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Pete Stean: Who is this camera for? I can see it as a nice second camera for a serious SLR user as a carry-around perhaps, but anyone with photography ambitions is likely to go down the SLR route for this kind of price. For the rest there's always the camera or your phone/cheap compact.

I've developed the habit of taking one slightly exotic lens (wide angle, macro, tele, or large aperture prime) on my DSLR and using the S100 for all the other inbetween shots. The lack of decent multi-shot models on the Canon, plus a slight mushiness to the shots compared to the DSLR are the flip side to this arrangement, so I've been willing Sony to come up with something like this!

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plasnu: I have to say these are the horrible samples, sorry.

This Japanese site has much better images taken by a professional photographer.


I think the poor reviewers play with so many cameras for so little time that they never get as far as taking good photos with any of them. These days it takes quite a while to learn a camera well enough that using its features to get the desired effect becomes second nature. I think it is unreasonable to expect the reviewers to get to that point - it takes me months with just one new camera!

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On Nikon D800 preview (1110 comments in total)

How about doing it all again - in DX mode so we can see how it compares to the likes of the D7000 shooting the same field of view. You could even use the same lens as in the D7000 shots.

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What has happened to the button at the top of the review that allows one to skip between different pages? Typically one expects to read the front page, read the conclusion, go back and read the details and then maybe read the conclusion again. Leafing through the pages consecutively is tiresome and unhelpful, and I really can't be bothered.

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My first DSLR was a Nikon, bought partly because the internet said there was all this "great glass" available. Two years later pretty much all I need is the Tokina 11-16mm, Tamron 17-50mm (the non-stabilisted version), and the Tamron 90mm macro (although I do like the 70-300mm Nikkor too). Nikon lenses are mostly too heavy and too expensive, two things which reduce the fun of picture taking, and the three I mentioned above have just brilliant IQ (IMO)!

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