of development. They have yet to offer anything as a real upgrade from the D300s and they clearly changed course when they came out with the D800 when we were all waiting for the D700 to be upgraded. 36 megapixels is not what any of us wanted when we were thinking D700 updating :-(

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On Nikon D5300 preview (278 comments in total)
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Foto21: D5100 - horrible camera in almost every major way I can think of.

D5300 - should be better, but I'll believe it when I handle one, and see its ouput.

What I've seen online is bargain basement washed out video look. The D40x from 2007 looks 10 x better. That camera hunts like a maniac though, but its output is surprisingly good. This was six years ago...

Something is deeply wrong at Nikon and I'm sorry I can't find a good saddle for my decent glass investment.

What blows my mind is that the D40x / D5300 is the smallest form. Do only amateurs want small cameras? Why is this so hard to grasp at Nikon?

Yes. Only AMATEURS want small form cameras. No professional that I know wants some tiny little body on the end of his/her F2.8 zoom. The balance is all wrong when you get some tiny little plastic camera attached to a heavy, quality, robust chunk of beautiful glass.
Plastic toys are for amateurs...not professionals or their applications.

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