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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2339 comments in total)
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t2videoandphoto: Folks, you all seem to forget that this is Canon's STILL dept., not its separate (an unequal) VIDEO dept. Canon makes SEPARATE cameras for both! I expect to see VIDO camera upgrades aimed at VIDO users. Just look as Sony's SEPARATE camera devisions and their separate division entries!

I luv my STILL 5D mk. III for STILLS. I luv my RED for video! I would NOT cross them although both advertise their cameras are fab. for EVERYTHING! What else do you expect from marketing ... nerds?

I was really waiting with some excitement to replace my 5dii.

The reason for the excitement was, not the 50mp, because 36mp would have been just a good, but because I really hoped that the DR was going to improve :-(

Sadly that does not seem it is going to be the case, as it appears that it will only be as good as the 5diii. What is the point of having 50 mp of noisy shadows! For a landscape and architectural shooters, often the lower 1/3 of the image is in shadow. Back to shooting 6 or 7 images, Photomatix and CS. What a let down!

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On BK6A9683 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (5 comments in total)
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bradleyg5: picture really demonstrates the limits of the sensor, it's actually pretty good where it's well lit, but falls apart in the shadows. No banding is good to see, blotchyness is much easier to remove.

2 stops less and this would be a great image. looks marginally better than the 5dII at 12800 because of the lack of pattern noise(banding), it's softer than 12800 5dII though.

As a working architectural and scenic photographer, I would like to see a comparison at iso 100 of a twilight architectural and landscape scene with light and dark areas between the 5dii and the iii shot together so i can do a comparison.

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On Panasonic launches rugged DMC-TS4 / FT4 article (75 comments in total)
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Anton Chernenko: Great! I thought they would release it week ago, as they did with TS3 and TS2 and TS1. It is good to have all those extra features like altimeter etc. But it is not quite clear what is meant by Time Lapse. In the press release it says "Plus, with modes such as Time Lapse Shot, Miniature Effect, and Panorama Shot – photography is even more fun. With the Time Lapse Shot, once the start time, interval and the number of photos to shoot are set, the camera automatically records the images based on the settings and the LUMIX TS4 can be left to record stationary subjects, such as flowers coming into bloom, clouds, or an animal. Once the data is captured, during playback the footage is condensed to give a unique sense of time". And in the specifications list is says "no time-lapse". what is true then? I guess the press release is correct
So, please correct the list as well

Has anyone compared the TS3 gps accuracy and acquisition speed to an actual gps unit at the same time to see how good it is? Both seem to be of a similar size, but the gps system is designed for only that whereas the TS3 has all the camera functions. Does the size of the gps receiver or chip or whatever picks up the signal make a difference in acquisition speed and accuracy?

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