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On Apple patents remote control for iPhone camera post (48 comments in total)

I've had a Sony camcorder for about 8 years which had a bluetooth remote control option (allowing viewing of what the camera sees), as well as traditional IR.

My Sony Xperia phone can be controlled by my Sony smartwatch which controls it over bluetooth, and acts as a remote viewfinder.

I cannot see how Apple can claim to be innovative here.

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On Kowa to make three manual focus lenses for Micro Four Thirds news story (138 comments in total)
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m4/3rds lens come in a huge range of choice of quality and price.
choice is good.

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On Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty news story (136 comments in total)
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Digitall: Poor camera. So many people who would like to have this camera, and here we see the bodies to be autopsied. RIP

Apart from wrecking the rubber grips, I imagine he probably managed to put it back together and make it work.

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On Humans of New York: Behind the scenes with Brandon Stanton news story (64 comments in total)
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grock: I used to think the comments on indie music blogs were the worst, but photography websites are really catching up. So much freaking jealousy and pettiness. So many people here can't stand it if someone is successful if they have what are deemed to be less than perfect technical skills with a camera, or if their composition seems amateurish or non-groundbreaking. Photography exists so that people can look at and enjoy photographs. Guess what? If someone enjoys looking at a photo you took, you succeeded. Nothing else--the brand and cost of your camera, the artistic merit, the people paying for the photo, the post-processing, the lack of preparation, etc-- matters.

You're a sad troll. Very very few photographers are so gifted they can earn a good living from their photos. I know many such who w Ireen on other professions earning good money, and they devote a large amount of enjoyable time to their hobby.
Otoh, I know some pros who are good yet not famous who have to with very hard to make a living and it can be burden to them

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On Humans of New York: Behind the scenes with Brandon Stanton news story (64 comments in total)
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vFunct: The best kind of photography are street photography, like this guys.

The worst kind of photography are the garbage you see on 500px. That site is filled with thousands of photographer, all without a sense of taste.

The funny part is that those idiots have NO clue why they are terrible, or why street photography is more valuable than landscape photography. They have no idea how worthless their photographs are.

Remember, if you think the landscape photography you find at 500px is good, you are a terrible photographer, and you should be ashamed.

Professionals laugh at you, just to let you know.

Please post a link to your online gallery so we can see your photos you deem to be worthy

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CyberAngel: Every release is more demanding on an older hardware.
This time I was expecting FHD screen, but nope.
Have to wait another year for iPhone 6+
I don't now if mono-CPU Android phones are Lagdroids,
but Apple is seriously lagging on features.
no OIS
no NFC
no FHD screen
no wireless charging, but does have a finger-off reader

I implanted a Qi coil into my Samsung and have a Nokia charging plate at my desk at work. I can top up my phone if I've been using it a lot, and never need worry about wearing out the phone's socket again, or snagging the cable. Total cost about £28, or equiv US$42

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Sam Carriere: This is all pretty irrelevant. Photographers use cameras, not phones.
And to everyone who wants to show me a superb picture taken with a phone, all I can say is "Just think what that person might have done with a real camera."

Ansel Adams might have used a mechanical camera but his cameras took medium or large format film and so his "sensor" was 80 square inches, just a wee bit bigger than that in any phone's camera, even Nokia's.

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Sam Carriere: The simple answer to the question asked in this title is "nothing". Real photographers do not do serious work with phones.

try one of the Lumix cameras. compact & light with great image quality.

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On Editorial: Why Some People Hate Comments (And Why We Don't) news story (288 comments in total)

I think there needs to be a -0.5 as well as a +1 button

That is to say community moderation/ voting accentuates the positive.

Meanwhile I think dpreview generally has quite good commentators and are worthy of reading. If you want to see how bad it can get, go to Boy Genius Report; there are trolls trolling trolls where people have set up parodies of other people's usernames just for that!

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CNY_AP: Kodak DC360 was competitive and I almost bought it, but ended up buying the Olympus C3000 ($800 for 3MP). That was 1999, but I had followed digital cameras for a year before buying one - when the various sites were just coming online.
I think it was steves-digicams who used to give prizes at multiples of 100k page hits (which took quite awhile to reach!).

My first digicam was the Olympus C3040Z, and I think it cost me about $800 with a 128MB smartmedia card.
The key reason I bought it was that the quality and resolution had reached that tipping point where you could take a picture, crop and scale it and it would look really good on a 1280x1024 monitor, or print it at 10x8 and be quite pleased with it.

The C3040Z had an amazing feature set, and when I gave it away to a friend who was very poor but very keen to try digital photography, there were many features on the Olympus that my replacement camera, a Canon A710IS, lacked.

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NotSteve: What is the point of photojournalism, or journalism for that matter? I just don't get the point of this photo essay. At best, it is vacuous and states a very silly truism -- gaining trust of one's subject matter as a photographer is important.

What news is Karen trying to bring out? The existence of the Klan is not a news flash. What burning social questions is he trying to address?

In Canada, activists did serious to make sure the Klan could not come north. Their politics are truly reactionary and retrograde, and the Slate article portrays them as some quaint, obscure, secret society. The fact that he (and Slate and DPR) seems to have to little to say about an organization that has as history of seriously criminal activities, seems to be an indictment of photojournalism/journalism, more than anything else.

people who see the KKK and go on to assume all white people are going to be bigoted and racialist, are just as prejudiced as people who see a news story about a black criminal and assume all black people are criminal.

therefore, I feel no shame at being a white male, the same as the KKK male gang members.

what I feel shame is that our society still has living members of these kinds of organisations; that the spotlight of progressive multiculturalism and education hasn't shone into these dark corners of the USA and shown them for what they are.

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"the best thing that you can do creatively is to give yourself limitations"

This is why I take all my photos standing on one leg, one eye closed, one eye behind my back, using a tatty old Nokia 640x480 phone camera with a scratched lens.

Sure, the photos look like those a child's toy might take, but it's intentional, and so it's *art*. I'll be rich and famous, one day, you'll see!

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Frank_BR: The small ones always win. Of course, I am speaking of ants, not of pancake lenses!

indeed. see my other post about argentine ants taking over north america.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 30, 2013 at 10:44 UTC

Radiolab did a story about how argentine ants are controlling huge territories in the USA, an amazing story.

radiolab is one of my favourite podcasts.

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On Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy NX post (24 comments in total)

Panasonic could also do an Android Lumix device... Not so long ago they launched a fairly decent android phone but abandoned it.
The new G6 and GH3 cameras have wireless connectivity.

So why haven't Sony and Panasonic done this ? Lack of imagination? Market research denying the need?

Maybe DPReview could do a poll of how many readers would buy a Panasonic Lumidroid, Sony AlphaDroid, Nikon D7200droid or Canon DroidEos?

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Perhaps this days more about their readership and what they demand in terms of quality photo-journalism than the staff of the newspaper?

Let's imagine that the paper did some proper testing in which they presented two versions of the paper, one with best quality images and ones degraded to simulate phone camera images. Perhaps they didn't find any difference in reader engagement (pages read, shared, cancelled etc ) or advertising revenue?

The issue as I see it is that the journalist is there to interview, observe and generate textual records. Trying to take photos as well is going to be a distraction. What's next? TV journos doing their own camera and sound work?

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Dan Tong: Google's User Interfaces, as witnessed by, the confused, frustrating GMail, and all of it's related programs and apps is one of the worst in the industry, in my opinion.

For example, making folders along the left side disappear with one of their interface upgrades, is one of the worst ideas I have come across. They really don't understand how people work, especially, how frustrating it is to first time users to not find what they are looking for.

Unlike Apple, which is or was driven by Jobs who was one of the few industry leaders who understood that User Interface, was extremely important, Google, I would guess, is led by persons who just don't understand this at all. What a shame. I hope they learn this lesson soon.

Still, I will probably check it out - I think I already joined up, because I can't stand Facebook. One of the problems is that Google makes it somewhat difficult to go from GMail into one of their other "Apps".

I think that the trend to hide all visual clues (disappearing menus, borderless buttons, overly subtle shading between window areas, etc) must be usability nightmare for the visually impaired.
I have good eyesight and I struggle at times.
I think that all UX designers should have a two-screen setup: one is their 27" pro S-IPS monitor, the other a 19" crappy TN at 1200x1024 so they can see what the majority end user will experience.

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Glenn72: Pretty useless to those of us with Windows Phones, as there's still no way to upload photos to Google+. A shame, as Nokia Lumia's are capable of some great looking photos.

I'm sorry for you and the two other people with Windows Phones.
Can you upload through Web interface on the old Picasa service?

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informme: Why nothing new for Picasa or how it can be used with G+? IMHO Picasa is the best photo product Google offers but it is ready for updating/enhancing.

I expect that Google will kill picasa as soon as G+ has feature parity even if those features don't actually let you work the way you would have done in picasa.

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On UK's Focus on Imaging photo trade show to close news story (19 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: A shame that its closing but having attended for a number of years I did feel that the show had either to change (become far more interactive) or close and did not plan to attend the 2014 show (if it had gone ahead) and second that this reflects (again) the changes taking place across all of photography. I strongly feel that our hobby using (real) cameras and lenses is on borrowed time now with fewer and fewer (younger) people seeing any reason why they should not just just their phones... one day Canon & Nikon (etc) will simply be APPS on another smart device ... don't believe me ? Watch this space - it's coming.

I don't fully agree, but I think the younger generation of today value converged portable devices very highly and many simply aren't willing to carry a large camera when their phone appears to satisfy their needs.

I hear similar complaints about hifi and music quality, with people being happy with relatively poor quality music reproduction due to compression, lousy analogue circuits and cheap headphones.

It's not money, really, a high end smart phone costs as much as a low to middle DSLR. Although maybe if you could buy a camera easily on credit like a phone contract, it'd promote sales?

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