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  • I recently sold my iPhone 6 and replaced it with a Samsung S6. The S6 wins by a landslide.

  • " I had the iphone5 and couldn't wait to get rid of it, for the only reason is that apple is so proprietary, everything has to be through iTunes. "
    Not true. I just sold my iPhone 6 and I didn't...

  • Submitted a challenge entry Cool Campsite at Joshua Tree NP
    Roughing it in style
    Placed 44th in the challenge. Roughing it in style
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  • If you look at any of the images in the upper right hand corner you will see five icons. The one with the + inside the magnifying glass will take you to the original size. You are welcome. I was ...
  • I could give a crap less about anyone else's 'quality'. I am happy with my photos. Those were not meant to be works of art, they were intended to show off the quality at 2400mm. Nothing more ...
  • I just got back from lunch. I took my camera and took a few shots. It is hard to find subject matter at 2400mm and it is hard to hand hold and get the subject in the middle of the frame. All the ...
  • Unfortunately it was not taken at 2400mm, I had a brain fart. I looked for the original and I can't find it. I was shooting RAW at the time and using a trial version of Lightroom 5. I only have ...
  • You are right, it was not at full zoom. My 67 year old mind is going out on me. Thanks for pointing it out. It was an outdoor concert at Universal Amphitheater.
  • You caught me in the middle of an edit. Look now.
  • Here is a shot taken hand held with my S1 at 2400mm, that is 1200mm plus the internal doubler. I have no idea what a print would look like since I don't print anything. It is good enough for my ...
  • The biggest problem facing the megahertz race was Windows. Windows tend to make all computers equal in terms of speed after a point has been reached. Exactly right. More megapixels does not equal ...
  • The whole point that so many people just don't seem to comprehend is the fact that I know how to get a better sharper looking image. That is not what I am after. I only look at my photos on my 13 ...
  • I have an aggressive tone because I don't know you and your post sounded very sarcastic to me. I have been bashed to death in this thread and I have gotten tired of it. Too many DSLR snobs in this ...
  • I have a Fuji S1 with a 1200mm lens and a built in doubler so it goes to 2400mm in theory. That seems to me to be about the upper limit for hand holding. It is extremely difficult to get something ...
  • Your reading comprehension sucks. I never said there was no difference, I said I can't tell which shots were taken with which camera. I use the iPhone as my every day walk around camera since it ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry B-25 bomber
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  • Commented on B-52 bomber in the Aviation museums challenge


  • Submitted a challenge entry Cinderella's Psychedelic Castle
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  • Nope, I am 67. I retired from the electrical workers union in 1988 due to bad knees. My retirement income is fabulous. I hope I make it too 100, that is my goal.
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