Lives in United States Owego/NY USA, NE, United States
Works as a Retired, ex Computer Jock/Programmer
Joined on Oct 4, 2003
About me:

To become a better photographer and improve my digital darkroom skills.


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IMG_6692IMG_8607IMG_44731-IMG_2963 for WBNGRooftops for Painting ChallengeIMG_5362 for Girl in the Crowd ChallengeIMG_4791 for Corridor ChallengeIMG_3081 for WBNGIMG_3083 for WBNGIMG_1070 for WebIMG_3583IMG_1669 for Cat Dog ChallengeIMG_2125 for Historic Bridges ChallengeIMG_3689 for Fast Movement ChallengeIMG_4071 for One Pink Rose ChallengeIMG_5056 for Color Picture on Black Background ChallengeIMG_4494 for White Swan ChallengeIMG_3016 for Light Painting ChallengeIMG_5414 for Cutie Pie ChallengeIMG_4268 for Lincoln ChallengeInto the LightIMG_0946 for Rake or Shovel ChallengeIMG_2889 for Street PerformerIMG_6765 for Water in the CityOn the WaterIMG_5244 for Construction ChallengeIMG_1752 for Crash ChallengeIMG_3609 for Beautiful Lily ChallengeInvading Their PrivacyIMG_2297 for Blues ChallengeIMG_2554 for Hard Work ChallengeBourbon Street - New Orleans French QuarterIMG_1677 for Urban Oasis ChallengeIMG_2195 for Macro ChallengeIMG_1852 for Minimilist ChallengeSpringAfter the StormIMG_1912 for Fog ChallengeCape Cod 200300055 for Natural Light ChallengeLeaves and ShadowsRevel CasinoTrotterIMG_2513 for Bird ChallengeGullIMG_2660 for Through the Window ChallengeCape Cod Carnival For Carvinal ChallengeIMG_4426 for Daisy ChallengePalace Theater - City of Westminster, LondonFrom the London Eye