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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)
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DesertLefty: Nikon does indeed treat their customers VERY shabbily. After big QC problems with the D7000, D800, and D600, they now have the gall to release this and call it a "new" camera. What a load of horses**t. Even if you like the gear, you gotta hate (and disrespect) their attitude toward their customers. After getting burned on all three of these bodies, I, for one, am open to other options. Canon? Sony? Fuji?

Nikon - You owe us a great, big PUBLIC APOLOGY!

Did I spot a NIN reference there?

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Wye Photography: Image manipulation is nothing new. Except that in the chemical filled darkroom it took a lot of effort, time, resources and skill to do it convincingly. Generally, such work was a one-off.

Today, a monkey (sorry to insult you monkeys out there) fake it in a few clicks and then replicate it a million times.

I think a lot of modern photographers point an accusing finger at the old dead photographers and announce "THEY DID IT!!!!" as justification for their own works of fantasy.

Whilst I agree that it used to be a lot harder, it doesn't necessarily follow that Photoshopping is then "faking it". Sure, some things are easy, overused etc, but one can also manipulate things in ways that would have not been possible in the darkroom. I think it's a great thing; you still need to have the vision to create the end-product...and isn't that what counts?

Also....I think there was a similar discussion when photography was introduced....painters would say: photography is "faking it", no skill involved etc...

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fz750: Fat lot of use because the airport authorities in Europe (initially pressured from their US conterparts and now arguably out of step with the trend in the US) insist that every computer or tablet is shown individually in its own try through the scanner.

Iit may not even be put on a soft case or cloth in Zurich (so your iPad back gets nicely scratched..)


that's the way it would normally work; they ask you to take out laptop/Ipad etc, and then you put it back in at the other end of the scanner

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tinpusher: Quite useless really.

Only the smallest of the bags is suitable for low cost operators in Europe and I need provision for cables , chargers , sat navs plus at least one change of clothes and a wash kit.
Since 2008 I've used an Antler Back Pack with wheels and that's got me around the Globe a couple of times and through the States 3 times a year.
My cameras are packed inside it in a Domke bag.

Ipads are always removed for checking.

I checked 3 online, and out of those only for 1 (Ryanair) of the operators the medium one would be classed as too big, Easyjet even supports the big one and for Flybe it would be very close:

56 x 45 x 25cm Easyjet
55cm x 40cm x 20cm Ryanair
50cm x 35cm x 23cm Flybe

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Just downloaded it, but it appears there's no dual monitor support. Pity. Other than that, seems fine so far although I do prefer LR interface.

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