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Swagon: It's true about mirrorless battery life .... well, only mostly. I have Fuji XT1 and shoot wrestling tournaments using 8fps mode. Well, I'm consistently getting about 4000 jpg large fine images per battery!!!! Not sure a DSLR could flip the mirror that many times on a single battery, but I don't have actual experience. The XT1's continuous autofocus isn't so good (but should improve after next firmware June 29 release), so I use single autofocus and refocus often. On the plus side, the XT1 also has only 5ms delay from reality to the eye-level view finder, which is as good as zero delay (which is what DSLR optical finder has, discounting the speed of light). So once mirrorless guys get the continuous autofocus perfected, I expect it will be BETTER for sports/action than DSLR.

I went to a football tournament and shot 2100 photos on a Lumix G6 on a single standard battery charge, the camera remained on continuously for hours. It's quite an unusual pattern of use.

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Androole: I am very curious to see if this actually pans out.

We might find that for the first time in many years, an iPhone camera actually does have the best technical image quality. This could be a tough act to follow if it actually works.

Then again, who knows if it will even end up being competitive with the LG G4, let alone the Lumia 1020 or Panasonic CM1...

Anything that puts better cameras in the hands of consumers is to be welcomed.
And now people have become used to the features of smartphones, they are disassatisfied with the slow progress/evolution of P&S, bridge, MILCs and DSLRs. Apart from improvements in sensors, most "proper" cameras haven't really changed much?

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Peiasdf: It is not going to be on the 6S but will arrive with some nice new features on the 7. Apple never rush to put half-baked stuff on products.

cough cough

apple maps?
apple photos?

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On Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear article (104 comments in total)
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garypen: If companies didn't make most of the "genuine" items in China, these almost-perfect Chinese knockoffs wouldn't happen as frequently.

garypen is right.
It grinds my gears that some big corporates closed down their factories in the west and moved manufacturing to china to save money, they charge the same prices for those goods yet don't pay the factory workers an adequate wage (or ensure their contractor does); and in some cases when a third party sets up a parallel import chain and buys the genuine goods in the chinese market and undercuts the official channels, gets sued!
So, globalisation is good for megacorp, but bad for consumers and workers.

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On Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear article (104 comments in total)
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Bill3R: "When buying from the big sellers like Amazon*, B&H and Adorama, things are a bit more clear." I would hardly include Amazon with sellers B&H and Adorama.
Amazon is more like eBay.

Your comment is not really that enlightening.

There's a huge differences between sold+shipped-from Amazon, sold by third party/shipped-from Amazon, and sold+shipped-from-third party.

For some things, like memory cards and easily forged stuff, I only buy direct from main dealers who are big enough to buy from Samsung, Toshiba, Sandisk, Crucial/Lexar directly (I only buy brands of the companies who actually make the flash), so that includes Amazon, Ebuyer in the UK, Dabs etc.

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Leica should do a tie-in with Apple to produce a camera with Leica hardware and Apple iOS software.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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wayne131: How many of us have tried to convince ourselves that we can dump our DSLR gear for m4/3 and felt we where compromising to much?
I love my Olympus EPL5 and small lenses, especially the sigma primes I use and which are simply a bargain in terms of pricing.
However I use the system for what I want it to be - compact.
I owned the Olympus E-M1 but it simply never gave me the same shooting pleasure as my Pentax K-5 ii does. Coupled with the fantastic 50-135mm f.2.8 DA* lens the Pentax kit is outstanding. And the camera fits my hand like a glove.
We are so lucky with so many options and I wouldn't be without either set up.
However the DSLR is still my favoured set up for a "planned" shoot.
Kind regards,

A friend has a Nikon D7xxx series. I don't think he has any features on it that my MILC doesn't have, and sometimes I can do things much more easily with mine - for instance touch screen focus position when he has to fiddle with back-button focussing/focus-lock.

I really can't see getting an SLR as an upgrade, unless I want to develop bigger muscles from lugging heavier gear around!

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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Calvin Chann: Both DSLR and Mirrorless still have their place. Until EVF's can get much better (refresh rate), they won't take over from DSLR's as action photographers need to follow the action.

I have an extensive Canon DSLR system (CPS Platinum) and many mirrorless systems (Fuji, Sony and Oly), and they all have their own uses.

the latest EVFs are very effective in low light, it's like having night vision goggles.
newer sensors and faster image processors are reducing the lag so that a MILC is rarely inferior unless you're dealing with high speed action with unexpected events where you can't anticipate things.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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rsf3127: I'd love to see Canon give up and make an adapter for their EF lenses to be used in FE mount with full af capability.

But I guess they won't do that.

Canikon should make what their customers want and will pay for, otherwise their customers will go elsewhere. If they cater to people who want MILC bodies to use as an alternative to their DSLR bodies they will surely get more customers than ignoring the market segment and people buying into micro4/3rds and never buying Canikon in the first place.

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)
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KW Phua: For planned shoot DSLR with complete system still my choice. iPhone will take over when DSLR left at home. Until one day EVF catch up with the AF speed, DSLR still will be available. Hope that Dual Pixel type of technology can evol one day and with 8K video, I will shoot video and get the best frame for my still picture. Offcouse with high speed recording and high capacity storage. Save money now, invest wisely. Which maker have higher chance? Keep your eyes open. Don't waste money on toys.

I think you'll find that the latest gen of high end MILCs rival DSLRs for focussing speed; and the EVFs can make them far more useful in very low light conditions where they act more like night vision goggles!

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Akusai: Now the camera manufacturers just need to release cameras making actual use of those speeds. But no, Canon and Nikon are still putting CompactFlash into their top cameras and Sony too seems happy with slow write speeds in their top cameras.

My previous laptop had USB2 and USB3 ports. I found that my camera was the slowest USB mass storage device I had.
As a consequence I don't connect my camera to my computer, I put the special cable back in the box and never used it again!

A Sandisk USB2 card reader was the best of the USB2 devices, and a Transcend USB3 card reader the best of them all.

USB3 devices in a USB2 port were better than USB2 devices in a USB2 port.

Connecting USB2 devices to USB3 port gave better performance than in a USB2 slot.

As expected the best result was a USB3 card reader connected to a USB3 port, and it was massively better than any USB2 device.

So, yes, I am surprised it's taken so long to fit USB3 to cameras, but they might as well take the USB socket off altogether and spend the money on making something else better!

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my brain autocorrected the brand to Excretia
hopefully the cards aren't sh*t

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 article (494 comments in total)
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ardisad: I like this camera, they did a good job! I would love to know if there are manual functions like changing the aperture, shutter and ISO while recording video. Thanks!

my guess is there's little control, certainly on my G6 you can't even seem to tweak exposure compensation once shooting starts.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 article (494 comments in total)

I have a G6, had the G5 before. There is a rear knurled wheel, a horizontal wheel of which only maybe 90 degrees protruded, which is used to do program shift or exposure compensation - pressing the wheel switches modes. This can be tricky to adjust, and too easily pressed and accidentally start changing exposure instead of shifting program.

It looks like this has now been replaced with a top dial, which might be a lot easier to use, so the change might be a really good thing.

On the other hand, the G5 and G6 have a slider/rocker switch which can be used to do exposure compensation or control the power zoom. This seems to have been replaced with a dial. Not sure if that's quite as easy to use when you want to quickly tweak exposure up or down a small amount.

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Steve Garratt: I am VERY..repeat very happy with my Bargain Basement priced EOS M, with which I have the 22mm, 11-22mm and 18-55mm lenses, plus the adaptor for EF lenses.
The results that this little gem produces, still make me smile greatly, 6 months after purchase.
Very handy as a casual travelling camera for discrete use, where my EOS 5D MKIII + L glass, would attract unwanted attention.

I think the EOS M series became good value when heavily discounted, but if you'd paid the original full retail price maybe you'd not be so impressed?

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Full Stop: Here is a very simple idea for Canon and Nikon:

Make a small, elegant and fast body for the MFT-system
- WITHOUT a viewfinder!
Add 3-4 excellent & expensive primes, like a
digital CONTAX G2.

1. It will be better than high-end PS cameras with 1" sensor.
2. Enough lenses on the market to start with body-only.
3. Still good reasons for entry-level DSLR cameras.
(IQ, VF, lens-system, ...)

you mean like the Panasonic GF series, or the various Olympus Pen?

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Fredy Ross: the M3 has more megapixels than my sony nex 6 but the sony has a bigger sensor. So which will produce better quality? I thought to buy the m3 as it is silent but now I wonder whether I should just stay with the nex 6? What do others think? I have ef and efs lenses so would need the adapter.

I guess it depends on whether your need for a mirrorless camera is to be compact and light; if so, the Sony might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you're really looking for a second body which can act as a standalone point-and-shoot, but takes your main lenses, the Canon might be the best choice.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 article (494 comments in total)
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Hen3ry: The specifications look excellent, rather more than the doctor ordered! All I wanted was the new sensor in the G6. It almost looks like more camera than I can handle now! :)

I actually am not much taken with the squared off design. It actually looks a little like the old Topcon. The G6 might look a little shapeless but it has grown on me and except for a few touches, I would have been happy to see that shape continue. Great in the hand and rugged - my cameras lead a hard life.

Looking at the G7 capabilities, though, I am wondering how long I will stick with the GX7 I bought a month ago as a back-up for my G6. The GX7 might be a candidate for eBay so I can buy a G7 and use the G6 for back-up.

Pity they don't do n all-white version or even an all-silver one. I live and work in the tropics and a black camera absorbs heat more readily than I like.

I don't understand why people would buy a shiny white or silver camera, because then the camera is easy to see in any reflective surfaces, especially if sorting through glass.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (813 comments in total)
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Donnie G: What makes the Canon XC10 better or more brilliant than the GH4, A7s, NX1, etc.? Well, instead of building a "me too" version of those other cameras, Canon chose to create the 1st. affordable, purpose built, multi-media device for today's up and coming multi-media professionals. Traditional enthusiasts are not the target audience, although many of the ergonomic and other design elements, such as the clip on viewfinder, will surely find their way into products designed for enthusiasts in the near future. Meanwhile, Canon will sell millions of these new multi-media cameras to those who do see the brilliance and bang for the buck in its design. Great job Canon! Great article DPR! :))

How many shares in Canon do you own, Donnie G?

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (813 comments in total)

The Panasonic GH4 seems a better product for video as it's more mature, has good connectivity options, a big pool of lenses to choose from.

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