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I own the first version of this camera and its performance is rock solid. I share the views of this review and confirm that is the best all-in-one camera in the market. The image quality is excellent and the 24-200 2.8 lens is superb. This camera is so good that I am debating what to do with the rest of my gear.

I encourage all who criticize to go to the nearest store and try the RX10. Rent it if you can. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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On article Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens (326 comments in total)

50mm 2.0 (FF equivalent)

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On article Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography (205 comments in total)

Range-Finder style camera?

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Neodp: Not withstand the efficacy of the update and overall good or not enough improvement(s) then their its a much greater point here....

No one (hardly?) said (possible or not) this camera was deficient in tracking AF or low light comparatively when they were promoting it's first adopter goodness and new pros!

What does that have to do with value? It means you can't know until the camera has been out a while and put through it's paces for the tasks photographers value the most. It begs the question; what benefits matter most? Subjectivity is not a wide... as it is made out to be. Yes there's room for subjective benefits and horses for courses to a point. There no accounting for tastes. Yet that view is completely overblown; from the perspective of new camera design. Yes that should include the user need, that's the photographer that actually takes pictures. Not Gear Acquisition and paper specs alone. There's a lot more to a total camera than that. It's a warning about over priced vanity.

I do not understand neither

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Samuel Dilworth: It’s a shame that Apple has abandoned Aperture, but it’s a greater shame that no-one makes a satisfactory replacement.

Lightroom started out as a fresh and wonderful thing, but over the years it became sluggish, overloaded with features I don’t need or want, and increasingly messy in terms of user interface.

Capture One is arguably worse.

Nothing has the spit and polish of Aperture. I loved clicking on the Aperture icon in the Dock and keyboard-shortcutting my way through a new batch of photos. I’ve never really enjoyed using other imaging apps in that way – only their results (which in some ways were better than Aperture. For example, noise reduction and sharpening were never great in Aperture).

Oh well.

I do not know what version of Capture One you have reviewed but Capture One 8 is, in fact, very similar to Aperture. I have been playing with it for a couple of days and feels much more familiar to me than Lightroom does.

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Please add me to the list of those who feel aggrieved by Apple's decision to stop supporting Aperture. Years of collecting images and hundreds of hours of work now seem to be in jeopardy. Since Aperture's death is imminent, I have started to identify the alternatives. Being a Fuji and Sony owner, Capture One is on top of my list and the obvious second contender is Adobe Lightroom. Transitioning to either means that I will lose all the adjustments I have made to my images in Aperture unless I export individual images!! Ouch! That really hurts.
On the other hand I wonder if Phase one will be in business long enough so I don't see all my work work going to waste again. Adobe will certainly stay for long but now the company is smelling to monopoly for the image business.
Anyway, its very disappointing how Apple has decided to give a kick on the butt to some of its loyal customers. That does not seem right, at least to me.

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I got a bunch of plug-ins for Aperture and I am afraid that they won't be compatible with Photos. We will see if those who make the plug-ins such as Nik Software make the updates necessary to be usable in Photos. Might be time to switch to lightroom :(

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Nice system, certainly impressive. Would be tempted to buy this camera if its interface did not feel like a playstation.

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On article CP+ 2015: Fujifilm shows prototype roadmap lenses (78 comments in total)

Amazed on how beautiful and well designed fuji's lenses are. In addition to superb optics, they are by far the most visually appealing lenses in the market.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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jjlmoose: I'm not sure what all the fuss is... the way I read this is Apple will be incorporating an Aperture-like program called Photos in to Yosemite and you will be able to transfer all your Aperture libraries. Sounds like a win-win to me. Are people afraid that if you don't have to pay extra for it that'll be no good? With good RAW support, sounds to me like some Apple users will be less inclined to go with CC and more with frEE.

The fuss comes from experience. Did you see what Apple did with Pages? The new version was not an improvement but a step backwards.

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I love the idea and definitely will buy this lens when comes out.

I am just intrigued by Fuji's strategy. X100s $1300, WCL (28mm equiv) $300, new 50mm equiv $300 Total $1900.00

Compare prices and lenses within Fuji cameras and the competition.

Very smart Fuji... very smart

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On article Nikon Df combines classic design with modern technology (314 comments in total)

Mmmh! Nikon following Fuji's steps.... Interesting...

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This is so nice! Fuji is setting the bar too high in all respects, beautiful cameras with superb image quality and great software support. You got to love it!

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Clint Dunn: Start selling that dang 10-24!!!! I like wide angle...and the 10-24 is the only lens I am waiting for.

Same here! I will switch to X system once they offer the 10-24.

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Collie Camp: NO FUJI X-PRO 1 or X-E1 !

I am really disappointed. Not to speak about the neverending wait for Aperture 4 looking at all the cool features of the "others" (lenscorrection anyone?). There has been a broad discussion about it on the net, even the fujiguys on twitter said, Apple has all the Info from Fuji needed - but still no support for X-Trans.

I like Aperture, used it for years, but I give up if they just don´t support the most interesting cameras since years...

Thank god that Capture One now has a good support, Silkypix has it, PhotoRAW, RPP and even LR4 (but not perfect, with the next update I guess).

Apple, here is my ULTIMATUM:

Aperture 4 with full X-Trans support till the end of march, or I will give up on Aperture. There you have it. Period.

Wow!! you just made Apple to tremble as a result of physical and emotional disturbance!!

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Exciting lens! But we are seeing a trend here that is very unfair for Olympus customers. They practically are saying: -If you want it Black you have to pay more-. I love my camera, I just wish I had bought the silver EM-5 instead of the black version.

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On photo Reflective Bottle in the Bottles challenge (4 comments in total)

Photo of Josiah McElheny's work exhibited at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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On photo Reflective Bottle in the Bottles challenge (4 comments in total)
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MargalitIL: I guess it is a photo of a work by Josiah McElheny - same as the 3rd place in this challenge. If so - the artist deservs the credit and his name shoulf be mentioned

I completely agree with you. I am posting a note! Sorry of the omission.

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