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thgun: Yes me again. I'm sorry to say this to you all but Nokia are dying a slow and painfull death. If they had chose android maybe not. Microsoft can't do hardware only software. Nokia will always be remembered for it's good times. 8-)

the only android company doing well is samsung if nokia went android they'd just be scrounging around with the rest of them

nokia really should have pushed its Maemo OS more as its better than Android but there was sooo much in fighting and confusion that they did themselves in the MSFT deal may still save the day if Windows Phone 8 pans out but that's still quite a whiles away

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Can't wait to read your review on this unit so far the 808 Flickr Group has churned out some stunning images and the GSMArena reviews have been impressive would love to hear what you guys have to say about it

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Boomz: Okay so everyone is looking at its camera feature, but it is primarily a phone, and unfortunately, Nokia's dying Symbian Belle OS will be blamed. You really won't want a Symbian OS phone once you've gone iOS or Android.

Last year, Nokia even announced that they were slowly killing the Symbian OS in favor for Windows 7's replacement.

"The price and features of the new phones combined with Symbian Belle will not turn things around for the platform, but will help slow down the loss of market share. Symbian's market share was 22.1 percent during the second quarter, compared to 40.9 percent during the same three months last year." - according to Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

But I guess some people do buy a car because it has a great home entertainment system in the back seat, hehe!

@Boomz certainly Symbian is shrinking, especially in 2011 when Elop came over with WinPhone7 & there wasn't any high end devices released for the OS the last being back in 2010 with the N8/E7 but Symbian still maintained dominance in most of Asia and Europe as the #1 OS (look at the latest ComScore report)

What really brought its percentages down is the surge in smartphone sales in North America where Symbian has always been remiss.

The OS is solid and has more features that were available a decade ago that are only being introduced recently to iOS and Android and some features that are still unavailable on these latter OS' are enjoyed by Symbian fans

@Lensbeginner again you're showing your lack of knowledge.... Symbian was the only OS that allowed full control and even now in Symbian Belle there are Custom Firmwares and customizability

Not to mention Nokias Maemo OS which Android copied quite a bit from (they're both linux although Maemo is truer to the linux kernel)

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vlad0: Another video explaining how/why they went down this road

ah you beat me to it haha :D

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Andrew Butterfield: If you're going to use a 1/2" sensor, why not just make it a high quality 10MP one, then you wouldn't have all the pixel binning nonsense? The photos look pretty noisy to me so where's the advantage?

the Nikon 1 sensor is actually a lot bigger... they're close but just look @ the extra space it has and I HOPE the Nikon 1 cameras look better since they cost double the price of the 808 (which is also a phone)

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Robo2k: too bad this decent camera is stuffed into what appears to be a less-than-adequate smartphone. the screen resolution is a total joke. Even the cheapest androids have better resolution

@Robo2k screen technologies are different across the board.. it isnt simply based on numbers... Nokias AMOLED ClearBlack displays are beautiful you'll have to give 1 a look

@ZAnton @Caranby the 5230 and 5800 were low end Symbian phones (fitted with cheap hardware) that were released 3/4 years ago respectively and they were based on an OLD version of Symbian... as noted above that's like comparing Windows 3.0 to Windows 7 just because it carries the same name doesn't mean its the same OS... to even think that is ridiculous (sorry)..

@LensBeginner .... a nightmare to code for... WOW it has been a LONG LONG time since you looked @ symbian.... ever since Symbian^3 its been immensely easy to code for Symbian because of QT; QT has changed the world for coding for Symbian thats why Nokias Store rocketed to 70k Apps in a handful of months until Elop made his dreaded announcement @ MWC 2011 even still some developers stayed on and Symbian has well over 100k apps and growing a short time later

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ViTAR: Too low screen resolution @ 360x640

you should look @ the device/screen first before making a comment based on numbers.... each screen technology utilizes pixels differently the 808s AMOLED ClearBlack Screen looks brilliant irl

@ LensBeginner N97... really? thats like a 4 year old device with some ancient LCD tech... and the OS is COMPLETELY different

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Kissel: Seems like Nokia's death agony.

the Lumias have only been on the market since the middle of December... and not even widely available and they sold 900,000 units in 2.5 weeks?

Nokias losing market share sure.... but they're still the #1 cell phone maker/seller in the world.... and their smartphone department is still highly competitive.... #1 in Asia and #1 in most of Europe (just look @ the ComScore report)

just because the USA started buying smartphones finally (offsetting Nokias world marketshare) doesn't mean much...

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Photato: 38MP pixel sharp handheld?, yeah right LOL
Would rather have 5 Big Fat MP like the pro cameras.

so what you're saying is they should throw an even larger sensor into the phone? its already the largest ever seen in a phone @ 1/1.2".... the last phone even close to that size was the 808s predecessor the Nokia N8 with a 1/1.83"

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LensBeginner: The Nokia N95 camera is miles ahead of the one mounted on the Samsung Galaxy S, and it is a product which is more than three years older than the other... I have limited experience because I can't afford to buy every smartphone that is created, but this I can tell (I also borrowed and tried a N97 mini): Nokia might have produced crappy OSes, but camera quality has always been very nice in flagship models.
I was perplexed to say the least when I discovered that the N8 was going to have a 12Mpx camera, but this approach here makes sense to me.

what apps do you have on your Droid? you should see if its available on Symbian unless they're regionalized apps (like your banks app or local movie theatres) symbian in more cases than not has the same application in their store and at the very least an equivalent one after all up until the end of 2011 Symbian was still the #1 OS in the world

a lot of people are misinformed about symbian or they think its the same symbian that they used back in the 90s... how they could think that thats even remotely possible is beyond me

heck the new Symbian Belle is better than Gingerbread in many opinions even GSMArena calls Belle "almost revolutionary" and that acclaim was based on a slower device and lacking the "Feature Pack" that the 808 carries

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Onlyrgu: There is a camera inside a hole of the Image: Street view in Rio
You can find it at the corner of the news paper 'TAGARELA' on the painting.

I was looking at the details of the image and its pretty good and i guess they kept the camera for reason

Im using Nokia N82 for 3 years.
Because i love the camera

The first Nokia phone with xenon flash, the N82 has a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar optics. With f 2.8 Aperture.

I loved nokia only beacause of this phone.

The N8 and N808 are some karizma for Nokia phones.

I can find some distortion at the corners like my N82 and Sony CS T99.
I think the image quality of N808 is comparable with a normal point and shoot

@SamTrux iphone4s? rofl..... if you think the iphone takes good photos your opinion is a rather expendable one and to compare it with the N8 or 808, lol, is just ridiculous

heck the N8 beat out any P&S released up until 2010 it beat out the best from Ixus and Finepix (beat out my dlux4 aka lx3 too)

the 808 will hopefully be able to beat anything released up until 2012 but we'll have to wait and see

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Camp Freddy: last ditch attempt to sell Symbian handsets ????? Very suprised at the images it takes: great for a mobile.

last ditch? symbian sold over 20million phones in Q4 '11 (without any high end device for the entire year of 2011); sure they're not in their hey day anymore but its not like they're RIM or WebOS

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charles1976: I loved most (if not all) of the nokia phones that ive had over the past 10 years.
They've helped me keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

However, Nokia is going the way of Kodak by refusing to change.

The OS was OK for making calls and texting. T9 text input ruled! But beyond that, navigating through the phone's OS is a pain. We have also reached a time where making calls and texting just doesnt cut it anymore.

The camera on this phone is "interesting" at most to me. But lets not forget that this is still a phone at the end of the day.
I doubt that i would be willing to sacrifice an iphone or a droid for it. (let alone give up all the aps that i have purchased) I would even rather choose a Windows Phone OS over Symbian.

Nokia needs a new CEO. Let go of some departments and adopt Android.
They definately have the resources to come up with their custom version of killer Droid OS.

Oh well. This is just my opinion.


sounds like you havent tried symbian in a long time... especially with the talk of t9 texting

im guessing the last time you used one was in the days of the N95? ;) symbian is a completely different machine in this day and age especially with Belle and moreso with the 808s Belle Feature Pack1 (provides a new browser etc)+hardware upgrades

GSMArena calls Belle "almost revolutionary"

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Menneisyys: I've just returned from the MWC, having done MANY resolution comparison shots. Will publish my article in about half an hour - stay tuned!

In a word: the camera rocks and the lens + sensor combo is indeed able to make use of the 36/38/41 Mpixel resolution.

thanks for the review Menneisyys

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Kametori: Even if real photos are half as good as promopictures thsi will be the best cameraphone and faraway from competitors. I think it's somehow sad that Nokia put this with poor display and (not so poor anymore) belle symbian. But the camera is something that is amazing. Hope microsoft understand that they have to loose some HW requirement limitations asap to get this in windows phone.
When Nokia gets this to better body with 4.6/7" amoled in Lumia 800 design there will be real killer products for other MS phones, androids and even iPhones. Nokia still knows how to make phones. Kudos

he's speaking about the screens resolution

the screen looks great though people dont seem to get its not about numbers entirely its about screen technology too

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theranman: What do you think the chances are that this phone will have image stabilization????

well the N8 has video stabilization and i imagine this will too but i havent read anything about IS for stills so i imagine it doesnt have it

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stylinred: I've a question over this comment "As a result, its photosites are the same size as those in most 8.2MP cameraphone"

does this mean the Nokia N8 would get sharper images? with 12mpx and a 1/1.83" sensor (im a newb here) but ive read a few comments over several blogs saying that the N8 takes sharper images and I'm wondering if that's true and if the quote above has something to do with that?

i see what you're saying hmm cant wait for the camera comparisons!

and for Nokia to tweak the device even more before release

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DioCanon: unfortunately is another symbian/meego OS,
if it was an Android or WP7 I would have considered it...

OS allegiances really aren't necessary here as each OS is suited for different people it doesnt make one better than the other and there are positives and negatives in all of them

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VadymA: Hope iPhone5 will have similar sensor ;)

the iphone5 might catch up to the Nokia N8 finally (i doubt it) but you'll still be getting the over saturated, sharpened, dnr'd images ;)

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Lan: Nokia isn't a sensor manufacturer, so whose sensor is it?

More samples from the 808 here:
(will it post the link? If not, it's on the official Nokia 808 PureView blog)

About the only instant problem I can see is a few stuck pixels. Not surprising at 100%, but somewhat surprising in the downsampled images. Buy DxO guys!

Those low ISO 38MP images look gorgeous when downsampled to ~10MP.

Design-wise it looks remarkably similar to my last cameraphone - the Kodak/Motorola ZN5. One of the few sensors to date to use an RGBW array. Samples from the ZN5 in my DPR Gallery if anyone's interested.

Congrats to Nokia on a potential winning cameraphone; just make sure it has the features that we want as photographers. Histograms and exposure compensation at least please. Ideally some way to manual focus, or to adjust the focus in some way - zoom review or peaking for the playback as well!

watch this interview with Damian Dinning

He says that they went to Sony/Toshiba etc but they didnt have a sensor like this

So Nokia designed it and worked with partners to get it made

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